2016 Presidential Campaign Most Memorable Moments

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  1. youtu.be/w8GAjfLWi8U A unique video, a look back at the 2016 Trump campaign and the chaos that followed: GREAT AGAIN – Thank you to all who take time out and watch.

  2. So I searched for Donald trump best campaign moments and ABC News is the number 1 result? YouTube is promoting liberal news ABC and silencing the independent voices. Ef YouTube.

  3. My God ABC, can you be any more biased? You literally spent tens of hours scouring the web for the most controversial Trump quotes, then you edit them to make them seem as evil as you can. Every word he said you took out of context. ABC you are soooooo stupid. Only people with very low IQ's are going to fall for this crap. Horribly executed attempt to smear the president. You are scum of the earth and you know it 😘

  4. That’s with help of News Media. Hollywood. Rich elite$. Pimps. Hip hop world. FBI too. Still LOST. Trump, Republicans didn’t have to cheat.

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