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  1. 5:28
    Ya know, I just bought some glass that I'm about to put install as a windows. Oh but wait. I must cover it with duct tape. It's not like the whole point of glass is to be able to see through it. Nah.

  2. did anyone else realize that its basically treat people with kindness and then hurting people with self defense which is not kindness??

  3. Instead of being a bad guy over there just to save them why don't they just simply catch the thief or the actual bad guy so that he don't do that thing again!!

  4. Vraiment de très bon geste pour la nature mais aussi pour les personnes pauvres ou pour les perssonnes agressés et autre…..

  5. When the girl throw the man that is trying to open the car she little you guys know she throw plastic!!!! JUST SAYING 😂😂😂

  6. Who on earth just happens to need to use the restroom during a fire then proceeds to pee on their clothes and then directly inhale from said clothes?

  7. 7:16 bruh my father breked that lock too

    seriously my father break a lock with a hammer

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