72 people injured in HK protest, police fire rubber bullets

Hong Kong police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrators on Wednesday as tens of thousands protested in front of the government building against the extradition bill around 3 p.m. riot police started to disperse the crowd and chased after some protesters some residents tried to persuade the police not to use force police fired tear gas and pepper spray at demonstrators they later confirmed having also used plastic bullets beanbags and batons at least 72 people were injured with – in serious condition the protest is started from 8:00 in the morning as residents and pro-democracy legislators called on the Legislative Council not to pass the proposed extradition bill the government later delayed the debate on the bill until further notice the bill would allow people living or traveling in Hong Kong to be sent to mainland China to stand trial many worry this will be used to target critics of the Chinese Communist Party didn't go teaching it doesn't use a calculator move according to code CDL or they come to answer DiPalma sergeich a little high come come you're hiding a kekkai kendama in a video speech released in the evening Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam called to protest a riot situation she vowed to defend the bill and push it forward

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