2020 Democratic debate: Smaller stage, bigger clashes

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  1. Warren was fed the "oldest nominated" question ahead of time. All for cheers with her "impromptu" answer. Just like a daytime reality show. Folks, you're watching the end of the Democrat party in loving color, only not as funny as In Living Color.

  2. I have never felt more disappointed by the party I voted for my whole life. When Democrats impeach a president for temporarily withholding FOREIGN WEAPONS GIVEAWAYS, that's a betrayal. When dems favor war, favor cold-war-style brinksmanship, and demonize the working class, they stand for nothing I want. RIP Tulsi.

  3. You guys at the Washington Post all enjoying Impeachmas? No wait, you're selling the lie that you aren't partisan. Absolute joke.

  4. What andrew Yang noted! Says alot about his focus! INCLUSION!which means for me supportive and positive focus!

    I HOPE , WHATEVER POSITIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE! He also ends up in the white house! I hope they all do! At the same time!

    Except for Bootlicker, Bend them like Biden and klorbrohead, TUSLIA ( UNDERCOVER TRADER)! They give me the willies! FISHY ,SMELLY TOOLS!

  5. They have no chance to defeat the Alpha in chief! At this point it's like a Harlem Globetrotters game! We all know who's going to win.

  6. Pete: "Big money is important in politics. I love it. And we should do everything we can to make sure they aren't taxed so they can give me more money. And if elected, i will do everything I can for them… I mean you."

  7. Joe's angry because Trump shined a light on his abuse of office. Sorry Joe, but you're a loser crook politician ripping people off for over 30 years.

  8. The only Democrat who has a chance to sway the Republican vote, is Tulsi. Unfortunately for the Democrats, she isn't getting the attention she deserves, so she'll never make it.(She's also probably too "moderate" for the progressives.) Looks to me like Trump will win in 2020.

  9. 4 minutes of Bernie pretending he isn't a rich white man. And then Joe had the gall to say he has absolutely no interest in working with Republicans. Wow. Yeah, abandoning half the people you are supposed to be leading on behalf of is a swell way to run a country.

  10. They forgot to mention the RepubliCON's shenanigans socialistic taxcut to the Rich , adding some 500B to the deficit. . Thanks RepubliCunts.

  11. Expose to enlighten the American's Citizens of
    how 'big Socialists and big spending' the RepubliCON's party has become. Trillions of spending dollars added to the country deficit given to Corporates billionaires tax free.
    Or how the RepubliCONs Gut environmental policies, so Thier billionaire ceo can pollute our Air , rivers and oceans

  12. Checklist for what you can't be to win the Democratic Nominee to lose to Trump 2020:

    ❎ White
    ❎ Old
    ❎ Male
    ❎ Millionaire
    ❎ Billionaire

  13. I cant wait to see which of these knuckle dragging shitflingers is going to climb into the ring with the greatest shitflinger the world has ever known.. It'll be a bloodbath…especially after the disgrace of yesterday…

  14. A Butt, an Imposter Indian, a Heart Attack Survivor, and an Artifact. This is the Democratic Party's finest? America's not Divided, you are!

  15. After watching this Democrat debate highlight reel, I have to assume they all arrived together on a little yellow short bus.


  17. We Americans love our great president!!! Looking forward to his 2nd term.

    The poor democraps are going nuts and most of us Americans are loving it.

  18. These stooges' make promises with No foundation to deliver results..!. their promises are made from Bill Cosby Jello Pudding but turns to rainbow confedi when you dig in..! When is Michelle Obama gonna make things interesting preparing the 3rd Black woman Candidate for president is difficult…!

  19. I'm waiting for Biden to slip and say America is not ready to have a guy president who is married to a guy . It would be awesome .

  20. Every time they enact an impeachment step process they have one of their dumb debates, nobody cares what they have to say were over them, they're not worth our vote so give up already !!!!!! Free stuff Free stuff, Working class Working class, they've been doing stuff for the working class since they began which amounted to nothing, so shut the hell up and get lost !!!!

  21. For those Democrats who are dead set on supporting ur party PLEASE take note there are NO AMERICAN FLAGS ON STAGE .
    No only do that want to erase our last election that want to erase America and all our freedom.


  22. If experience mattered, former VP Biden will win. Anti-billionares Warren and Klobuchar want to suppress billionaires Steyer and Bloomberg. As Yang said: better to outline how to solve the issues that got Trump elected.

  23. None of these people are out to make your life better ….. Taxes are in the
    – as in. 0 – 0 = 0 that's where you will wind up !

  24. Hahaha this is so bad, really now people are getting to come back to an already cluttered stage? Even thou others that had donors and everything else they needed were refused a chance, this game is just gross.

  25. Vote for Trump 2020 people these people are there to destroy the united states an it's laws don't be a fool to vote for them an they love money an power an evil

  26. As more clowns drop off the Democrat Clown Car (a few landing on the Trump Tank) as it rolls down the very bumpy end of the road, we voters still see the reality of the situation…..
    If SATAN were to choose the 2020 Presidential Democrat Candidates……He would choose these Democrat candidates who are already working for him:

    The Democrats have been attempting to remove the focus from their initial Clown Car by adding an unprecedented number of Democrat Candidates.

    But now that the House of Ignorant Reps full of ignoratn Women in White on the Hill who have been attempting a Real Modern Day Coup of the USA Government –

    We The People are going to take the House from these insidious Democrats and keep a Republican President in office….otherwise the Dems will use Fake Global Warming to steal our wealth by Forcing Carbon Taxes while shipping in millions of Muslims and busing in massive numbers of Mexicans to buy votes as your tax dollars pay for all the Welfare and other services of these No Skill invading Democrat illegal voters who will replace the less subservient Patriots of the West !!!!

    The New Green Deal hides the Agenda 21 Enslavement !!!

    DEMOCRATS ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE PAPER MONEY PRINTERS ONE LAST TIME. Democrats handlers who are seeking the same ignorant feeble minds that the rest of the Treasonous Democrat Politicians are seeking to control…….those who want free stuff now – at the sacrifice of their Freedom in the future

    You Democrats have such a great line-up for SATAN this year:

    1) Kamala (the adulterer for profit) Harris… Arrested 1300 pot smokers – yet laughs as she admits that she is a pot smoker. The man hater who attacked Kavanaugh, and she supports genital mutilation of under age girls.

    2) Beto (Please like me…because I changed my name from Bob Orourke…the drunken DUI driver who almost killed and tried to leave the scene like Ted (I can't let them see me drunk) Kennedy.

    3) Pocahontas who jumps to the front of the line as an American Indian

    , then lies about it.

    4) The black guy "Booker" who runs out of meetings when the going gets tough.

    5) Breadline Bernie Sanders the socialist hidden communist and anti US Constitution maddog.

    6) Creepy Plagiarizing Joe Biden…smelling and kissing your daughter…..while trying to get his wife killed on his own balcony. Biggest Gun Ban Writer in US History, with his cocaine snorting, communist China son, who Biden got out of jail by holding-up USA Gov Allocated Money and using it as a bribe to get Creepy Joe's cocaine snorting son out of a court investigation by forcing the firing of the prosecutor who was investigating criminal behavior of Bidens coke smoking son !!!

    7) Yang the Cry Baby.

    And all of them want to disarm American citizens and force our borders open to buy Migrant Democrat votes…along with Agenda 21, and Sanctuary Cities with no ICE Agents …..which attracts the Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel, which is now the primary drug dealer in the USA thanks to the Democrat vote buying immigration policy.

    And it is your Welfare tax dollars that paid for those migrant Democrat Voters…which are being bused in every day now !

    El chapo named Clinton and Pelosi as two of his bribe money recipients.

    Yea, keep trying to figure out who should lead the treasonous Democrat party…. while Republicans take back the House and hold the White House in 2020 !!!!

    You Democrats are doing such a great service to the USA. lol

    Greedy Dems have never been good at analyzing anything – simply because seeking immediate personal wealth by stealing from others and ruining a nation in the near future does not spawn good analysis skills.

    That's why their position is so bad on this 2020 chess board.

    Case in point – I guess all the wasted tax dollars that Democrats used for:

    1) Press-Gate
    2) Russian Collusion
    3) Kavanaugh Attacks
    4) And now the Fake Impeachment attack
    5) And all the current Democrat litigation against every move your sitting US President makes…

    The above treasonous Democrats actions which are really part of the Democrat Coup attempt have all cost tax payers billions of lost revenue and have slowed the US Gov to a standstill,

    All part of the insidious treasonous Democrat coup which included borders forced open to gain Mexican and Muslim Votes. And Gun Confiscation. The burning of our bill of Rights.

    These Democrat attacks have somewhat back-fired on the Democrats.

    Maybe it is best that you use this time to plan for the 2024 elections…. because it seems to me as you Dems……. have been screaming, crying, and fighting since Hillary (Snipers on the tarmac) Clinton fell down.

    And now all you can do is attempt to make the 2020 election a woman against Trump election as the fake news deceived feeble minded women. And look at all the ignorant women that are marching in droves…but when interviewed on the street, they know nothing.

    Only that they hate Trump who has been protecting our money for years now from the Democrats who have dropped the voter agenda long ago – and now seek the Cabal bribes and Golden Parachute positions if they allow Monsanto and other Cabal companies to profit now while destroying our future.

    The Cabal owned Monsanto has poisoned our farmland soil microbiom, and it cannot be replaced !

    But it seem that the intellectual women who know about the Globalist Agenda to disarm and enslave are voting for Trump,

    and not the ignorant Democrat women on the street aligning with Linda Sarsour and Benghazi Hillary.

    DEMOCRATS ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE PRINTERS ONE LAST TIME. Democrats handlers are seeking the same ignorant feeble minds that the rest of the Treasonous Democrat Politicians are seeking to control…….those who want free stuff now – at the sacrifice of their Freedom in the future

    This is why most of the unskilled migrants vote Democrat.

    Remove all Democrats from Congress in 2020…Especially the Women in White.

    A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero – Addressing the Roman Senate in the year (43 B.C)

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

    An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

    But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys,

    heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;

    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments,

    he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation,

    he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city,

    he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

  27. Joe Biden want to fire 100s of thousand workers coalminers etc.
    As part of green need deal raise your taxes an "additional: 25% in first year less then Bernie or Elizabeth so thats good. So if your making 20/hour today it becomes 15/hour. After a Democrat becomes president 30/hour becomes 22.50 but those figures will be even less as this is an "additional" tax added already to tax in place this will put most Americsns over 55% taxes.
    Vote Trump get a raise.

  28. theres at least 5 critical matters of constitutional violation including illegal interference and polluted trans atlantic obama agency expectations spanning all sorts of rigged democrat roads to pay for play democracy, none of which any of these corrupt intern impeached contestants will ever touch in terms of debate. its why fox news is feared by deluded democrat demands and clinton scam confidence. which really again says what a good job the posts extortion rackets perform in protecting the institutions which arent respected based on democrat dishonesty ignorance arrogance and abusive exploitation.

  29. If the government takes take more money from the rich people, then they won't be spending money on things that gives us the jobs that make their stuff. Rich NBA players are great at spending their money they make (usually pretty fast). It's not about Pizza Elizabeth Warren unless you are talking about that word pizza as the secret code word for children on Epstein's island in the Wiki Leaks dump. Read it, pizza is mentioned a lot.

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