A Dead Man Has Exposed Massive Amounts Of Republican Corruption

Last summer, a man by the name of Dr. Thomas
Hofeller passed away. Dr. Hofeller was a long time Republican operative. He kind of specialized in gerrymandering according
to, uh, Ian Millhiser over at Think Progress in a recent article that he wrote, which you
can actually find the link in the description of this video. But nonetheless, Dr Hofeller has been deceased
for almost a year now. But recently, Dr Hofeller actually exposed
exactly why the Republicans are trying to put that census question. Uh, the citizenship question, excuse me, into
the census. So from beyond the grave, this long time Republican
operative was able to give us the truth about what Republicans are actually trying to do. And he did that and he knew it because he’s
the one who actually came up with the idea. Here’s what happened. Dr Hofeller had been working with the Trump
administration. Uh, he has hard drives actually. Now, technically the court has hard drives
full of documents and emails and even some maps that this man drew out. If the Trump administration could add the
citizenship question to the census and that in his own words would benefit whites and
non Hispanics here in the United States and of course Republicans while also hurting the
Democrats. Those are his words that were included in
his documents that he sent to the Trump administration to convince them to add this question, which
obviously they did. Now earlier this year, a judge ruled that
the citizenship question has to be taken off of the census, but then obviously it was appealed
back in April. The supreme court heard oral arguments about
it. They have not yet issued a ruling. However, those oral arguments were heard before. Dr. Hofeller’s estranged daughter got her
hands on these hard drives and turn them into common cause and who then turned them into
the courts. So now we notice, I know this seems like some
kind of a, you know spy movie here, but this is what happened. This man, doctor Hofeller actually put together
lists, drew maps and said this is going to benefit Republicans and non Hispanics, white
people. Basically, here’s how our new districts are
going to look. Ooh, that’s going to be so good for us. Here are the extra seats we republicans will
be able to pick up if we include this citizenship question on the census. As I previously mentioned, supreme court heard
arguments about this back in April loan before any of this was known. However, that doesn’t mean that these new
stories, this new information cannot impact their ruling because at the time, as Millhiser
points out, the supreme court looked like they were going to basically split along party
lines. But with this new information, it is likely
that they may decide that this whole thing, in fact was a partisan disaster, designed
to help Republicans and hurt the Democrats, which is 100% true, at least according to
the man who came up with the idea.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Yeah yeah republicans= shit
    democrats= shit
    corporations= shit
    And you spout evidence free shit
    Th th that's all folks.
    The world needs a god like plumber cause the shitfield is an entire republic.

  2. I'm so tired of hearing about this fucktard ass crooked administration… fuck them and the court system they are rigging. Fuck their supporters and anyone who has a bounce of respect for any of them is a stupid son of a bitch. 2020 cant get here fast enough. May this orange coward and all his staff and supporters be indicted and get fucked in jail .. get the fuck outta here already. You have surely fucked up enough shit to last a few lifetimes.

  3. As much as I feel trump is a piece of dog ass snot, this guy is dead, video can be manipulated, Yada yada. Impeach trump as leader of The Insane Orange Clown Posse. Move on. Peace.

  4. Gerrymandering is a legal way to fix elections, but WHY is it legal? It seems if you do it well enough, you could almost make it so the US becomes a dictatorship controlled by Republicans.

  5. Sorry, Im clueless here. How is this a bad thing? Aside from it being done for racial and political gain, why is it bad for the question go be there? I thought you already needed to be a US citizen to even vote.

  6. Vote these jackass Republicans outta here. But u blind sheep will still vote for these crooked politicians. May all these people b held accountable for their atrocities

  7. Another fat pasty GOP criminal cheating the system. Glad he's gone, even happier his own daughter exposed his shifty ass. Ratpukes are the scourge of America

  8. Wow… shocker. Excuse me while I sit down and recover from that breathtaking surprise. 😐 Why aren't they all in jail, again? Oh, right… money.

    Kudos to his daughter, though. I doubt that it'll shut those party-line nitwits up, but… hey, it still needs to be said.

  9. You know republicans take away help as soon as hispanics are even as whites receiving help….they even go against the voice of the people. Republicans are pure evil and racists thus their blind loyalty to Trump.
    Republikkkans quotes.
    Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California is facing criticism and has lost an endorsement from a Realtors group for saying that people should be able to refuse to sell their homes to gay people.

    "It is his business," Clark wrote in a comment. "He should have the opportunity to run his business the way he wants," Clark wrote. "If he wants to turn away people of color, then that('s) his choice."
    Rep. Michael Clark (R)

    In the 2009 post, Housley opined on the then-first lady’s posture and compared her to a chimpanzee from the 1951 film, “Bedtime for Bonzo,” which starred Ronald Reagan.

    “Speaking of Bedtime for Bonzo, I think even that chimp stood up straighter than Michelle. Uh-oh, someone is going to make a comment,” Housley wrote, according to a screenshot of the post reported by HuffPost.

    Racist attacks comparing black people to apes and monkeys have a long history in the United States. After Florida gubernatorial nominee Rep. Ron DeSantis (R) warned voters in August not to “monkey this up” by electing his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum, the NAACP Florida State Conference decried such comparisons as “by far the best-known racist references to African Americans in our national folklore.”

    Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the director of Clay County Development Corp., came under fire after she wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post: “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a (sic) Ape in heels,” according to the Associated Press.

  10. His daughter is very much appreciated by all of us with a concious. Guess moron can no longer hide behind his lies that the question is only to get an accurate count of voters.

  11. That's because RepubliCon's can't win elections..

    Is this the definition of Identity politics???…

  12. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi STRATEGY is crystal clear and it is BRILLIANT❗️:
    Trump will be IMPEACHED & INDICTED at the right timing whereby:
    1. He cannot be nominated as Presidency candidate in 2020;
    2. He cannot effectively campaign in 2020 Presidency challenge;
    3. Mike Pence cannot takeover to pardon Trump;
    4. Trump & his cahoot especially Barr will go to jail;
    5. Trump Family Bandwagon will face the full wrath of US Law as soon as Trump fall.
    FULL PAYBACK CYCLE, Soak, Wash, Spin & Hang To Dry ❗️❗️
    ❗️Start TREMBLING Trump & Family & Cahoot❗️ 👻👻👻

  13. It's strange how you keep hearing the Republicans talk about election fraud that is not happening however every time you look up there trying to redraw the lines in order to win elections.

  14. Goddam Wilbur Ross. His snotty snark & disrespect
    to Congresswoman AOCortez, so patronizing, arrogant.
    McConnell 's twin. Scheming, overrated scum. 😷

  15. I think the conservative leaning justices will vote for it anyway, evidence or no evidence! I'll be shocked if I'm wrong!

  16. The supreme court better take this seriously or this might be the justification for some insane maniac making room for at least three new liberals on the bench when Democrats finally take control. Get my drift?

  17. Nothing new here same old shenanigans on the part of the butt hole Republiklans ..this is anouther "told ya so!!"

  18. Any person/Republican trump put in office/position should be REMOVED AND DEPORTED. Starting with trump and his family, I never believe that his family or friends should be in office. They are not American Patriots, they are greedy, Unamerican with no interest in MAKING AMERICA GREAT. Trump and his goons are destroying the American democracy every minute. It must be STOP. If the Democrats can't make the decision they need to go as well. They all work for the American people and it's time to give out a lot of pink slips, walking paperwork, because they are fired. Have a blessed day.

  19. We found out because HIS DAUGHTER HATED HIM. That's all we need to know about him. I wonder how many Alex Jones, William Barr, Sean Hannity-types have kids who are just waiting for their opportunity to speak.

  20. I may have a simple solution for the non-citizens. Tell them to LIE. I don’t think you have to show proof

  21. Republicans are the party of corruption. They have sold out America to putin for money and power .they lie cheat and steal to get their way.real Americans put country first not money and power.

  22. Republicans will NEVER stop cheating at elections. Well, not this century. The demographics are trending against them & they know it. They'll lie, cheat, steal, do ANYTHING to retain power. They DESPISE democracy & the US.


  24. What is meant with 'the census' in this context? I'm sorry, not American. I would appreciate it if someone could explain.

  25. What?!?! ass backwards peckerwoods are doing ass backwards peckerwood things?!?! You don't say!!! Did you also know that water is wet??? 😂😂😂

  26. Well ring of fart, you talk about proof, talk about the facts and tons of proof of fraud, corruption, deception, real collusion between the dems and fbi against one man named trump who won against them and will win again in 2020.

  27. LOL….A bunch of WHITE RACIST, ALT-RIGHT, and WHITE NATIONALIST TRASH in our system. I'm glad they constantly get exposed. And its even better when they're family members out them.

  28. The Republican party has lost it way, values, morals, ideals and goodness. Time to scrap it and remake the party again that puts the country first!

  29. This is just part of the long history of Republican corruption to cheat and gerrymander their way to gaining seats.

  30. They have been garbage for a long time they treated oboma like shit for years now they thank the democrats shud kiss trump ass like they do but it is not happening

  31. I will not answer this question. Jailing an American citizen without good cause is going cause a lot of problems for Trump. If you are a citizen. Born a citizen of citizens born here. I would ask that you join my effort if this happens. Thank You.

  32. Does anyone really believe the Republican appointees on the Supreme Court won't slide with Trump the constitution be damned.

  33. Do Republican people believe that fraud is the only way to win. When do they tire of being wicked? Your children inherit corruption and blame you, rightly, for ruining their lives.

  34. The entire GOP has an agenda they're moving towards slowly, but their end game will be a devastating blow to our Democracy if they ever complete it.

  35. This is Why We Must Vote Out All these Republican Traitors Out of Washington this Upcoming Presidential Elections!

  36. I don't think any other western country allows politicians to draw voting district maps or allow leaders to name judges to the courts. America is pretty much a democracy in name only these days. The corruption continues and no one seems to really care

  37. Hear that, citizens of color along with the rest of the majority of critically thinking Americans must get out and vote these illigitamite dictator asshats out of our government and we have to dissolve the Republican party and clean out the rest of our tainted government!

  38. When BARR calls Democrats & former FBI folks, etc. to testify will "*they/Dems recall or not recall?*" I wonder will Dems & former FBI employees, etc. provide requested documents as requested? I wonder will Dems & former FBI folks, etc. even show up to testify? I WONDER?!

  39. Can Republican attain anything LEGALLY, ETHICALLY, JUSTLY??? Anything???????? They are an illegitimate party… absolutely.

  40. Violence will we get nothing but violence those who'd hand out the sword and use the sword die by the sword. Great minds are trying to think all over the world on how to handle this situation unfortunately due to the man in the white house we are losing the ability to Garner our feelings and get down to the brass knuckles of it pardon the pun. Great minds need to think alike the people need to reunite it's time for all of us to stop seeing differences in each other and start standing together. You don't like it man that's the only way it's going to happen the only way we defeat the rotten horrible people that are there is to vote them out. You should not put up with gerrymandering we should not put up with voting purging we should stop with the voter fraud not the fraud of the voter but the fraud being put upon the voters go back to the paper cards stop using the damn computers it's the only way to get a fair vote.

  41. It’s funny how people act shocked, at the behavior of other Americans…. OK FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM… THIS IS AMERICA, ITS BEEN THIS WAY FROM THE BEGINNING!


  43. With all the corruption and greedy white men running the country mostly Republicans and trump this country will never recover.

  44. Hey "Americans" I have a good idea to solve all this corruption and bullshit……MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY !! At least in another counter your life will be WAY BETTER then this piece of shit of a hole you all call "USA".

  45. Crooked Russian Republicans and Dirty Diaper Donald Dump. America Stand UP – Regain your democracy.  Vote 2020. Boycott NRA, they all (#45*, NRA, Republicans) betrayed our country.

  46. I need to see a bit more of the math.
    Citizenship isn't a requirement to be counted, but is to vote. I don't see how it would change anything.

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