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A Hollywood Right | Challenging The Liberal Hollywood Propaganda Machine | Iconoclast Magazine

A Hollywood Right | Challenging The Liberal Hollywood Propaganda Machine | Iconoclast Magazine

so Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts do you know how frustrating it is being a film buff these days every time I make space my evenings to sit down relax and indulge in my love of cinema my brain becomes locked into a relentless conflict with itself as it spends the following two hours desperately trying to get me into a state of mind that will allow me to enjoy myself the truth is while I love movies as an art form I hate almost everyone who was responsible for making them before I stumbled into political commentary on YouTube I was working towards a career in the media my ultimate dream was to work in the film industry as a writer director and I fancied myself as the British Paul Thomas Anderson I wasn't interested in making summer blockbusters ho no I wanted to be a real artist dammit I studied film production at both college and university which was a massive mistake obviously and once I graduated I started applying for every job I found on the Internet needless to say the vast majority of my attempts to get my foot in the door were wildly unsuccessful as there are simply far more people trying to work in the British film and television industries than there are positions to fill most of my fellow classmates from university fell flat on their arses – as only a few people managed to gain any sort of industry employment at all and even then their main responsibilities were rarely elevated beyond updating company Twitter pages taken into account just how ruthlessly competitive the business was I made the decision to stop applying to establish production companies and instead try to go it alone I found like-minded people online who were in the same position as me and we all worked together for free in order to create pieces of work that we could show off to industry professionals in the hope someone somewhere would see something special in us in hindsight this is what I should have been doing from day one if I was serious it still makes me cringe now when I think of all the years I wasted sitting in a lecture hall listening to endless hours of film Theory when I should have been out in the world actually making films mind-blowing revelation I know but the great emphasis given to university education in this country skewers reality in pants of false picture too many young people and it's no wonder I fell into the trap myself to make a long story short my new approach to the media industry proved more successful than my previous attempts as I was soon involved in a few TV pilots in London but while I've made significant progress into the world I thought I loved I soon realized there was no place for me to exist one of the pilots I was involved with was modeled on the numerous typical BBC panel shows are currently pollute 90% of the British television business you know the types Mock the week Qi have I Got News for you etc and just like those shows the producer of this pilot decided to populate the on-screen talent with london-based comedians while this may have impressed a 19 year old version of myself in university the 25 year old version of me was far from bowled over this is when my less than favorable opinions of young London comedians were cemented forever because quite frankly they were completely useless in every possible way in fact I'm convinced that the only qualification you need in order to call yourself a comedian these days is to be chronically unfunny oh and stupid very very stupid one of these self defined comedians made the claim that Nigel Faraj was the leader of the BNP while we were taping the pilot episode he wasn't making a joke he said it as a matter of fact nobody on the cast or crew corrected him nobody even seemed to notice the massive mischaracterization and for all I know that statement made it into the final edit and was seen by producers from a horst of mainstream television networks when I brought up the fact Faraj was leader of you Kip not the BNP to another member of the cast after recording had finished he shrugged and replied same thing innit before walking off to smoke a blunt this willful ignorance was on display from almost everyone I met whether they believe Trump was literally Hitler – they're passionate rants about the gender pay gap and their insistence that everyone who was considering voting leave in the upcoming EU referendum were fascists as you can probably imagine I didn't spend much time sitting in the greenroom one of our rehearsal weekend's was even held in a spare room of an official Labour Party office much to be overwhelming joy of some of my core workers there are many more instances I could mention but for the sake of this article I'll leave it there you go the idea the point is I felt like I couldn't freely express myself because literally everyone around me had the complete opposite ideological mindset if I done what I wanted to do which was to call these fruitcakes out on their nonsense I'd have probably been told to go home by the producer and for a young guy trying to pursue his ambitions from such a precarious position saying nothing was the only option self-preservation if you will as fate would have it all the projects I was involved with failed anyway and it became painfully clear to me that I couldn't dedicate much more of my life to the entertainment rat-race despite being bitterly disappointed that my filmmaking dreams looked impossible to achieve at least I could still enjoy films as a form of escapism at least I still had the privilege of diving into my favorite art form for relaxation and pleasure at least I still had that except I didn't ever since my personal experiences on the fringes of the industry came to a close it seems like the Hollywood political engine decided to rev up into overdrive now Hollywood has always been political and actors using their fame to make political statements isn't anything new one of the most famous political stunts occurred at the 1973 Oscars when Marlon Brando boycotted the ceremony and refused his Best Actor win for the Godfather in order to protest the lack of Native American representation in the film industry while something like this would be hailed as heroic and virtuous by everyone in Hollywood today at the time half of the stars in the audience loudly booed the Native American actress machine Littlefeather who was representing the absent Brando onstage but while something like that was out of the ordinary back in the day in our illustrious current year these attention-seeking displayers happen all of the time who could forget the infamous 2016 election campaign video titled important where countless Hollywood celebrities urged everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton because apparently it was well important to do so that worked out well on Tuesday November 8th this country will make one of the most important the most important the most important decisions in its history you have a chance you have an obligation to be a part of that decision you might think it's not important you might think your important but that's not true and the only way we can prove that to you is by having lots of famous people lots of famous people lots and lots of famous people just a shit ton of famous people repeating how important important important important important how important it is or Meryl Streep's embarrassing tirade at the 2017 Golden Globes where she blasted Trump for making fun of a disabled reporter which has been debunked several million times at this point as well as arrogantly denigrating football and MMA which I and many others interpreted as a passive-aggressive attack on the white working-class and their horrible unrefined taste in entertainment and the fact they elected Trump to office of course is it any wonder that the TV ratings for these award shows are at all-time lows then later in 2017 the allegations about Harvey Weinstein hit the press and suddenly everyone in Hollywood who had all known about Harvey's behavior to begin with suddenly found their courage to stand up to abuse including Meryl Streep of course who has defended child rapist Roman Polanski many times in the past and has been accused by fellow actress Rose McGowan of deliberately staying silent about Weinstein's misadventures but yes yes her and her chumps are definitely people we need to listen to on political matters thank you for saying thank for your friends and you always do thank you and then probably Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein Harvey and Bob Weinstein every week Thank You Harvey Weinstein I want to thank Harvey and Bob Weinstein my agent Kevin you Bane and God Harvey Weinstein The Punisher Old Testament I guess but while actors can sometimes let their egos grow out of control and get high off their own farts they're easy to ignore and laugh at however when multibillion-dollar Hollywood corporations decide to flood your local cinema with politically charged propaganda pieces it's harder to turn a blind eye to the biggest culprit right now is Disney who owned so much of the film industry these days it wouldn't shock me to see Mickey Mouse's face replace the Hollywood sign in the near future their unprecedented amount of control and influence over the media we consume is scary and they're in a prime position to fill the most popular properties and franchises with political messaging and they do this has been most noticeable lately with Star Wars the last Jedi and black panther – incredibly political films that aren't in anywhere subtle about pushing an agenda Star Wars in particular really drove me up the wall as it was obvious that Disney was using the intense popularity of a beloved brand as a platform to cynically spread Marxist messaging at the expense of actually telling an engaging story the negative response from the Star Wars fan base was seismic and you don't have to look very hard to find thousands of hours of detailed and passionate rants about the film from regular people on YouTube as a Star Wars fan myself original trilogy for life the last thing I want from a space fantasy story is to be preached to about capitalism the US military industrial complex environmentalism diversity and gender warfare for a series that supposedly set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away xiu'er does remind me a lot of the West in 2018 funny that isn't it of course Disney's response to the backlash was just as idiotic us instead of honestly addressing fan criticisms they decided to double down on their position JJ Abrams who has been hired to direct the next installment has attacked fans who didn't like the last Jedi labeling them as sexist s– apparently were all just threatened by strong female characters and any critiques of the film are simply coming from a bigoted place interestingly I can't recall any hardcore Star Wars fans complaining about Princess Leia in the original films and if you want to talk about strong female characters they don't really come much stronger than her the ironic thing is Abrams and his ilk actually have no clue on how to write proper female characters as the modern idea of a strong woman is basically someone who has no femininity at all these women are written like men they do all the fighting they solve all the problems they get their hands dirty but unlike male characters they have no flaws Rey the protagonist of the new Star Wars films manages to navigate every difficult situation with absolute ease and never falters in her moral quest she has no vulnerabilities she has no limitations she simply perfect this type of character ruins any story she's involved with because the audience knows that nothing bad can possibly happen to her and she's always going to gloriously triumph at the end Disney or shoving female leads down our throats for the sake of having women in lead roles nothing else they're taking a box on their list of inclusivity rather than developing interesting characters at service story I could run all day about this sort of thing but we have to start thinking about possible solutions to this one-sided media representation while many cinema goers have suggested boycotting certain franchises I don't think this is an effective method of protest ultimately Disney is going to continue making billions of dollars from properties like Star Wars and Marvel because they appeal to too large an audience they aren't going to be convinced to change the way they make films they're going to continue doing whatever the hell they want so what then if you believe as I do and as andrew breitbart often said that politics is downstream from culture and please forgive the right wing talking point cliche there the only way we on the right can combat this level of Hollywood propaganda is to encourage more people with our political sensibilities to get into the media industries can you imagine a movie studio in LA run by right-wingers wouldn't that be hilarious it may seem like a pipe dream but is it really so many people on our side are discouraged from entering film and TV because of the collective left-wing politics of those industries but if like-minded creatives work together as an alternative collective helping and supporting each other in their pursuit to carve out careers wouldn't that significantly improve their chances I guarantee that somewhere out there maybe even in Hollywood as we speak there are incredibly talented storytellers actors and writers who are just dying to flip the creative liberal elite to the middle finger and plant their own flag in the ground up until now they've had to keep their heads down and mouth shut but as Disney and others continue to alienate large sections of the movie-going public and ever-growing space of opportunity is presenting itself in my experience a lot of people on the right disregard the arts as being an important pretentious and ultimately a waste of time I don't agree I think the arts are essential in a society and just from an influencing perspective they can be the steering wheel to our culture the right has completely surrendered these industries to the left without a shot being fired and therefore have also surrendered our culture to postmodern political thinking this is a battleground that isn't being fought on and this needs to change I'd like to think that we admire ambition and entrepreneurship and I'd suggest we need to actively engage with and encourage artistically inclined people from our side to start putting things out into the world make films start a band write novels perform stand-up comedy set up production companies you name it it needs to be done work together support each other spit in the face of criticism and never apologize be honest about what you believe seek out others who share your views and aspirations start projects collaborate endlessly and get your damn voice out there I'm not saying you need to make right-wing political propaganda just that you don't need to accept the current form of media write a killer story with great characters and a thrilling plot but reject force diversity and all the other surface based bullshit that we get force-fed every time we buy a cinema ticket I believe it can be done it's a mountain to climb definitely but we must be optimistic the opportunities are huge the appetite is there and there are many stories to be told maybe I gave up on my dreams too soon you thank you very much for watching everyone if you enjoyed this article you can read more by purchasing the official iconoclast magazine issue zero zero two on sale now until midnight on Sunday British time of course if you're buying a physical copy they will be printed after that deadline and shipped to you if you'd like to support this channel in another way my paypal link is down below or you can become a patron of mine five dollars or more a month will get you a credit at the end of every single one of my videos like these gorgeous beautiful people here thanks for the support guys it means a lot you know that I'd tell you every single time alright I'll see you later in the week have a good one

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  1. The recurring theme is that it's easy to preach about acceptance and benevolence when you're in a position that will see you and your loved ones comfortable for the rest of your lives.

  2. Streep the hypocrite, Streep the defender of sex pests and peaudphiles…
    STREEP the liar and hammy old bat …who thinks she knows better than all of us.🤔

  3. this is what happens when you let a class of people who are by trade, glorified jesters, dictate the socio-political narrative.

  4. Hollywood is going out of business. It's over. Streep the creep can have it, it's just a facade hiding the Democrat infested shit hole of Califailure

  5. Streep gives a pedophile and standing ovation, she calls a rappist God,if she hate Trump he must be a wonderful human.p,s, Streep has a little pp under her bloomers

  6. I think im starting to understand why ancient romans treated actors like prostitutes. The filth of humanity trickles in Holywood and they are the ones telling the masses how to vote and what to think? And the virtue signaling! LOL…. are you kidding me?!

  7. Did you guys know she defended a child rapist? Along with Natalie Portman, Woopie Goldberg, Harrison Ford and others… they tried to have Roman Polanski acquited, after raping a 13 year old child which he druged at Jack Nicholson's place. Raped her in the bathroom.

  8. Anyone watching this waiting to see the speech not going to happen. It's just all it is is this kid telling you about himself and then what his opinion is. This click away now

  9. She lives in a huge house with gated protection away from the real world. Like ALL celebrities. Yet they welcome immigration, they welcome these people. The same people they would have their security guards hold back. They want immigration until it impacts their lifestyle.

  10. Our "Greatest Misfortune" is the Jewish control over the media! Face it folks, they killed Christ! They chose the Revolutionary (Barabbas) over Chris and were no longer the Chosen People! Christians became the Chosen People, Disney used to be in the hands of the Christians, now the top guy is Jewish

  11. Hollywood scum, stop spending your money to make these traitors rich, they aren't worth the price of a ticket while they trash our people " the whites " Hollywood are a bunch of weirdo's, drug addicts and alcoholics with deadly deceases like Ads an HIV. Demons and Devils who craw around us like snacks, we see you for what you are, demons for Hellwood

  12. Yeah. Liberals are stupid when it comes to Islam. It’s isn’t about diversity ever, these idiots don’t assimilate and integrate.

  13. She stood there attacked America culture and people cheered , ,the only person seen his bum was an Australian. Sick people live miles from all the probs it brings same in England . Ordinary people take the shit there is no downside to there lefty b Brown nose rhetoric. So stop watching there shite movies and openly mock them it's only for working class to fight back against this political correct invasion which has allowed the situation in Europe to occur. Back in the 1980s it wouldn't of been possible still had national pride. Back ukip , donald trump and stand behind r polish and east European brothers. We need to make friends with Russia ,say what u will about Putin but he is STRONG!!!

  14. my flatmate studies film at a particular university in London and apparently all they talk about in class is representation, and the other week their lecturer made them watch a movie about a father and son in romantic love. how apoplectically moronic and disgusting

  15. There's Hollywood people who aren't on the Left?! Huh… Never expected this.
    I thought it was just the South Park dudes, when they came out Republican.

  16. 💜 In UK we lost free speech & gained sharia law, 101 Sharia courts, and patrols. peace be upon U§ 🦋☘️🦋☘️

  17. I worked hard to finally become an animator and working at Disney was always my goal. Not anymore. New Disney and it's extra PC BS is making everything annoyingly hard to watch. Classic Disney is gone 🙁
    And now they have FOX too….

  18. I can't think of a movie post 2015 that doesn't push the interracial marriage narrative either.
    Becomes a little cringe worthy after a while

  19. Hollywood. The Great Whore of Babylon, drunk with sin, and riding the Beast of the Earth. It's going to come crashing down, but it's going to take HUMANS to bring it down. The way to bring it down is to bring down the joo-ish anti-Christ which owns the Whore and the Beast.

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