A Dem president would raise taxes on the middle class: Grover Norquist

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  1. I can spend my own money better than DC can. My money should not be going to pay off someone else’s debt(student loan debt forgiveness, medical bill debt forgiveness, free college, slave reparations).

  2. HILLARY's people are running the UKRAINIAN SCANDAL to TAKE DOWN of BIDEN. Damaging Pres. Trump in process is a bonus for them.

  3. Question: if Warren's campaign promise of "free college" for everyone is fulfilled …. does that mean I and everyone else can go to Harvard or Yale for free ??? Do the IVY League colleges actually support "free tuition for everyone ???

  4. Ever notice how all the happy people live in RED States? Notice how all the whiners and crybabies come from Blue States? Gee, you would think more people would want to live happy. Trump 2020. Let's make everyone happy by voting the DNC out of existence!

  5. But guess what you fox dumbasses consider people that have more than 20 million are " middle class"😂😂😂 thats middle class?

  6. I'm so sick of these pandering Democrat politicians. They just lie and lie and lie. It's not about unimportant things like Trump, they lie about reality, and they lie about policies. it's disgusting. They can never be allowed to be in power again. It's all they care about, and when they get it, look at Detroit and California.

  7. The Democrats political rally theme song: ♪♫ If you drive a car, car, I'll tax the street
    If you try to sit, sit, I'll tax your seat
    If you get too cold, cold, I'll tax the heat
    If you take a walk, walk, I'll tax your feet.

    'Cause I'm the taxman
    Yeah, I'm the taxman! ♪♫

  8. The Dems are completely FOS !!
    The middle class will get wiped out if the Dems win the presidency.
    And America will be destroyed.

    And Elizabeth Warren is a sociopath.
    Sanders is a COMMUNIST.

  9. I LIKE Unemployment and Food Stamps Don't You?Go to College for FREE Vote DEM and Ride a bike or walk to a Government Job!OH,And Bring back Government Cheese like WE had in the 80s!I'm moving to NY so I can Sue for misgendering and get 250k!Get a nice Bike Permit with that!

  10. If the Democrats wouldn't tax the middle class so much they would do fine . But the Democrats know anything but Tax and Spend . And what is so bad they spend it on Illegals and not the American Citizens

  11. Raising taxes on the middle class is the least they will do!!!!! People need to actually listen to what these crazy Democrats are actually pushing!!!!

  12. I don't give a crap what side of the left or right you are on, if you are all about raising taxes I'm not for you. You jack up taxes on corporations and they just end up cutting hours and benefits from the employees. People are always "screw the rich! " but at trhe same time the rich provide jobs and opportunity with their corporations. It's not always a perfect give and take but it's stupid to think that taxing the crap out of the people that own businesses is going to help everyone else when all it does it hurt the people working for the companies. And the same people that want to tax the crap out of the wealthy would be crying their eyes out with "That's not fair!!!" if they were in the same boat.

  13. My taxes went up to 32% because of Trump. That’s the worst they’ve been since Reagan! Middle class Americans are suffering under Trump.

  14. Remember, you can keep you doctor. Lying is a ploy of the socialist. The tactic of lying is rule number 1 in the socialist play book.

  15. They always campaign to help the poor but when they get in they will work to enrich even more of the rich oligarchs they pretend to be against during campaign. Evil people

  16. Democrat's middle income plans are for diamond play's and STEAL the beauty of the middle portions and also regularize top-n-bottom.

    Democrat's taxing is NOT tax benefit's for the salaried and neither benefit's the industrial-manufacturing-agro-auto-business-small/medium entrepreneur growth.

    Coming tax cuts 2.0 and a hurricane for Democrat's.

  17. A dem president would funnel more money out of the us through some BS foreign policy programs.
    Then comes the gun grabbing..
    Then come the flood of foreigners..
    Then comes 3rd world life in the US.
    So.. question for the Dems and RINOs.. are you still that pissed over WWII?… Wait till we evict the FED…
    And tell isreal open up those boarders and show the world how diversity is done right.

  18. What's the total number of people in the middle class vs lower class. Over half of america lives paycheck to paycheck….that's the reality. Everything is too damm expensive.

  19. If President Maduro from Venezuela was running for the DNC nomination, he would win.

    He also speaks better Spanish than fake Mexican Beto or (homo in the closet) Booker… lol

  20. Wake up America…just look at what is happening to California Which has been run by the Democrats for decades! Millions will be loosing power in the state..homelessness, welfare state, typhoid epidemic , etc. that 8s what will happen to your state and our Nation if the dems grab power. Pelosi and her friends are from California…they don’t care!

  21. It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats—yet they are still POOR “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."
    Abraham Lincoln, The first Republican President!

  22. A Dem president would also try to take our guns, steal money from taxpayers to hand it out to criminal invaders, and bow down to their Chinese Communists owners.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  23. The Democratic Parties biggest problem, is that they don't have any Democrats in the party anymore. They only have Obama mentalities, and he was never a Democrat at all. Tulsi is the closest thing to a standard Democrat, and she's got some Obama following that comes along with her. If the Obama's touched it, it caused destruction of society anywhere across the planet wherever they put their paws.

  24. Didnt the dems created the middle class after ww2 with fdr with investments in the GI bill the fight for collective bargaining rights and a 90 percent tax rate on the rich which created shared prosperity

  25. We didnt have these issues when we had a 90 percent tax rate from 1945-1973 we put the first guy in the moon and built the interstate highway and have the best middle class manufacturing was everywhere we had the best schools the political system wasn't as corrupt it was the gop who cut the top rate on the rich too 28 percent in 1989 that is when we lost the power too handle the rich

  26. Bill Clinton raisied taxes on the rich and on the rich companies in the 90s and we had the best economic years in history 23 million jobs in 8 years and middle class income went up by 12000 dollars 8 million people got out of poverty no gop and top that

  27. When will the working class democrats learn, their party views them as being too stupid to manage their own money, so they raise taxes, so the Demotard party can spend it; on illegals benefits! Wake up!

  28. Dems goal: eliminate middle class, eliminate small business. Trash cities ,trash states. " drive down real estate prices. import" votes, re write history, indoctrinate children in school,
    Disarm America. Rail against police, endorse antifa, 1 ruling class, 1 low class= dem utopia.

  29. Big companies use their surplus to research & develop and will hire more people. Not giving out all to taxes to those not working

  30. Trumps policies are bringing the middle class back to America. Democrats want to send jobs back overseas and tax everyone more to give freebies for illegals and others

  31. Breaking down @FoxNews Impeachment Poll, very misleading!

    Should Trump be Impeached?
    51% Yes
    43% No
    6% Undecided

    What they don’t tell you is 👇🏻

    47% of INDY’s said no, 39% said yes.

    INDY’s were 34% of Vote in 2016, not 12% like this poll.


  32. Democrats will not only raise taxes, they desire to control every aspect of your life. LITERALLY, the words you say, the thoughts you think. They wish to have control over your very existence, your right to live on this earth.
    Theyre DINO’s, socialists and communists are a much better description.

  33. Proof: Dems are trying to overturn the vote of the American People! Trying to Impeach OUR duly elected President! Pure Criminal Act! Period! Vote Trump 2020! KEEP America Great!

  34. It's simply amazing listening to the cheering from those BRAINLESS followers of the dirty d'astards. The swallow that socialist propaganda hook line and sinker!!!

  35. Who would want to "transform" America, the greatest country on the planet? Didn't we go down that road when Mr. Marxist Obama was elected? How did THAT work our for us…?

  36. That's what these corrupt Democrats do. And then the money collected "disappears," is wasted, or never reaches the People, and they still refuse to correct the corporate and government corruption that hurt the People in the first place. And the Rhino-Libertarian Republicans refuse to have any fairness regulations to correct the corruption either. Both are advantageous to the corrupt corporations and disadvantageous to the American People, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn both are backed by China! We don't need Chinacrats and RepubliChins in Congress! Drain the Swamp! We need Trump in 2020 and a Congress as American as President Trump that serves the American People!

  37. Democratic 2020 nominee theme song goes something like this…. "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you…."

  38. If a dumborat is ever elected. This country is done. Everything this country has ever stood for will be flushed down the toilet.

  39. So the Middle Class would go from Crumbs to Bums…. I guess people will have to find out that crumbs were better than paying more.

  40. I am in the middle class and retired. I am happy as can be as I struggled when I was younger being a member of the middle class. Today it is so different for me and others.

  41. Look at what they did to California. Destroyed by democrat liberal policies that cater to welfare recipients. Criminals and illegals

  42. Compare the prices of a Honda CRV made in Swindon, England with a Honda CRV made in USA. The sales price is $12,000 higher in the UK due to the Value Added Tax. Carbon taxes, transaction taxes, income taxes cannot possibly pay for all the programs the democrats want. They want the 20-22% VAT.

  43. Those who say wages have been stagnant for decades, are ignoring that health care has been steadily eating into what can be paid as wages.

  44. Middle class is hurting? The Middle class is shrinking? Do these people think the average American live under a rock? Their literally talking out their Arse. Don't be fooled, The Democrats have ALWAYS been about higher taxes on the working class and more welfare. It's a track they've taken for decades. It is fact. You want to have a life? Vote Conservative clear across the board. This brings opportunity to the working class, Laws back to our Nation and a strong border.

  45. In other words: Total socialism. If implemented the middle class will take it on the chin. There isn't enough money among the super rich to pay for all the hair brain schemes of the likes of Sanders and Warren. Democrats hate that. They don't want people to prosper.

  46. How can ANYONE be so stupid as to vote for someone who promises to raise taxes. Thats like saying i will go to work every day and its fine with me if you take more of my money. Really whats wrong with you people ?????TRUMP 2020

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