Hello there and welcome. It’s Bob Proctor. Here we are, a month away
from the first of the year and I would imagine everybody
has some pretty big goals and they’re really going
to make things happen and quite possibly for you, it might be starting to
fade just a little bit. That happens, you know. We can be so jazzed about our goals and what we’re going to do and if we don’t follow the rules they start to fade. Now when I was given this
book, “Think and Grow Rich,” I made a commitment I
would never stop reading it and that was 59 years ago
and I’m still reading it. I read it everyday. And there’s so much in it. But there’s so many great lessons and one of the great
lessons we have learned is a visualization. It’s a phenomenal lesson. Now I’m going to talk
about that in a moment. So let’s look at what we’re saying here. Everyone visualizes, whether
he realizes it or not. Visualization is one of the
great secrets of success. That’s where we build
a picture in our mind. When Van Gogh was asked, “How do you do such beautiful work?” He said, “I dream my painting
and then I paint my dream.” Well that’s the way it works. All great leaders have
been great visionaries. Solomon said “Where there is no vision, “the people will perish.” That doesn’t mean they’re going to die, it means the results
are going to get weaker and weaker and weaker. And they’re just not going
to be making it happen the way they want to. Everyone visualizes whether
he realizes it or not. Visualization’s a great secret of success. Now look at this. The conscious use of this
great power attracts, attracts to you multiplied resources. Multiplied. It attracts to you. You know something about
the law of attraction? How do we attract? Well through visualization. Now look at it. And it intensifies your wisdom and enables you to make use of advantages you formerly failed to recognize. I’m going to come back
and talk about that again. But why does that happen? Now let’s take a rest for a second. We’ll just get rid of that for a moment and let’s think of this. I talk about acorns. I was given this little box that you should put pens or something and it had an acorn on it. I was given this acorn. It seems like everybody
wants to give me acorns. There’s a little acorn somebody gave me. I’ll put that in here. And then somebody gave me a bigger one. There’s another one. And I would imagine these
are carved out of oak because I talk about acorns and I want to talk to you about an acorn. And now here’s a beauty. This is one that I was given. I think my daughter-in-law
gave me this one but it’s quite a nice one. It’s a big acorn. All right. And now here’s another one. And that. See? Kind of cool, isn’t it? Now why am I attracting these acorns? ‘Cause I talk a lot about an acorn. Now acorns grow into giant oak trees but not by accident. When you visualize, it enables you to grow
into something great if you use the vision properly. Now I want to talk to you about an acorn because you grow by the
same laws as acorns grow by. You see, acorns grow into giant oak trees but they don’t happen by accident. Now look at this for a moment. This is, there’s a lesson in here for you, and this can change your
life if you really get it. An acorn is planted in the earth. Energy is attracted to the acorn’s energy and becomes one with the acorn. Now look at it, we plant the acorn in the earth. That acorn is just, there’s all kinds of earth that’s packed right up against the acorn. But you know there’s things
packed against the acorn that isn’t in harmony with the acorn, so that earth or energy
doesn’t do it any good. The earth is full of all
kinds of different energy, just like the world is full of all kinds of different energy. Well there could be earth gems
right up against the acorn but it’s not in harmony with the acorn, it’s not on the same frequency that the acorn’s operating on by, so it isn’t doing the acorn any good. However, there could be some energy a long ways away from the acorn. Back it up. This energy is a long
ways away from the acorn but if it’s in harmony with the acorn, it marches like an obedient soldier right to the acorn. See, the acorn sets up an attractive force and it attracts whatever’s in
harmonious vibration with it. Everything vibrates, nothing rests. The acorn has a pattern plan in it that dictates the vibration it stays in and it cannot change its vibration, therefore it can only grow
into one thing, an oak tree. It will never grow into a
maple tree or a fig tree. It just won’t do that. Now think. There’s all kinds of earth and the earth that’s in
harmony with the acorn is on the same frequency, it will march right towards it. As it gets next to the acorn, it becomes one with the acorn and then roots start to
come out of the bottom and roots start to come out of the top and it attracts from the atmosphere as well as from the earth, the particles of energy that are necessary to cause it to expand. You see there’s a pattern
plan in the acorn. It controls the vibratory
read of the acorn and the acorn cannot change its vibration. Now stay with me here for a moment. A pattern plan is in the seed, controls the vibration of the seed. The energy that created the
oak tree was always here. Nothing is created or destroyed. Nothing. It is in harmony with and
was attracted to the seed. Now keep thinking. An acorn is in the earth. The energy for the oak
tree is in the universe and the law of attraction
brings them together. Now what’s the lesson? Well, let’s keep thinking for a moment. There’s a pattern plan in the acorn. It controls the vibration of
this little massive energy that we call an acorn. Because it’s on a certain frequency, it attracts energy
that’s on that frequency and the acorn grows and expands, it grows into the earth and outside, it attracts from the atmosphere,
as as well from the earth, we have a giant oak tree. That’s no accident that
that oak tree grows. It’s said that Aristotle
used to hold up an acorn and say to his students, what have I got here? He wanted them to say
that he had an oak tree. And he didn’t have an
oak tree, he did not. He had the potential of an oak tree. You have the potential of greatness. Now keep thinking. It’s the image that you hold in your mind that controls the vibration you’re in. The acorn can only grow
into one thing, an oak tree. You can grow into anything you want and that is one of our problems. See, the acorn has no ability
to change the vibration. When you build the vision in your mind and you get emotionally involved, that controls the vibration that you’re in and it dictates what you attract. Now what are you
attracting into your life? What are you attracting? That’ll give you an idea of what you’re holding in your mind. You’ve got to have a very clear image of the good that you desire. By holding that image, you stay in that frequency and you begin to attract
whatever you want. Now what do we say? Look at it, wait a minute. Back it up. The conscious use of this great power, attracts to you multiplied resources. It intensifies your wisdom and enables you to make use of advantages you formerly failed to recognize. Listen, you’re God’s
highest form of creation. There is nothing else on the planet that can build images and
hold it in his mind like you. We have been blessed. We have got phenomenal mental tools. If you do not have a goal, if you do not have a picture of your goal firmly planted in your mind. I’ve been carrying a
goal card in my pocket for a long long time, ever since I first read this book. I want to suggest you sit down, write what you want on the card, in the present tense, because the second you get
the picture in your mind, you got it on that frequency, okay? In the present tense, write out exactly what you want. Now you’ve got to plant
that picture, that vision, in your subconscious mind. You will grow into greatness just the same as the oak tree comes out of the acorn. It’s that simple. Everything grows by the same law. Everything in the universe operates by the same law. This universe operates in an orderly way. It’s our responsibility to gain an understanding of these laws and then live in harmony with them. Now I’ve said in many many occasions, that you and I are the
only creature on the planet that is totally disoriented
in our environment. All the other little creatures out there are completely at home
in their environment. Not you and I. We’re totally disoriented and that is because we’ve been
given the mental faculties to create our own environment. You know that the oak
tree comes from the acorn. You know that. Well you know something, the greatness that’s within you will come out if you just build the vision and get emotionally involved
and stay emotionally involved, then you will begin to attract whatever’s required for the
manifestation of your image. That becomes your pattern plan. The acorn cannot change the pattern plan, so it can only grow into an oak tree. You can change it and unfortunately we do change it all too often. You got to lock in to one
picture and keep focusing on it and it’ll happen. Make 2020 a phenomenal year.

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