2020 candidates speak out against escalating tensions with Iran

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  1. These POS don’t care about the American troops or our veterans who have sacrificed so much in order for us to live the lives that we’re living! The left only cares about winning the house back and seating someone of their choice💯🦾🇺🇸

  2. Each one a corrupt warmonger (apart from Tulsi won't get the nomination because she's not a warmonger). Nobody who cheered the Obama administration has got any excuse to pretend they oppose war. Biden supported the massacre of Iraq. Trump didn't.

  3. Not like you and rest of Obama Administration considered not warring against any countries you made a disarray of the Middle East more than it was all ready. I'm glad quid pro Joe is speaking up against War now that is for his best interest. But don't worry Trump's not going to start a war he's going to win win win with the rest of America! Trump 2020 keep America great ! Trump is undoing everything the treasonous Democrats have done! Looks like we're going to bring back our troops from Iraq after all, President Trump is a genius!

  4. Ah, a bunch of nonsense. Nobody wants to accept that while how it was executed was wrong this more than likely saved many lives if you look at everything surrounding the individual.

  5. What a joke….country takes billions from Obama chants "death to America" everyday. These career politicians haven't accomplished anything useful between them except drain DNC dry.

  6. Not one of these idiots mention anything about the hundreds of Americans killed under that general direction if it was up to any of these people they would probably send them another pallet of cash in the middle of the night

  7. You guys better vote out all of these unpatriotic, terrorist sympathizing f*ckwits! We still have a few in parliament and they are living in fantasy land

  8. I agree with the candidates. Let the Iraqi Sunnis fend for themselves. The US is no longer needed to protect the minority Sunnis. Surely this time, a group like ISIS wont form to protect Sunnis in the absence of US troops. Surely the Quds and Shiite militias wont commit another genocide of Sunni, Suffi, Christians, and Kurds. Get America out because Orange Man Bad. Since the beginning of time, those tribes only fight because American imperialism. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. How can Trump be Putin's puppet and also be threatening war against Russian allies, Syria and Iran? Ill tell you how, Orange Man Bad, end of argument.

  9. Not once did I hear a better solution or what they would have done differently. Just complaint after complaint after complaint

  10. All these Clowns need to grow a pair and respect the decision the POTUS made to rid the world of a very powerful terrorist. If Obama would have done this they would have praised him.

  11. Old saying: every dog has their day.
    Isaiah 33:1 – woe to the Destroyer who has not been Destroyed. America Destroyed many Nations over the last 20 years. Thanks for coming and good bye.

  12. Please, if the parties were reversed, the Demtards would either be sitting on their hands doing nothing, or they would be launching a full-scale assault on Iran.

    Actually, strike that, they'd be shipping billions of dollars to Iran.

  13. They crossed Obummer's red line twice, Obummer responded with a airplane load of cash then a nice nuclear deal for them, They crossed Trumps red line and got one well done killer of a terrorist general.

  14. I'm not for it either but why are you waisting your time on this. Did any of you listen they don't have a problem with us just our government. You all need to wake up and take your country back. Before the world takes it for you

  15. Escalating tensions in Iran?You mean them screaming "Death to America" the last 40 years wasn't escalating tension? Or invading our sovereign soil at the US Embassy in Baghdad and damaging US property a few days ago? How about this crazy General leading a known and avowed terrorist cell whose sole purpose is the destruction of our way of life. No one who can reasonable argue that this guy deserved to die should be part of our Government.

  16. Open your eyes to the bullshit. The democrats were trying to escalate tensions with Syria and Russia last election and our government was killing innocent civilians in airstrikes at the time while funding a dirty proxy war on the terrorist side. It's hypocrisy. No one actually cares, they're just trying to make Trump look bad so they look appealing. Elect any one of these clowns and they will approve controversial missions by our military as well.

  17. Where all of this outrage was when Iran killed 1,500 of its own protesters two weeks ago…

    If you only have principles when it's politically convenient, you don't have principles.

  18. None of these people were briefed or given the intelligence information that was given to the president prior to his decision. They have no idea and are just showing hatred towards President Trump. If president Trump alone developed a cure for cancer, Democrats would be complaining about all the Chemo centers that will have to close down..

  19. These a-holes are the same morons accusing him of having Kurdish blood on his hands for pulling out of Syria. These guys are scared shitless of Iran. Except for Tulsi, she's a badass. The rest are spineless turds.

  20. Isn't it ironic, the democrat war party now doesn't want war. They let Obama bomb brown people everyday of his presidency! Women, children and men! Obama even said he was good at killing! Did the democrats or the mainstream media condemn these war crimes. Nope! Not a word from these lying POS! They all have Trump Derangement Syndrome! You can't believe anything that comes out of their lying mouths!

  21. He didn't order the strike; he greenlighted an operation that was months
    if not years in the making by the national security apparatus.
    I doubt he even knew who the guy was. People
    think he alone made that decision are deluded

  22. Demonrats are an embarrassment to this country
    Siding with the enemy and making excuses

    Don’t see them asking Killiary her feelings, cause she had said if elected president , we would be at war with Iran
    Obama giving terrorists billions and inviting the POS to the USA for dinner
    Dems didn’t seem to have a problem selling out then

  23. These crooks would go to war only if it lines their pockets. While at the same time lecturing us about the merits of socialism and how only the rich have all the wealth (Bernie Sanders)!! These snakes only care about themselves.

  24. Lol liars. Your all the same !!! Ever candidate that runs for president wants war !!! Have your owned families to join the military to fight .

  25. Key words tax payer dollars and Devastation if we go into war the people don’t want to go to war dam straight we don’t why would you want to do something that damages families and lives when it’s already hard out here for us “people” you guys pulling strings for war and sitting on your chair in your office you guys suit up and go to war you guys go and take your money and use it for war cause the end of the day I am where I am and you get to go to you’re big home and not have to worry about you personally going to fight!!!

  26. This is why they aren't presidential material, we don't want terrorist overthrowing our embassies without retribution.

  27. These polititions liked Iran because of Obama's Iran deal. They consider Iran a U.S. partner in the Iran deal. But the intelligence agencies which the Dems said Trump doesn't listen to, has listened to them this time. What a conundrum! Should Trump trust or not trust the Intel.?

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