A Very Presidential Man Crush Monday

Ladies, it’s Monday, and it’s President’s
Day, so what do you say we cash in on that combo and get to crushing?>>Yeah.>>Yes.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes, okay.>>So with that, this is Man Crush Monday, President’s Day Edition.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[LAUGH]>>So let me kick things off with my MCM.
>>Okay.>>I consider this man one of our country’s greatest creators and
protectors. It’s Jimmy blue eyes Carter.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Okay, woo.>>[LAUGH]>>Okay.>>[LAUGH]>>I’m gonna teach you a few things about this 39th president with humble
beginnings on a Georgia peanut farm. Our president fought to protect 103 million acres of our national parks, plus
he started the Department of Energy and the Department of Education, which is still running strong today.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>In 2002, my MCM won the Nobel Peace Prize for
advocating peace and advancing democracy and human rights.
At 93, he’s still kicking it in Georgia and continues to volunteer his time and
efforts with the Habitat for Humanity, building homes for those in need.
You’re still the man, Mr President Carter. I can just see us now.>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]>>That actually looks really real.>>It looks cute.>>Do I look like an Asian servant? Okay, if I were First Lady, I’d visit him while he works
late nights in the Oval Office. I’d stand behind my man while
he stands behind our country. I’d be his rock and he’d be my role MCM.>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, okay.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>There you have it.>>There you have it.>>You look like you belong in that office, girl.
>>It’s kinda weird to->>This President’s Day, you guys, I’m travelling back to the 1860s
to crush hard on the 6’4″ top hat-wearing Honest Abe himself,
our 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>It’s easy to crush on the man who led us through the Civil War, stood up for
our country and all of its citizens, strengthened the federal government and
modernized the economy. And let us not forget,
he abolished slavery.>>Boom.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Seven score and 15 years ago, that’s 155 years ago,
at the infamous Gettysburg Address, my MCM invoked the founding
principles of the United States and reminded our country that we are a nation
built on the principle of human equality. Thank you, Mr. President.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Swoon, I can just imagine.>>Uh-oh, I gotta see this.>>No, what’s happening, God.>>[LAUGH]>>Okay if I were his first lady, we’d share many a tender and quiet moment,
just me and the most influential man.>>That looks like you.>>Not only man of our nation but also my heart.
>>You still had your booty back then.
>>Yeah.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Used to wear those, corsets. A bustle.

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  1. Even before i watch i know Adrienne is going to choose his Grandpa's agemate…. Let's see 😂😂😂…Ooops not this clip😅

  2. ok..well thank God that slavery was abolished. However oh Abe didnt do it for the purpose of humanity he did it because he couldnt save the Union and Slavery. It was abt coins and political power not conviction on how ungodly people were treated.

  3. Ugh, so much miseducation. This makes me so sad for this country. Real writers, please do better research and don't send a mixed women to the 1860s. -_-

  4. Abraham Lincoln really? He only abolished slavery because he couldn't save the Union not because of unequal rights and horrible treatment of human beings. Also, what about all the African Americans who were forced to stay on plantations and the 60 plus years of jim crow laws after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed.

  5. Abraham Lincoln DID abolish slavery, BUT he also ordered the execution of 38 Dakota men for rebellion (which so happens to be the largest mass execution in American History), but never ordered the execution of confederate soldiers/generals after the war. Funny how no one talks about that…

    Don't really agree with Tam's decision on that one…

  6. Abraham Lincoln was racist and didn't care for the slave. He Freed them to cripple the south. He had plans to send all black ppl out of America. He did great things for the country but in the same breath was a shitty person too

  7. this is soo wrong lol ….did anyone else cringe a bit when Tam and Abe's pic came up LOL no shade seriously lol

  8. These women need to educate themselves a little better on certain topics before they speak on it on the show. It’s happened several times where they spat out information that was inaccurate. Wikipedia is not a reliable source ladies and gentlemen. I don’t know where they get their information from but Abe Lincoln would’ve kept slaves if he would’ve had the choice. The real needs to step up when it comes to substancial topics. They can’t just be good at talking about motherhood family and sex. If you want a talk show you need to be able to cover different types of conversations and you need to do your research appropriately. It’s not just Tamera, I’ve heard Adrienne say some bull that makes no sense and isn’t backed up by reliable sources.

  9. Yassss Tamera!!!!!! He is the one to pick. I was waiting on someone to say him👏🏾♥️ my favorite president ever. Abraham Lincoln is the man!!

  10. I wouldn’t have a MCM. The only nice looking president we had was Obama. But he did a lot things I didn’t agree with. This is wack as Ad would say.

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