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people don't feel like this is a personal decision anymore you have politicians talking about it you have politicians voting on it you have politicians trying to shame women out of being able to do what feels and is right for their family my name is Mesa poker I'm 29 years old I'm the assistant political director at mayoral pro-choice America 7 in 10 Americans believe in the values of Rho V wave yet our representation does not reflect those values not being pro-choice is a liability politically and I think Republicans and anti-choice candidates know that and so in order to win elections they understand that they need to they need to walk some of that back and part of our charge as an organization is making sure that they're not able to do that my interest in human rights and politics kind of just intersected with this issue because I think this is a human rights issue and it's important to understand it in that context not having access to really be in control of your own body and your own reproductive choices has a rippling effect on your status in society I'm originally from Liberia which is any West Africa I moved to the United States in 1991 when I was five years old you know we have a female president now and that's very empowering and that's very encouraging because Liberia is a place where women are I would say pretty undervalues the reason why women don't have great jobs don't have positions of power don't have access to education is because women are having kids at 14 15 16 17 18 years old and their decision to have that child is not theirs I for one would not like my daughter or my son for matter to grow up in a world that reflects such little value for these personal decisions

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  1. This argument is really about women wanting to be sluts, fuck a bunch of guys, kill the baby and repeat. Use birth control or don't have sex

  2. i wonder why those insane women say they speak for all us around the world….but pro-life women just speak for themselves…that´s beautifull how feminists make this brainwhasing in women saying that all of our problems related to sexism will end with abortion…that´s why i´m no longer one of them. Tired of that scum.

  3. I think both lives matter, the lives of unborn children and women, and not just unborn children! Life is unfair for women, but it's not unborn children's fault why women generally suffer so much through heavy painful labor. There are good women, but also there are selfish, faithless, and wicked women in this world. But I do believe women's lives are just as important as unborn children's lives.

  4. I know that there are good people who don't want to wrestle with or harm God's creation and I believe a woman should do everything she can in her effort to keep the creation when she's able to and not too young to do it, however I don't agree with the idea of religion that all abortion is so bad or totally wicked. Of course it's not right to kill a child before it being born at all whatsoever, but I'm sure God understands what women go through when giving birth, and if a young woman or any particular woman isn't ready to have a child yet and needs any abortion at all in her life because the heavy painful labor is too much pressure for her in that stage of her life, then that wouldn't be a useless reason to have any abortion. If a woman needs it, she needs it, so regardless of the ideal of religion to believe all abortion being evil, honestly I don't think all abortion is 100% evil because the use of it for worthful reasons such as a teenage girl being raped and getting immediately pregnant from a kidnapper or maybe even a terrorist for example is not wicked abortion because she may need it or else she'll suffer in her life if she doesn't have one! Sometimes a woman's not ready to give birth even though she's pregnant, and sometimes there are women in this world who do find out too late not knowing any better and are just not ready to stress the pressures of giving birth yet, so I don't think that's such a bad reason for abortion. Abortion is evil for a lot of useless, selfish reasons that a lot of dirty feminists and nasty women are so dearly for, but at a certain particular point of life in that stage of her life, if a woman needs it she needs it, so I don't agree with ridding abortion completely to it's core of whatsoever any use. But I do believe there is such thing as evil abortion, in which a lot of hateful nasty women are for probably. Well I'm not for evil abortion!!!!! Wicked abortion is what a lot of stupid, ignorant women in this world are for and I know Hillary Clinton was for that too as well other than late-term abortion, the kind of abortion that rather kill a child unborn than to let it live for the sake of sick feminism and where many women who are for abortion wholesomely rely on abortion to prevent from giving birth to a sick or ill child with disease and other reasons to fear for their life from having to give unsafe birth to any child randomly in which of that of course I don't think such abortion like that to rely on so much is a good reason, and I guess also where if a woman wants to love children or hate children is her choice I think that's kind of wicked because what's so good about hating children?!!!!!! A woman hating children is a mean woman, in my opinion! Some women hate children, oh, and that's okay, right?!!!! A reason to kill an unborn child because of a woman's selfish hatred of children to protect feminist right I know isn't a good reason to have abortion and that would be wrestling with God's creation right there!!!!! But it's true, there are a lot of nasty women who are like that!!! Both, abortion and heavy labor is painful, and I'm sure there's a lot of men who don't understand how much labor pain a woman goes through when giving birth to one child. Heavy painful labor is the worst pain in a woman's life, and women may or may not live through it since that's the way it's been for many generations in the past until cecerian was invented, but still heavy labor pain is hard for a woman to live through. I do believe both, women and children should live, and not just unborn children. Women knowing certain women may need abortion for a worthwhile reason need to learn to use abortion for useful reasons like being raped, not evil reasons of fear and selfishness, so abortion won't have to be taken away or thought of as evil completely from women who do need it through an extremely stressful time in her life!!!!! A lot of women seem to take advantage of the use of abortion for selfish, evil and wicked reasons for the sake of self-feminism, so religious people who love children may look at all abortion as evil!!! Selfish women make abortion look bad for all reasons, especially in extreme needs for it!!!!! And a lot of religious people are so sentimental about killing an unborn baby even if not used selfishly and past only under a month or less during a woman's pregnancy, they just look at abortion as evil, periodly, no matter what of any reason for it, in which I don't agree with the ideal of religion to have a high priority over a human woman's right. Honestly, I don't think it's fair to ban all abortion for the sake of religion, but ban wicked abortion. I think something needs to be worked out so abortion is not entirely evil especially when a woman needs it but also that abortion is not a choice to highly support for the sake of self-feminism! I don't agree that all abortion is entirely wicked, and yes evil, dirty feminists, I on the other hand don't support abortion because there is such thing as an evil abortion, and I'm not a sex supporter either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And get this, all you perverted feminists out there, you may support wicked abortion all you want and that's your problem, but I sure am not for wicked abortion!!!!!! If I could support the use of abortion, I would support the right of the useful kind, not the selfish, wicked kind that a lot of idiots support, the use for when a woman needs it. So maybe that abortion, the normal use of it when a woman needs it, but I don't support wicked abortion!!!!!

  5. In this time in age abortion should not be going on. I'm tired people not being responsible.using it as a quick fix. There more condoms and birth control then ever . Stop killing these babies.it can be a peanut or fully formed still is a baby.only way abortion should be performed is for a rape victim. I wish the woman that wants children so bad get pregnant. For teenage yeah because we don't need them to put the baby in the garbage.

  6. Then be in control of your own body! But not of another persons body. (the babies) You are not the baby ! The baby is not you !

  7. 50 50. Make both have to deal with their product. Woman dont have a say on man does with his reproduction sounds silly. Cause he needs a woman to have a kid. So does she. Boys keep it in your pants. Girls close the legs up. At least for a while . its not hard to do it.

  8. Abortion is legal for one reason and one reason only — doctors and politicians are making HUGE profits from it. There is nothing pro-woman about it.

  9. Where is the right of that human fetus? When did women become so inhuman? One of the most famous quotes from the founder of plan parenthood( Margaret Sange) was "No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit for parenthood." And "We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…" considering that 70% of abortion is from the black community I would think she's winning. Open your eyes to this new far- left ideology they are the real enemies, not the conservative or white people.

  10. They speak about humanity and there is no human right just some thing not right here what is happening beside eizx meghan markel .and what they been taken or taken any answer under the real identity

  11. I need to ask those specific black women ,iam not. Races but I need to understand those people what is your relationship with arafat family in holland special eiz Arafat beside Meghan markel , what is your relationship ship with him or them and why I been following by them , what they stole

  12. The percentage of girls having an abortion under the age of 19 is tiny. Most abortions are done by single women in their 20's and the number one reason is because a baby will he an inconvienence. Using rape as a reason is less then 1% of abortions.

  13. I personally believe that if you are going to force women to keep the baby then you should force the men to pay for the child and be in the child’s life until they are eighteen and if they refuse then they should go to prison too, same with women who leave the farther with the child, all the responsibility shouldn’t be placed solely on the women.

    I also believe that if a woman is going to experience extreme medical problems during the pregnancy or birth then abortion should be an option, however I can’t stand idiotic teenagers who think they can have sex unprotected and use abortion as a form of contraception, if you are old enough to have sex then you are old enough to take responsibility and use protection.

    I personally got pregnant at 16 even though I was on the pill and always used protection, I still got pregnant I couldn’t believe it myself and neither could my boyfriend. My friends told me to get an abortion and I said I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of killing something both me AND my boyfriend created as he has an equal say in it, I decided to choose adoption and found an amazing couple, I got background checks done I made sure they had a nice home, were a nice couple but I didn’t get to give birth, I was in a fight (she attacked first and I tried to defend the baby I was only 2 and a half months pregnant so it wasn’t noticeable) she attacked me by punching me in the arm (feeble punch btw) and then when it didn’t hurt me she got a lad (23 years old) to knock me down and kick my ribs and then she jumped onto my stomach and punched it didn’t hurt my face (I have nerve damage their so pain isn’t an issue in the face area) but my stomach hurt terribly and after it was over I looked down and noticed I was covered in blood, they had already left and then I went home only to find out if lost the baby because of some slag trying to make a name for herself,I was heartbroken and so was the couple.

    I really would advise young girls to consider adopting before abortion, you can always talk to couples looking to adopt, but I can’t force anyone, I chose after my ordeal to get the coil and to make sure I was extremely careful.

    Anyway that’s my story and my opinion.

  14. It was Muslim to Muslim when that Obama tried to tell the Muslim world, in Cairo, who we Americans were. I'm so glad the wicked Kenyan is out of our White house, where he lit with his sodomite rainbow lights on the outside walls. A slap on the face to God Almighty. Praise God he is gone! Obama was also for late term abortion, where the baby is out of the woman on the abortionist doctor's table, and only the head is almost out and the evil doctor stabs the baby in the skull and kills the innocent child. King Herod would be proud of Obama. "Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding angry, and sent orders forth, to kill all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men."

  15. I believe that life doesn't truly begin until you form your first memory. Until that moment, you're just a thing that eats, shits, and sleeps. Unborn babies aren't missing out on anything because they don't have emotions or feelings. They don't give shit because they aren't truly alive yet. There's no such thing as a soul. You aren't hurting people by not birthing them.

  16. Okay the Boston rays are basic human rights for women if you care that much about your body why would you put yourself in that position how that's right cuz you can't help it spread your legs cuz you know you can just stick something in there and yank out that life I'm adopted so what's that tell you besides you all could care less about what they're doing in Michigan female genital mutilation and it's legal where's all year loudmouth ire on that one oh that's right you don't give a s***

  17. Women shouldn’t have the absolute right to decide what to do with OUR offspring and unborn children. Men were ordained by god to be the leaders of families and nations. There is nothing more deplorable that women, who should be seeking to nurture and love their children, pushing to have the right to kill their OWN offspring. Sick and twisted.

  18. When men start getting pregnant then they can have a say I am and will always be pro choice there are many reasons to have an abortion nobody knows except for the woman who has gone through an abortion it’s hard enough to have to make that decision without having all these idiots protesting

  19. If a Nut goes into an abortion clinic, shoots a women about to have an abortion, killing her and her yet to be aborted baby…the Nut should only be charged with one count of Homicide….right?

  20. Baby murdering supporters never show footage of a child in the womb being torn apart, ripped apart in cold blooded murder. Think about it. How many times has the media shown you what an abortion is in actuality? Why do they not do this in the name of education?

    And of course homosexuals love child murder because they do not stand with the natural family. 

    Please watch abortion undercover video filmed at National Abortion Federation, link below. You hear laughter and claps for baby murder through dismembering. These pro-choicers even call it murdering babies. These abortionists also report the fact abortion hemorrhaging is a reality. This is why ambulances appear at abortion holocaust facilities. Unfortunately, abortionists always peddle murder as safe. There are consequences to murder. 

    Please watch this video to see that abortionists peddle to many unknowing Americans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgw4X7Dw_3k

    Thou shalt now kill! God exposes in His Word, evil men and women have murder in their hearts—Romans 3:10-18 in the Bible. By God’s grace, there have been abortionists who have come to Jesus Christ for salvation, asking to be cleansed and forgiven. By which they have been provided eternal life through Him.

    Ultrasound of baby playing in the womb, jumping up and down at 12 1/2 weeks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WJ4foeYli0

    Former abortionist Joseph Randall explains, “They are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because we knew that if they so much as heard the heartbeat, they wouldn’t want to have an abortion.” Plus, the parent sees is not a clump of tissue, it is a child.

    This is a child, not cat or dog … it is a child.

    Please start viewing at 6:40 regarding the truth of baby murder:


    Abortion video tells it like it is:


    Abortionists are all about money: http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/plannedparenthood/

    Having a child is not that unsafe as abortionists state. There are about four deaths for every 100,000 women after deliveries. Abortionists will not tell women, hemorrhaging can be a problem during an abortion, and this is why ambulances are sometimes summoned to abortion clinics. And you can see videos of this on youtube. A few women do die as a result of an abortion.

    Please watch this video. This is so sad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNWWVnKNK6o

    Patricia Stevenson “My Mom made me get an abortion back in 1975 I was 4 months along. It was horrible they didn't care. They laid my twin boys right in front of me. Their little arms and legs apart from their bodies. I had nightmares for years. It is murder and should never happen ever.”

    Democrats now say it is not a child until it leaves the hospital. Hillary, in debate, stated she had no problem with murdering children in the womb, any time up till birth. And Democrats in congress have argued the right for a child’s death after it is born if unwanted. They believe in cold blooded infanticide of children as progressive, liberal, deadly Marxists. 

    You listen to the speakers at the pro-choice rallies on YouTube and they are about, more baby murder the better.

    Pro-choice women lie! At the pro-choice rally, 2017, one famous speaker expressed her desire to bomb the White House to endless cheers. These pro-baby murderers are all about killing period. They do not believe in choice or allowing any life message. Hillary Clinton stated, if she became president, she would silence pro-lifers. Of course, Marxists do not consider each person as being more important than themselves. It is all about murdering to silence the facts and truth.

    “Obama Administration Gave Over $340 Million to UN Agency Promoting Forced Abortions in China. For decades, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has operated a family planning program in cooperation with the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) where human rights abuses, including forced abortion and forced sterilization, were rampant under the notorious one-child policy.

    A recent report from the U.S. Department of State now shows that the former Obama administration in its last year obligated $68 million in federal funding to the genocide U.N. agency.” Obama supported forced abortions through his money offerings during his entire presidency, that is our tax payer monies. The Democratic Party, the party of murder, let flow angry tempers when President Trump ended this forced-killing funding.

    The pro-murder women implement the foulest of language and make it clear they want pro-lifers silenced, and plot to use any degree of silence possible.  

    Pro-choicers know nothing of sweet chastity and purity and loving others as themselves, including their unborn children. They know nothing regarding each person as being more important than themselves. 

    They march with vulgar posters raised with vulgar words. They dress themselves as vaginas and even their young children. They cannot answer logical questions regarding life, etc. 

    Hitler declared if you repeat a lie over and over again, people will believe it. This is Akin to the lie of women using coat hangers to murder children in the womb. There is not one instance of this recorded in history. Since women have seen the coat hanger signs in protest and read about this lie, two to three women have tried it with horrific results to save money. 

    In our nation it is a federal crime to remove a bird nest from your property. You can barbarically murder a child in the womb by ripping its limbs from the torso, but don’t you dare think about removing or relocating a bird nest which may be causing a huge mess on your patio. http://www.robertreeveslaw.com/blog/removing-bird-nests/

    Romans 10:9-10 from the Bible: “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

    Val Lee of “val lee weblog” https://vallee7.wordpress.com

  21. Girl's, if God the father had wanted you to destroy the children you have conceived, then you would have been born with a pull string dangling between your legs.

  22. A women should be able to have an abortion….. just not when ever the hell she wants. At some point women have to make a conscious effort in aborting their fetus in a timely matter before the baby's brain develops. Once a baby has a devolved brain they are subject to feeling pain, and it now becomes a humanitarian effort.

  23. This video is awesome and it explains exactly why I, as a guy, support the right for women to get an abortion…. WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE USED AS AND ARE NOT BREEDING CATTLE!

    The anti-abortionists are all thinking that a bunch of cells without consciousness is more important to save than it is to save let's say… a homeless child or a child with cancer.

    PRO-LIFE MIND: ''I will do everything for the unborn but once you're born, you're on your own! I am against abortion but I dare not do a good deed like adopting a crack baby or do something such as getting a black fetus transplanted in me because that is something that Christ would do but not me of course! I'd rather yell at pregnant women at clinics and show my bloody signs to people to try to appeal to other's emotions… BUT I AM THE VICTIM BECAUSE I'M CHRISTIAN AND GOD LOVES ME FOR HATING ON WOMEN AND PISSING ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY!''



  24. The next time one of these feminists tells you that it's her body and her business, ask her if she believes in socialized healthcare. You can tell her that her body IS your damn business, because it's going to cost you a fortune in tax money. Tell her she can either pick a private body and private healthcare, or have a publicly owned body, and public healthcare.

  25. Listen, if you are pro-choice then i have 2 scenarios here and if you can explain both of those scenarios while still holding on to the concept that life begins at conception then i will be shocked

    1) Say you are at a clinic and the clinic is set to blow up instantaneously, on one side of the room is a toddler sitting down, at the other end is a refrigerated case with 10,000 fertilized eggs frozen for future use, You have enough time to grab one or the other but not enough time to come back and get the other, at the time of the explotion whoever dies would die painlessly now which one do you save?? If life truly begins at conception and life is sacred then you are morally obligated to save the 10,000 "babies" you claim to protect, but would you? No, you wouldn't, i bet that every single sane person would grab the toddler. If so then how can it be that life begins at conception??

    2) If life begins at conception then technically, a fertilized egg, frozen for 21 years and implanted into a woman would be able to celebrate their 21st birthday with alcohol, of course, this is not going to happen but logically, if life begins at conception then again, the baby is technically 21 years old, maturity cannot be used to explain this because legally, you only have to be 21 years of age to drink, people with brain disabilities which leave them immature are still legally allowed to drink so how is it that you don't believe a 21-year-old person should be able to drink? because you recognise that fertilised eggs are not human beings, they feel no pain, have no consciousness and are not alive.

    Amazing point by Kerry Winters:

    Classify a fetus as a full human life with the same rights as any other. Killing it is now illegal. I'll concede both these things. Now as a human the mother has the right to choose whether or not she is willing to provide blood transfusion through the umbilical cord. She also has the right to choose whether or not to provide food for free to another human being through the same cord. As a legal right she can choose to have her umbilical cord detached from her body. The fetus will then starve and die. It can then be removed. If you believe this is a better alternative we can go this route. As a human no other human has the right to my body. No human has the right to my blood, my food, my oxygen, ect. You can't force someone who just shot another person to give them a lung or heart or blood. Legally a persons body is theirs. No other person has any right to another's body. This is my concept of abortion. Either a fetus is a human and should be treated as such or its not a human until fully developed, either way the mother has a choice because it is her body.

  26. Women who feel its wrong are shamed and mocked and that is a lie more Americans are now pro-life and thus more pro-life candidates who win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMwkQVpy98A

  27. Do you explain that PP targets black women telling them it's safer to have abortions than to have to have their babies? Is that okay? Are you proud that most abortion clinics are in minority communities? Why not address why 14 year old are having sex instead of how wanting abortions for a 14 year old teen? Abortion hurts women and children. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pennsylvania-legislators-to-vote-on-extreme-legislation-ending-painful-dism

  28. What you do not tell your audience that 18,000,000 black people have been killed by abortion leaving only 43,000,000 which is 40% of the current black population and 35% of all abortions in a nation of only 12.5 % black population.

  29. You want to know what happends to babies when they are going though an abortion? the poor innocent child's scull is crushed and there brains are thrown into the garbage I do not want to fucking here about this is legal SHUT THE FUCK UP FUCK YOU I DON'T CARE GIVE THE BABY TO ADOPTION

  30. She talks about the right to abortion being a way for women to have a "right to their body and control over their reproductive choices" but the way I see it, the most effective way to establish those things is by being aware of yourself BEFORE the conception of the child. By preparing to have intercourse with contraceptives, and being well informed about the consequences of sexual activities involved conception on a child Is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy; abortions are not supposed to be the second line of defense for a women's mistake. Be held accountable. Sheesh.

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