A Visit to the North Carolina Government and Heritage Library and State Archives of North Carolina

The Government and Heritage Library and the State Archives of North Carolina are your go-to sources for North Carolina research. Whether you’re researching your family history, looking for demographic data about a community where you want to start a business or learning more about our state and its government, the Government and Heritage Library can help. Do you have any information about the furniture maker Thomas Day? Yes, we do. Let’s check our catalog. The Government and Heritage Library offers access to a range of published materials, including family histories, published county and state information, state publications, census data and historical North Carolina newspapers. Collections include print and online materials, as well as NCpedia, an online encyclopedia with reliable information about North Carolina. Researchers have 24/7 online access to the North Carolina digital collections a joint initiative the State Library and State Archives of North Carolina. Collections contain photos, state government publications, manuscripts and other resources related to North Carolina. Good morning, may I please see your ID? Researchers may use materials available in the search room by following the rules and regulations. To view policies visit the State Archives website. Hello. Hi! How can we help you? Do you have any information on Thomas Day? Sure. Researchers use call slips provided in the search room to request materials. Archivists can assist patrons in identifying records of interest. The State Archives collects state agency and county records, as well as audio, visual, private and military collections. Each researcher can view one box or three volumes at a time. Don’t forget to bring a non flash camera to document your discoveries. Visit our website for additional information. You can also follow us on social media we look forward to assisting you with your research needs.

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