A Liberal And A Conservative Get Handcuffed For 24 Hours

I'm a conservative I identify as a liberal I will be handcuffed to a liberal for 24 hours how's it going hi I'm that Brandon hi Brandon nice to meet you a lot of people think Planned Parenthood is only about abortions I've gotten a lot of my sexual education from Planned Parenthood there's still gonna be free clinics all over the country nothing's gonna change with that as far as PC culture goes I think people need to toughen up a little bit more I think people are way too sensitive right now and I think people just need to sack up a little bit more just because it doesn't relate to you or just because you don't see it as they oh this is huge doesn't mean that it's not huge to someone else I'm right-handed are you right-handed yeah hello are we gonna get to know each other my breath no your thank you I think I feel more nervous than I worry I think I'm ready for it just going and that makes me even more afraid what do you think that was an honest reaction probably to the election first we wanted to get to know each other and I think that played a big role in understanding why our views are so strong okay here's another one let's let's look at this one here it is our responsibility Trump is Maxine Obama was getting we the people we make this country all right so we're gonna get non-dairy milk because I feel like being nice to this girl to tank up yeah lady came out and was just like shocked sick what is going on why are you doing this and then another guy walked by he just stopped me is like I'm not even gonna ask and I just kept walking so Brandon and I are gonna be cooking dinner tonight we're going to be having some chicken and some mashed potatoes I don't know how we did it but we did it it took us two hours well it took about two hours to cook some chicken first class of the night okay so are you what do you want to do I'll do the chicken do mexicanos or switch I've really done community you were distracted by our conversation we were distracted by handcuffs don't we talk about the death penalty abortion abortion we talked about gun laws where one of them was BLM and I think on that one we kind of agree but then there's certain things there's certain questions that each of us had I think for each other I get every year and everyone else but yeah well I mean I think it's been coming that their life you matter I don't think tell America I think everyone was but I think that America has shown it time and time again so you know I think because we were attached to each other we probably took the time to try to understand each other more likely to feel we didn't really start screaming at each other yelling at each other anything we just had questions for each other I grew up in not the best neighborhoods my mom tried to do good for me but I kind of would go off on my own thing and hang out with my friends and do shady right in front of so anyways yes I have been in the juvenile detention program my entire teenage years pretty much but do you know that even with all of that that you have done if you were to filled out a job application or apply ourselves to college even with your background records and mine being completely clean yours would probably be accepted before money probably what you suggest because you're white when conversations do get heavy like that it's so easy to get frustrated and leave and assume that you don't want to put up with it I don't think so you think you just go into a job and people like the guy to interview it but a guy I interview it it's just like okay you're like cool check you're good but I would think if there was ever an opportunity where the two were side by side there had to be an option to pick between the two definitely will change depending on who the employer is but you would have to advance what about Obama I mean that's run that's the one exception Bank parsing there's so many people that are in high positions that are IQ to uses for some color I think it really forced us to like for one not get upset because if you get upset you didn't go anywhere but she just be like okay and like ask questions I was starving by that time I think I inhaled my food he was a little more polite and took his time you know I don't play so I just had some amazing dinner with someone now we have to try to uh wash dishes handcuffed bedtime it's bedtime I told him that I have to write my hair so oh god take the watch off with this possible yes sleeping sucked showering obviously sucks yeah yes I was slightly surprised I thought I was gonna go into this and be handcuffed to some like super hippie and I was pleasantly surprised she's awesome and we got along just great just because you are conservative does not mean you know that you are uptight and you hate everyone who's not like you and we are cool now like we're good we exchanged numbers we're probably going to hang out after this I think it was good to show like my friends conservative or liberal that we can coexist I think it's important during these times in America to show that that we can get along I think that an experience like this is going to help me understand other people and their ideas if we could kind of think of ourselves as attached to each other maybe we would try to maneuver and help each other move through life I mean I found that since we were literally found together we weren't in it for ourselves we we're moving with one another to make sure that the person could do what they needed to do then another guy pass and he was like oh that's dope like I like that I think you gonna go more like hey I saw you I hope we gotta try it

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  1. The funny thing is that the first ever black democrat senator came in 1993 and it was Carol Mousley Braun.

  2. Actually, wanting smaller government, lower taxes and respecting the constition are liberal policies, while Black Lives Matter is a collectivist, authoritarian organization.

  3. Who would downvote this??? Bringing the American people together should simply be a thing to upvote

  4. 0:21 if she Is against the death penalty then why does she supports the death of week baby’s being aborted?!?

  5. No, not at all the black woman would get accepted WAY before the white man every person wants a black woman in their business

  6. Tbh liberals are a bit worse that conservatives, at the very least conservatives stand for something while a lot of liberals always listen to women that claim to be victims of sexual abuse except when its Joe Biden’s victims.

    Claim to be for human rights and feminism but support hillary clinton. And think that to empower women we need more female ceos. How would that help most women? Most people will never be a ceo of anything so it doesnt help most women

  7. It should have been two males or two females of the same race. Two different people with different genders and a different race just seems like it would have a huge affect. Why? Because of culture, ability to understand eachother, and the only thing different would be their views on politics. However, buzzfeed doesn't care about that.

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