2020 Race Narrows As Sen. Kamala Harris Ends Her Presidential Run | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Thinking that a person that happens to have dark skin color is the only kind of person able to represent the interests of other people with dark skin color – which has nothing to do with actual behavior or individual needs – that is at the heart of racist absurdity…

    It's worth noting that the African American population represents 12.7% of the US population – which doesn't suggest that the only proper representative of the democratic party must be an African American… In fact, atheists – though hard to count – are probably a greater percentage of the population than that… And there isn't a single admitted elected federal official that's an Atheist or a single Judge confirmed to a federal bench… But a guy that expects people to call him by a religious title despite his non-religious job apparently doesn't mind that absence of Atheistic representation and instead really would like that 13% of the population to have the chance to let their own sense of race determine who they want to vote for…

  2. She's not black. She's half Tamil (Indian) and Jamaican. Can we avoid using blanket terms for interracial candidates, or candidates in general?

  3. Donny Deutsch is a Neanderthal. every topic is like a 1985 New coke vs.Pepsi ad campaign for him… including black candidates. Nicolle tells DD to ''shoosh''… 6:40 … and he still talks! SMH

  4. Her race card has been revoked. She’ll never admit the fact that she was never really qualified to be president and that a white man has more support from black voters yet she claims “racism”. I’m so tired of leftest media and their racist narrative.

  5. HaHaHaHa Harris you are now officially a L-O-S-E-R!!!!!!!!!!! You couldn't make the cut L-O-S-E-R!!!!!!! I believed all along you were a L-O-S-E-R!!!!!!!!

  6. These people are racist thinking that a race votes for their own. As a Mexican I will pick whomever I deem best fit. I’m not gonna support Castro just because he’s Mexican. I want to first Brown President to be someone I could be proud of, not just to have one.

  7. Haha Tulsi is an assassin yo! She just smoked Kamala. Tulsi now needs to take out Biden and Warren and we are looking for a new President who may confront the corrupt corporate lackeys including Donald Trump

  8. Black people make up 13% of the American population, yet 40% of the total abortion rate! Within NYC, Black people make up 60% of the abortions! And Harris, a black woman, is telling America that its biggest problem is the LACK of abortions?

  9. If you are half as appreciative as I to Tulsi Gabbard for exposing Kamalas horrendous record to the masses, please consider to donating to her campaign!


  10. That little boy was not black and hated being bused. As a child to be forced to be bused when you can walk up the street sucked……

  11. That was ugly, in that first part of the video. All the other (white) people, SHUT UP AND LET THE MAN SPEAK 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. Clueless MSNBC anchors & pundits think candidate who stands for nothing checks “all the boxes” because they’re female and black. 🙄

  13. To Biden 'I do not believe you are a racist'. WHAT! No wonder she plundered. She overplayed the race card which is a dangerous game because at some point that itself starts to become racism and a racist.

  14. I followed her on Twitter for a while but I didn’t feel a connection. This was before she ran for president.
    Vote for Bernie.

  15. Her message was not clear. What I loved about Kamala was her oratory skills! She has the verbal skils to tear Trump to shreds. Unfortunately, mysogany and racism still exists and I do not believe enough people wouldvote for a woman, much less a Black woman. 😏

  16. Oh come on. You can’t say that Bernie and Yang hasn’t been treated badly in the press. Her message wasn’t clear and she wasn’t comfortable or spontaneous enough on the debate stage.

  17. The guy is blind to her genuine unpopularity. The centerists are going downhill and will continue to. She dropped when she dropped medicare for all. Look at the timeline. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/2020_democratic_presidential_nomination-6730.html
    Warren in experiencing the same thing now that she's diluted her version. It's a centerist myth that the american people are nervous about it. They want it.

  18. Ahhh Oh well she didn’t deserve to be on that stage anyway and she is not presidential material, he’ll she is not even congress material. Soon she will be a congresswoman no more. Just look at California the state she represents its in shambles. Glad that she is gone!! Good riddance to a lier.

  19. So I’m supposed to vote based on skin color? I usually vote on policy and could care less about gender or race. Am I wrong here?

  20. "What are you gonna say the black voters when they look at that stage and nobody is there?"

    "That stage" isn't for them anymore. President Trump has helped lead the lowest black unemployment rate in history, helped financially support HBCUs through executive order, passed the First Step Act (which was sponsored by Republicans) that is seeing to the release of a very high percentage of black prisoners, and has helped foster an environment for the black female to become the most profitable business owner in America today.

    I'm not trying to tell people how to think. I'm just offering facts, and the fact is that black voters don't need anyone on "that stage". They need to be more worried about voting for people who have their interests, not just their skin color. Anything less is actually racist.

  21. Kamala is deeply unlikeable.

    I hope Kavanagh is having a private laugh right now.

    Kamala is out, Kav is on SCOTUS and Trump is in the White House. Life is good. 💝😃

  22. I'm half Mexican, but I'm not complaining about there not being any Mexicans in the debate. Little Julian sucked, and so he didn't deserve to be on the debate stage. This is the big leagues, and either you sink or swim, and that's that.

  23. the rich MSNBC tabling heads are so out of touch with normal Americans, it's not even funny.

    The party wants more AOC and less Hillary-backed losers like Kamala.

  24. As a black man I'm sick of tired of black commentators using the Black Card when it comes to Kamala … maybe I can understand if black people support her but not even black people did… She had decent media coverage unlike Bernie ,TULSI,yang.. I find it funny she never campaign with her white husband… if she was really wanted black support she should have came up with a plan for black PEOPLE…

  25. black people vote only for a black candidate? what kind of racist mentality is that? this identity politics crap they invented..

  26. Treated badly by the press ROFL!!!!!

    Tulsi says hi, Bernie says hi and Yang says hi.

    CNN crowned her queen from the very beginning.

    Gtfo these people know nothing about current American politics. The age of the phony robot corporate politician is over get with the program.

  27. Kamala losing has nothing to do with race she didnt have the black support biden did, she didnt have the support of anyone because she's unelectable

  28. She may be genuine, but her genuine message is horrible, and Americans, the Democrats, even recognized it, and wanted nothing to do with her as a leader. Why is that so hard for people, I mean Democrats to accept? How about you find somebody with character and a palatable message, find a liberal Ben Carson, not the most socialist yay-hoos in the country.

  29. Kamala Harris is the candidate that will sitdown with you and smoke weed with you and put you in prison for smoking weed

  30. One of her main arguments was to take Trump down on Twitter! Wow! That’s all you’ve got? Maybe willie brown can do something for you. LOL

  31. They had their chance and they had sucky ducky politics and not a bit of authenticity.
    Why would you bring up the issue of race? They had their shot in a (somewhat) democrat process and fail..
    This is making race relations worse. Americans had a black president.

  32. Al Sharpton is no more a reverend then my laborer retriever…no reverend preaches hate (Jewish merchants), commits tax evasion and concoct fake crimes…..i.e. T. Brawley….

  33. Lol she was a garbage candidate.. she couldn't raise money because no one liked her not even black people liked her.. Biden and pete raised more than her..

  34. Nicolle Wallace epitomizes political correctness and the abuse of the "gende/womenr" card. Then she says she worked with Sarah Palin and Clinton and it all makes sense.

  35. Sometimes these people seam so ignorant. She was a bad candidate. That's it. She's no Barack. Stop it. Genuine? I don't think so. If that was true she would still be in the race. People see thru fake. No matter color. I don't care if you support Warren, Sanders or mayor Pete but all of those candidates seam real to me. Even Biden is more genuine than Harris. This whole segment is a joke!

  36. Black people should stop demanding for politicians to pander to them especially. You have been given the god-given right to vote, that few in the world have. You shouldn't have to be courted into voting by politicians.

  37. I wish more Native Americans get into politics and run and be President of America.This would be the very great thing that can happen and will change America.

  38. God knows why, because other than Tulsi and Amy, I think Joe is my least favorite candidate, there is a Black candidate. It's Joe Biden.

  39. Somewhere a man is typing up his “Why Kamala failed” story and he is not considering race or gender bias and so if you are that man please reconsider your position or read a book

  40. Michelle Obama if she came into the race polling says would get 52% of Democrats #1 vote. "She had the double edged sword, a woman and black" … funny, I must be coloured blind or something. A bad candidate is a bad candidate. Michelle would win the election … try getting the DNC to convince her she would enjoy being President instead of putting up "double edged sword" as excuses.

  41. Her entire message was “I’m black and have a vagina, if you don’t vote for me, you’re a racist and a sexist”… that’s not a message I’m about to sign on for, and I have better candidates to choose from with more substance and an actual reason to run.

  42. Why did Kamala Harris put innocent blacks in jail and keep then in jail longer then sentenced. Why did she hide evidence that would exonerate them.
    She and Biden said pot is a gateway drug and they admit to doing it. What are they on today Cocaine? Is that why they hate the Wall and Trump?
    Trump = Wall
    Wall = No Cocaine

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