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  1. Guys respectfully all the subscribers of 5 min crafts are requesting that please do not post the old videos with your new enjoying videos,understand something with 123 go and blossom they never post old videos so please think something seriously with this comment

    Guys am I right or wrong????

  2. I love to ride the scooter but my grandparents says "oh I see u will ride the scooter like a ghost rider!"

    To be honest,I was thinking how ghost rider doesn't know to ride the scooter because I don't know…


  3. 0:01 you are so lucky yoy weren't electrocuted seriously did you even think about a protective phone case? A plastic bag? serame wrap?

  4. 5 minute crafts needs to brush their teeth,almost on every video I go to of them they teeth is yellow,ya nastys

  5. 6:58 yeah I am totally going to fill up a bucket in my bathroom when I can just go out side and use a hose. Come 5 minute crafts stop repeating the same old craft from years ago it makes you seem like you aren't being "crafty" enough. cough cough

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