sjw's you know single Jewish women or snappy janky wigwam this video is not gonna make me many friends yeah we're talking about social justice warriors over the past couple of years this has been a term that has become infused with our society it's commonplace knowledge anymore especially for those who are online quite a bit yay Internet but anyway this is something that has the best of intentions sort of at hearts considering social justice aims to try to right some of the wrongs of the past bring some inequalities to equality and things of that variety however sjws have garnered a sincere reputation of those that are very loud obnoxious and unwilling to back down they're seen as whiny they're seen as radical and they're seen as folks that probably couldn't actually damage a housefly if you got them in a room together either way there is still a lot of folks on the other side of this coin that still believe in the concept of equality that still believe in the concept of justice but have absolutely no tire desire to have a tie with what these folks seem to be peddling it's almost like they have bad drugs that sound good at the time they're going to cure pain but at the same time they're also gonna make you a pain in the ass let's find out five reasons why people hate social justice warriors and we're going to start of course because numbers are fun with number five or perhaps that number needs its own identity let's call it cling whomp well number cling Wong they're annoying so this is probably the most bare-bones explanation that you have and that's why it's here at number cling Walmart number five most people take a look at the arguments that are based by social justice warriors who read the general consensus and notice that it does have a couple of bearing pieces of actual relevance that they can see in the outside world but then read further and see how some of these are constructed and kind of scratch their heads a little bit before bashing them up against their desks this is seen as really abrasive individuals that are calling for immediate change without having any sort of desire to go out and no need to participate in the bill that it should be something that happens almost instantaneously just based upon their own desire it's why the whole idea of special snowflake has really come in to modern society it's the feeling each and every person is 100% special we are all 100% wonderful and there are no losers only winners we all win because we're the best oh yeah well I'm gonna tell you something right now ladies and gentlemen none of us are special we're all pretty typical we're all pretty average some people just think that they have more than most and that makes them special but sjw's or annoying considering they want to push and peddle this idea on society which like I said whenever they introduce the whole idea or the concept usually is ok until they decided further their arguments number four they're constantly playing the victim oh wait forgot to give this its own identity let's call it least not so number leash not consistently paying the playing the victim and I can't consistently talk because oh no I've been triggered yeah that's exactly what triggering is all abouts playing the victim towards something that you hear something that you see and this is something that seems to happen constantly ah now I'm a poet oh no I'm poets can this is something that is always been a core part of this playbook it seems it seems that going from one thing to the next and seeing yourself as a victim as opposed to a part of the solution is the way in which things are going to magically get done if there are enough victims in society they have to listen to us I read once about somebody in stating that they were pissed off because of the game of thrones rape scene and how it was terrible for women or how extreme metal is extremely bad for them for women either that so for people who are depressed or people who have this or people who have let's just play this as it is in the past not even eight months here in America we've had controversies that involve a coffee cup and we've had controversies that involving a sweater so something that holds liquid and something that we wear that way we don't freeze that that in the winter time has been the subject of bein simply based upon the message for the lacking of a message that is presented on them that is playing the victim to the highest level of the grief here's a little secret that I need to tell each and every one of you regardless to what happens in life something is going to hurt you whether it be another person whether it be some words whether it be something that happens you know your best friend you know dog dying or something like that you are going to get hurt at some point in time to eliminate all hurtful words or hurtful speech or hurtful this and that isn't it virtual impossibility because eventually you're going to get pissed off and hurt by the word thought and whenever that happens then all language is dead and all media is fucked and we're all basically just gonna be grayscale idiots Wow how fun will that be number three causing more division than unity this is something that gratis has not spoken as much as it is seen and it's based off of the idea of this if you're not with us you're against us attitude now that attitude by itself is not a terrible thing to really have however whatever it involves social justice it does tend to cause a lot of gray area and cause a lot of discomfort which I thought that's what they were aiming to avoid I'm really confused oh yeah forgot to give vest number its own identity it's Delmont a applesauce there we go but this is something where if it's more so the degree of agreeance or the degree of non agreeance that causes this whole idea of more division than unity it's something where if you are not 100% on their side and feel their abuse 100% of the time similar to what you see in most traditional online arguments it's one thing that causes a whole swell of negative emotions instead something where you they cannot believe that you don't fully see things from their perspective we'll go back to that nice little sweater scenario and we'll say that well let's say that this sweater had something that was bad for one pair one person and because it was bad for one person but you don't think that it's really all of that bad for one person you're immediately the bad person because you didn't realize that it was bad for one person or you just saw words as words as opposed to these hurtful little daggers that we were able to type out and print on things and then they grow a little magical you know rifle finger dingers and shoot PB on a rifle shells and whatever I don't know this is something that's really ridiculous but it's based off of the idea that you need to be fully on their side and fully supporting the same thing there's no gray area and if they actually admit that there's gray area I'm sure that they won't admit it a little bit down in the future am I saying that all sjw's are bad in this video by the way no I'm not there are some folks out there that believe in these causes because they're probably part of the cause either that something about them that really speaks to them this is not something that's supposed to be collective for everybody this is instead something that's speaking about the extremes and that's really what this series is based around the extremes but however just like with an apple tree if you see one run that way you're gonna cut down the entire tree no but based off of an sjw's philosophy you probably should number two they disallow the gray area or middle ground and it's something that we talked a little bit with number three and oh wait forgot the identity this is sward spawn and source one is one that is kind of what plays into this whole combatants angle that goes on here that gray area in the middle where somebody perhaps likes both sides of the issue either that or can see things from both sides of the issue it's kind of where things get a little bit wonky especially whenever some of the arguments that I presented by sjw's have that same idea for example on the issue of abortion well a woman has the right to choose she also has the right to choose to decide to abort her rape baby however this is something that seems to not always take into consideration the idea of adoption which is definitely a gray area for some some people want to do that other people's don't but this is something that's presented very much in a my way or the highway style philosophy what about gun control that's something that's come back up again because of the pulse shootings that in Orlando Florida some people are saying that all guns should be banned and that's the way it should be while other people think that it's something that needs them a little bit more of a closer monitoring this is something where people who are suspected as terrorists should not have the ability to buy guns there's this and that we're in the argument why can't you combine the two of them together in order to form some sort of policy of compromise that's kind of the problem here is no idea or funds that the compromise that does not to register this is something that seemed throughout the whole entirety of this endeavor and it's something that actually does one thing that is extremely extremely negative and we're going to call it number one and we're going to continue calling it number one because the number one is what everybody expects they'd love to bake but the number one reason why it people hate us JW's is probably a reason that you don't even realize it until now their methods are actually hurting those that they claimed the help instead of actually helping now now there are a lot of individuals that are suffering out there in this world whether they be minorities whether they be those who are suffering from different diseases maybe those that we're warm with certain diseases perhaps the LGBT community if you want to throw them in there as well really everybody out there that is part of the cause that once they get a little bit of no disability and just wants to have some basic rights that's what social justice and social justice warriors should be aiming to actually help out then however the problem is is that there's an over personalization that has occurred here and if you notice how the tone is now gone too serious it's because this is a serious problem there are a lot of people out there that are definitely suffering from some of the different things that were mentioned either that's or there have been rights that have been denied or this or that that has occurred however the over personalization and the way in which the over combatants of the SJW phenomena has really caused this this this sort of pseudo repetition this sort of championing that is very similar to religion where all you do is repeat the same efforts over and over again hoping that they will one day stick is not a philosophy that's necessarily helping these folks out in fact the reality of it is it's hurting them a lot more it hurts them because now just by them being a part of what you're aiming with an sjw is aiming to really save either that or the Equality that an sjw is aiming to really attain just by being a part of that group that is hoping to attain an equality you're being seen as one of them there's sort of like this guilt by association and this is on the fault and on the part of those that are on the outside those are a fault of those that are here that don't really like the sjw's however an sjw doesn't see it this way they don't see this as something hurting they see themselves as doing great things but here's the problem it's just like any other addiction it's just like heroin it's just like drugs once one cause is complete and the concept is now 100% a-ok then what happens they find something else they go from one thing to another they gain offense from one thing to the next the next part of culture that decides to trigger them the next quart of culture that decides to give them a little bit of worry they immediately latch onto that it's a very pack mentality idea and whenever it comes to music they're definitely starting there to take a look at lyricism take a look at videos how they're already questioning some of the objective natures or the really bad things that these videos present either that or there's a recent article that even said that they're starting to take a look at extreme metal and look at it as a negative thing they're basically the PMRC only they've gone pro and they're pros for all elements of culture as opposed to just one and instead of it going through the legal channels or instead of thus going through channels that actual change could actually you know take place this is instead being done from an outside perspective almost like a citizen's mod only a citizen's mob that's not marching toward Washington a citizen's mob that isn't trying to go about this in a true peaceful manner as they claim that they are this is instead something that's being done in the wrong way it's something where it's being looked at and seen in the wrong light principally because the way in which it's being done this equivalent of that of a spoiled you know little kid somebody who has their toys taken away but yet their brothers and sisters still get to play with their toys even though they themselves were bad and something actually happened to cause that negative response that's the problem here the problem is is that they want to have that ability to have a negative response and also have their toys and that's just not the way that the society works it's not the way that psychology works and it's not the way that governance works this is just the way that it works in the eyes and the mind of an SJ dummy this has not exactly been a fun video this is not one that I've been very pleased in order to really talk about however this is something that has become a large part of the culture that we currently live in and something that even if I were to somehow have created this video in a sterling white showcasing a brilliant middle ground and somehow someway bringing you know positivity to every single side of this argument would not have been seen as good enough so if you wish to abuse if you wish the comment if you wish to talk some smack the comments section is below for you to do that you call me an asshole you can say that I'm just a part of the patriarchy and you can you know make fun of me considering I decided to give some of the numbers their own identity but then you have to sit back and realize that a little bit of this is based off of the things that you do maybe I'm actually a part of the cause maybe I feel the numbers need a new identity maybe that's just how ridiculous this is becoming I'm not gonna clean on the dragon I'm not gonna claim I'm a toaster I'm not even gonna say I'm a three-ring binder but I am saying that this whole culture that has emerged based around this has transformed itself into a three-ring circus and I'm really not too sure the ringmaster is they have their work cut out for

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  1. They want communism but they don't know shit about it their fucking stupid.
    Try living through a genocide then get back to me about communism.
    My husband and his family lived through pol pot that's communism for u.
    Dumb fucking sjws

  2. I think there is only one reason for it, it’s that they are the most hateful individuals in America, like ever

  3. Social justice warriors are like that one kid that can't keep up with the other kids in a game of kick the can. They're always crying no fair sucking the fun out of game with their constant whining.

  4. They’re the most annoying group, I remember years ago where anyone barley got offended. I’m sure triggered people always existed but I haven’t heard it like we do today. SJWs getting offended over this, SJWs getting offended over that. I’m tired of hearing it and I will rejoice and pray in the future that SJWs are no longer a thing cause they are annoying af and makes me want to shout in their faces to stfu. Please let SJW die off in the future, I don’t mean the people dying but let being a SJW die off. I hate this era cause there is so many of them and I’m getting real irritated with these people, just go away. They bicker about everything like bratty children, what a miserable life to live

  5. I despise SJW culture and political correctness and thought crime. I'm right wing and I'd feel no remorse punching the life out of an sjw for getting offended over the slightest bullshit that doesn't even effect the bastards. And I'm not changing who i am for society's weak minds that can't handle a differing opinion or profanity.

  6. The thing is I only think SJW's are misdirected I know femmism is an big thing but they have already won I mean I would understand them being as aggressive when needed like if some country start slave trading but there are other social justice that needs attention

  7. im not a liberal, conservative or all those false things we identify with.. when we label ourselves something, we also bring those connotations and stereotypes to ourselves.. labels is dividing america..

  8. The biggest reason why I dislike them-they are causing division and doing way more harm them good. When I was younger, a lot of things weren't really a problem and now people are being divided by race, class, gender, etc…because of the SJWs and Democrats or the really extreme ones but there are so many like that which is a huge problem. It will only weaken this country and sooner or later all hell will break loose. One extreme will just lead to another as a result and it needs to stop as now almost all sides are getting really out of control.

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