'Above The Purple Clouds' - Melodic Progressive House Mix

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This mix is featuring quite a few exclusive tracks from the record label Synth Collective, it's always a pleasure to feature their music on our channel. 🎶
    Feel free to check out the previous mix as well. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w23j_nspEy0

  2. Cloud's invention and the last of God to communicate and preserve premium feeling Cloud's winding white cloth with pink feminin mistake

  3. I don’t know how long a Grand Sound have been going for? I’ve been listening only for the past 5 months or so but in that time I love the vibe and constant reliability melodic progressive house gives.
    If you’re like me then you probably listen to the likes of Max Lein and DJ Rispby. There both just as good. If you haven’t, I recommend you do.

  4. It's me again! just had to come back to this and am sitting here blissed out. Jantastic fob again sand ground! 🙂

  5. Got to say, I love all the mixes on this channel, but I am really really loving the Melodic House mixes, stoked that you've started doing them!! Thank you GS :D:D

  6. Everyone needs to Follow New Horizons this dude is Wicked .
    November the 2nd tack on this mix is Gods Gift To PROGRESSIVE HOUSE

  7. i felt love with this background soothing sound you just put on and make me so happy and jump over the moon and be me with part of your in my heart i never let go for years awaaaaaaaaaaaa I love your sound never go wrong please do not stop Love is on the air from Canada

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