A New Title and The Law Abiding Citizen

(upbeat, rhythmic music) (swooshing) It’s a beautiful day, Your Highness. Beautiful day?
Yes. Once you live to see the day, Your Highness, it’s beautiful. Did you call me Your Highness? I want to change your title, sir. You trying to butter me up? Instead of Your Honor, Your Honor, I want to change it to Your Highness. Because you are the King of all the Judges in Rhode Island, that’s my opinion though. When you leave here, you may have an entirely different view of that. Okay, okay, sir.
All right. Number one, Inspector Quinn, his car’s been booted. (Dukoey laughing)
Yeah. Before we even got to that, the number one was that jacket. Yeah, oh,
(Dukoey groaning) I’m sorry, no, it was my daughter’s car, sir. Hold on for a minute. Number one, Inspector Quinn, his car has been booted. So he made a conscious decision, “I’m gonna get up, and I’m gonna butter this judge up so much–” (courtroom laughing) “that you’re gonna give me a break.” So every royal title that he can think of, he just threw at me, right? So far you haven’t struck a chord. No, no, no, no. Anyway, you have three, not one, not two, but three red light violations. You also have five parking tickets. None of these have been paid, and that’s why your motor vehicle was booted. Yes, Your Honor. It is my daughter’s car, she is using it, not me. Oh, your daughter drives the car? Yes, she drives it, not me. How old is your daughter? Uh, she was born, I think about 35, but she travels right now. She is not here, she is in Liberia. Oh, she’s out of town? She’s on the lam, she took off. (Dukoey laughing) She’s in Liberia right now, Your Honor. Yeah?
Yes. Is she on vacation or is she working? (Dukoey sighing) What happened is, the kid that got elected President, he and I play soccer together, so– The new President, called for your, sent for your daughter? Well, I would say yes, because– What did he say, Inspector Quinn? The new President wants his daughter? No, what I’m saying here is, the new President Oppong Weah, we were all kids together. We played soccer together in Liberia. Oh, oh you know people in high places? Yes, your– This guy’s President with the, he’s friendly with the President of Liberia. I’ve been friendly with you also, when you were in the old building over there. What do you call him? I’m gonna tell you something. If you wanna find out how friendly you are with this guy, you should send him a wire right now and tell him that you need about 400 bucks to pay your tickets. (courtroom laughing) You find out how friendly you are with him. That’s a good one, Your Honor, Your Highness. He’ll say to you, “Dukoey, I’m sorry, you’re on your own.” (Dukoey laughing) That’s a good one, Your Highness. Please, do me a favor, don’t call me Your Highness. Oh, okay, may I say something, sir? If you’re gonna give me a title, call me, Your Royal Highness. Oh, okay, great, good! I don’t wanna be just Highness, I wanna look a bit higher. Okay? As I say, Your Royal Highness, I wanted the best in the state of Rhode Island. Oh, I’m gonna have to stop being your Royal Subject? What are you gonna call him? (Dukoey laughing wildly) I don’t know how I’m gonna handle that one. What are you gonna call him? The Deputy Royal Highness. Deputy Royal Highness? I’ll accept the title. (Dukoey laughing) I wanna tell ya, he’s been called a lot other names in this court. Never. Most of which I can’t repeat. Oh dear. So what else do you wanna tell me about this? Other than the fact that you’re throwing your daughter under the bus. So your daughter sent you here, she’s with the President of Liberia? She’s there at the Royal Palace, so she’s got people fanning her, they’re feeding her cocktails and everything else, and here you are. (Dukoey laughing) There’s $300 for the violations and a $100 boot fee, for a total of $400. How much of that can you pay today? I can pay $200, Your Royal Highness. All right, we’ll release the boot when you pay 200, and then the other 200, make sure your daughter gives you the other 200, when’s she getting back? That’s a very good question, Your Royal Highness. I would guess it could be–
No, don’t call me, please. Please, don’t call me Your Royal Highness. I understand you’re trying to be respectful. No, no, no, there are no stamp, but, if– You call me exactly what you think in your head. Your Royal Highness, if I put that to a vote right now Just him, folks, just him
for us to vote on that (courtroom laughing) Everybody here gonna say yes, ~because you are one of the, I’m not because I want a favor from you, Your Royal Highness. But you are one of the best in the state of Rhode Island. You see that? That’s it, ya see. Now I got you smiling, Your Royal Highness. Work out a payment plan with Alyssa, okay? Work out a payment plan with her. We’ll release the boot today. Thank you very, very kindly today, Your Royal Highness! Okay, please accept my title, please, please, please? We wish you well, we wish your daughter well, we hope everything goes fine there in Liberia. And I hope your friend the President, Oh yeah.
invites you, Oh.
to the Royal Palace, and treats you royally. And we would all be happy for you. Good luck. And, Your Royal Highness, you still look good believe it or not. The last time we met was 1987. I look terrible.
The old building. Oh, you’re a repeat offender? Oh no, not me, parking ticket. I’m 72, Your Royal Highness, so I mean you look good! Anyway, I zip it. Thank you. Inspector Quinn, or His Deputy Royal Highness? It’s a toss-up, I love ’em both. How ’bout a combination? His Royal Deputy Inspector Quinn. I like it. Bureaucratic, yet regal. Much like me. Done. Mr. Mafuchi, you have four red light violations. Yes, I’d like to fight them all. I’d like to fight, in particularly– Well, wait a minute. Violation Number 16 40 96 47. Oh, we’ll get all of them. Mr. Mafuchi wants to fight these tickets. Okay, we’re gonna take 463 first. The light is yellow, it’s red. He was the 2nd car through? It’s this car here, Judge, I’ll stop when the light’s on red. Okay. We’re gonna stop it when it’s on red. The light is yellow, red. Yes, but– Just, just stop. It’s this vehicle right here, Judge. All right, it’s that vehicle right there. You see that vehicle? He’s got the arrow on it, look at it. He’s got the arrow on it. Do you see where your car is? yes, Your Honor.
It’s before the crosswalk. It is. The light is red, you’re making a left hand turn. All right, what do you wanna tell me about that? The black vehicle in front of me cut me off, which impaired my vision, and I had to stop– Don’t give me that! The black vehicle, your vision was not impaired young man. I mean, he– Young man, your vehicle, your vision was not impaired. Don’t give me it’s, don’t give me a phony excuse, cause it’s not gonna help you. All right? You don’t have a bus, or a big trailer truck in front of you. You got just a regular car, and you’re in a hurry, and you want to get through the light. It’s very simple. Let it run, Inspector Quinn. There’s no way in the world your vision was impaired by that truck. None. All right, the next one is, in fairness to you, in fairness to you, we’re gonna look at the Pleasant Valley Parkway and Valley Street, because the video was not clear, and the city may not be able to prove its case. So we’re gonna look at it. This is 063? Right, sign right there, it’s no turn on red. But I can’t see it. I can’t see it. And, my position is very clear, that the city must prove its case. The only evidence they have here is a video, and I can’t see the sign in the video. So I’m gonna dismiss that one. Okay, next, is 663, Service Road 7 and Broadway. The light is red already. (courtroom chattering) All right. There are two signs, the signs are visible, you can’t make a right-hand turn unless you stop. But,
Okay. can you give me leniency with that? You want leniency?
Yes. Inspector Quinn, bring his record up. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. You’ve had 10 red light violations on cameras. Let me tell you something young man. When you drive in Providence and you see cameras, they’re there for a reason. But you’re not here for that. So you want leniency, usually we give people leniency because of good conduct, of extenuating circumstances, they have health problems, whatever the case might be. What are your extenuating circumstances why I should give you a break, or leniency, as you put it, when I look at your record and you got 10 violations? Tell me what they are. I’m a law abiding citizen.
What’s that? I’m a law abiding citizen. You’re not a traffic abiding citizen. So what are you’re extenuating circumstances why I should give you a break? I’m just a college kid, making it through this world. You’re a college kid?
Yes. Yeah, and where do you go to college? Johnson & Wales. Yeah, and your parents are paying your tuition. No. Who’s paying your tuition? I am. Where do you work? McCormick and Schmick’s, and I– Where? McCormick and Schmick’s, Downtown Providence. Well you can’t afford to pay college tuition working at McCormick and Schmick’ss. I also have a Real Estate License for the state of Rhode Island.
I beg your pardon? I also have a Real Estate License for the state of Rhode Island. Oh good, so you make a lot of money? I do very well. Good, now you’ve proven to me that you can afford to pay the tickets. (audience laughing) He’s made it easy for us Inspector Quinn. But then, if I have to pay you tickets, then I can’t pay tuition. You’re gonna pay. Okay, it’s $225. Can I fight the parking ticket, too? It’s $225, see Inspector Quinn, he’ll explain the parking ticket to you. If there’s a blueprint for how not to win a case in court, this guy just wrote it. First, he tried to pull a snow job on me by saying that the truck block his vision. Second, he asked for leniency claiming that he was a law abiding citizen, yet, he had 10 red light violations. And then, he felt the need to boast that he made a lot of money, at the same time that he’s asking me to reduce his fine. Three strikes and you’re out, pay the man. All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the Judge. Subscribe now!

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  1. He refers to him Royal Highness due to his country, his culture. Sure he knows your honor or maybe sweeten a bit but the mistakes after being asked shows differently.

    $400 is alot in Liberia so that regardless should never determine/be part of a friendship.

  2. Why is no one pointing out that the Liberian man really seems to be in pain i know might be funny but what if what he says is true?

  3. well, i don't think the kid boasted, he told the judge where he worked, and the judge said aw you can't pay your tuition from that, and then the kid said he has a real estate license in R>I> – like, maybe he sells a house or gets some listings during the summer, when he's not in school, but any way, the judge was the one who said he made a lot of money and the kid just agreed with him. i think the kid came off as obnoxious but the young need time to grow wise. what he was trying to say, in his own way, is that he's working hard and putting himself through college and needs someone to affirm that he's doing a good job. i have a feeling there's a lot to his personal story that might make us cry. but he does need to learn not to go through red lights anymore, still i wish the judge had set aside his irritation with the kid's manner and said something affirming as he says so well, because the kid needed . the anxiety or self doubt the kid felt in court could cause him to take a wrong course. make him pay the fines if you will, but affirm that he's a good kid, but he's got to become mindful of the red lights so there's no accidents.

  4. this decision making guy "the judge"is laying wonderful history of amazing ethics and decency .the American state must be proud of having such soft gentleman as judge who really understand psychology of culprits and treats accordingly not only to fill the treasury of the state by charging compulsorily.

  5. I don’t think he was boasting about his money…you asked him a question and he answers you, and to say that if that’s the case he should be able to pay the tickets is not the point. Just because someone has a certain amount of money doesn’t mean just because they can they should be spending it on something they can afford. This was the only time I disagreed with your decision.

  6. I love Judge Caprio..He so kind , calm , friendly and he teach lot of life lessons.
    I feel he is my grandpa❤

  7. The Young guy's first mistake was wearing a $500 suit. He's gotta come dressed like a pauper, speak with a foreign accent, and have a sob story. The NY plates don't help either. Also, use Waze it, tells you where the traffic cameras are.

  8. 8:39 What a little punkass douchebag, this kid wants leniency he went through red light 10 times. I would've given him 2 years in jail because he could of killed someone! Someone could have died from that. I never ever ever go through red lights, even if it's the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. Someone could be going a 120 on the other street with lights off and as soon as I go through that red light, he could hit me at 120 mph ripping us both to shreds in the process. This kid is a re*ard, look at him smiling as he's looking at his 10 red light violations. He's a fu*king moron. He needs jail time. This is such a serious offense how in the f could he be there smiling, what a tard.

  9. IF Hollywood wanted to make a movie of Judge Caprio I’d recommend none other than Robert Deniro…but they better hurry coz Deniro is not getting any younger…👍🏼👌🏼✌🏼😲😀

  10. Amendment 8
    Excessive bail shall not be required,nor excessive fines imposed,nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    400 dollars is excessive fines.

  11. Amendment 7
    In suits of common law,where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States,than according to the rules of the common law.

  12. Actually city ordinances are not legally law.
    Only state and continental Congress have legal authority to write and pass law.
    A city does not have legal authority to write or pass laws.

  13. An 'entitled' arrogant spoiled brat thinking it can talk down to a court and experience kind judge. It seems it always got it's way in it's family home, but the real world always hits them hard!
    It got what it deserved!
    Edit: 10 red light violations in 6 months [and that's lights with cameras on] and it is still a 'child'. I've had 0 violations my whole life. It shows it's disrespect for the law!

  14. It's the old President of Liberia scam.
    Love the young cocky guy…..So entitled and deluded from his own guilt. Law abiding w/10 violations.

  15. As always judge you're judgement in this case dealing with the young man was spot on, As you yourself stated at the ending of your procedures in the courtroom interview, ( Three strikes and your out, and on top of that he had 10 red light traffic offences )

  16. I truly enjoy watching this wonderful man. He may be fair and extremely compassionate but he’s nobodies pushover!

  17. He is the best judge I've ever seen so I can see why the first guy is calling him royal heinousness, he was just a bit awkward in his mannerism to convey how he felt about the judge.

  18. This guy is a law abiding a$$hole!! 10 red light violations 🤦‍♂️. He should be in jail with double fines. What a douche!!

  19. excuse me your royal deputy expector Quin the goverment called and wish to inform you that the american people had faught a war to not be ruled by royals,and as nice as that title sounds you can't hold that title in this country thank you.

    ps: Call up the records deparment and see if we can an loophole in the system if it worked in family guy it has to work in this situation as well jk lol

  20. This guy is getting on all of my nerves at one time!!!!!! Your Royal Highness???? Really???? And how many times does he have to be told to stop? Lock him up for stupidity!

  21. Did he just say his daughter was born in 1935? I swear it sounds like he said let’s see if she was born in 35 and then kept talking as if it was normal

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