2012 Presidential Election: Volunteer for Barack Obama’s Campaign

[music] [crowd cheering] [President Barack Obama] I will never
forget who this victory truly belongs to it belongs to you. It belongs to you. I was never the likeliest candidate for this
office. We didn’t start with much money or many endorsements. Our campaign was not hatched
in the halls of Washington it began in the backyards of Des Moines and the living
rooms of Concord and the front porches of Charleston. It grew strength from the young people who
rejected the myth of their generation’s apathy. It grew strength from the not-so-young people
who braved the bitter cold and scorching heat to knock on the doors of perfect strangers. You did it because you understand the enormity
of the task that lies ahead. This victory alone is not the change we seek
it is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we
go back to the way things were. It cannot happen without you –without a new spirit
of service, a new spirit of sacrifice. For even as we celebrate tonight, we know
the challenges tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime. There jobs to be created, new schools to build,
and threats to meet –alliances to repair. The road ahead will be long, the climb will
be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term, but America I have never
been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you we as a people
well get there. [crowd cheering] America we have come so far we have seen so much but theres so
much more to do. [crowd] Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

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  1. No. I'll vote for him again, but I won't be as involved as I was in 2008. And when I do vote for him I'll have a look of disgust on my face.

  2. Interesting that this ad pays more attention to Obama's 2008 candidacy than his almost 3 years of presidency, yet it's a re-election ad. Obama needs to realize that he's alienated many of his supporters, and that fact is easy to see — if president Obama was more like candidate Obama, we wouldn't see all the OWS movements all across the country, consisting largely of the young people that put him in office. Their existence is the correct belief that he hasn't been in their corner.

  3. We're behind you 100%

    You are for the PEOPLE and you need to keep showing us that, like you have been lately. Keep your head up and push on for our country.

    The road may be long but we're marching toward equality and economic justice for everyone, together.

  4. I truly believe that is we did not have such a wreckless, misguided, and frankly too extreme congress our country would not be stuck where it’s stuck. The GOP was extremely wreckless for 8 years during the bush years. The time since they took over the house has been even more infuriating seeing pretend to talk jobs yet argue about a motto we all already know and MLB coins instead of approving a jobs bill Folks lets be smart … OBAMA 2012 because I'm still hopeful that we are going to get there

  5. It belongs to you.

    I am with you and I look forward to working just as hard for you as I did in 2008. I move forward and I do it with more hope today than I have ever has before.

  6. President Obama STINKS at the job and is UNWORTHY of the office. He should be LOCKED OUT of the White House (again, only on purpose this time).
    Why is he even still there ? There should've been a coupe last year. This country is too good for him.

  7. Nov 4 2008: A great night for America. It was a night for tears of joy for me. I will remember it as long as I live.

  8. President Obama?
    you are in the right place at the right time,leading up to 2012,
    listen not to any who would direct you on to the wrong path,
    listen only, to the Source of your soul,for there sits real truth and justice.

  9. Thanks! Mr. Obama for giving so much money to your Wall St. friends… and for catering to the Wars (and escalating a new one ie Libya with your UN friends, how many billion did we spend on that now?) and thanks for shutting down Gitmo… oh wait. Oh, and thanks for ignoring your own multiple online polls that showed people want you to address medical cannabis. Shall I continue?

    Ok… you had me in 2008… you won't fool me again.

  10. The Repubican are not helping they just draging their feet and the American Poeple are sick of it And the American people can see that.

  11. @hannibail that almost sounds like a threat against the President of the United States of America.
    Have you ever met the Secret Service?

  12. Yes, President Obama. I will give generously to your campaign, both with money and time. You were presented with an enormous challenge and are guiding our country during bad economic times; it's taking longer than we thought, but we are moving in the right direction. You are the right person at the right time. Your star is the brightest in all the heavens…

  13. I hope the American people realize that President Obama is the best choice to continue with the progress and growth that the US deserve. Republicans only care about themselves. Wish you the best Mr. President from Argentina.

  14. He is the right man for the right job at the right time. BARACK OBAMA 2012 for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents!

  15. @hannibail that is a very unnecessary and hateful comment. and to think i serve this country to protect the 1st amendment rights of ignorant people like you. talk like that does NOT help move this country in the right direction. let's see you do a better job running a country that has been a mess for over a decade!!!…

  16. @hannibail I have never seen or heard so much disrespect for the highest elected government offical in my life. maybe he has done things you disagree with but that is no need to resort to childish, incorrectly spelled, name calling…you sir are DISMISSED!!!!

  17. though many may see it as a waste of my vote… im voting third party. i'd rather see Obama in office than any republican… but I'm doing my duty as an American and voting for who I agree with.

  18. nobody needs to worry…….. BARACK IS GETTING IT IN 2012… BY A FUCKING LANDSLIDE YET AGAIN because all you have to do is remember the best thing george w. bush EVER did……. KILLING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY….. forever.

  19. weird i'm related to a president know as Abraham Lincoln this man show the thing he fought for so this man could do the impossible

  20. I vote for you Mr.President Obama because i know that you trying to do right by the american people and you is the 1st president to talk about the elite getting a free ride off the 99% hard labor and or taxes.Yes we can,Yes we will and Yes we shall overcome the corupt corporations and congress.OCCUPY WALL STREET!!!

  21. I am a little French, American at heart, proud that America has a president as friendly as Barack Obama. Long live the United States to the President and all Americans!
    Je suis un petit Français, Américain dans l'âme, Fier que l'Amérique ait un président aussi Sympathique que Barack Obama. Longue vie aux Etats-Unis à son Président et à tous les Américains!

  22. How's that hope and change workin out for everybody? I've got a suggestion for the 2012 election: Change you can step in.

  23. I'll vote for you in 2012, yes, that's true. Look at the Republicans, what else can I do?

    Call off the DEA dogs. Stop all foreign wars. Stand up to the rethuglican'ts by calling them out on their every shitbag manipulative move, stop caving to their demands of "compromise" when they give nothing in return. End sexist VAWA laws that serve only to criminalize men. Close Guantanamo. Make the top 5% of income earners pay a tax rate equal to the percentage of US wealth they own.

  24. Compared to what the GOP has to offer you won't have to worry about being re-elected Mr. President, I'm willing to put good money on it.

  25. If we could pick presidents for other countries, IRELAND would surely pick you, Barack. We notice you are willing compromise a LOT with Republicans & that is very respectful of a president, but you need to get tougher now as it often seems you are dealing with a bunch of , *We Are NOT Budging* – spoiled brats; Yes, I said it – "spoiled brats". Things would’ve progressed further if you weren’t blocked all the time from implementing. Just remember you are the boss & accept less BS from here on!

  26. From IRELAND

    Best president! You were left with a bucket full of shite to clean up and have managed to get rid of some. You would have been rid of more if others would put more trust in you and give it a try – but no, you are being held back as much as possible. You sure do have a calm patience with certain others; more than I would have.

    As you previously mentioned, it "may not even be done in one term"…You were simply honest. You are *genuinely trying! Your heart is in the right place!

  27. I wish I could vote for Obama. He would have been able to bring more change to this country had the GOP not been so corrupt and decided to block everything Obama wanted to pass.

  28. Mr.President
    Your Election campaine 2012 has started by this "2012 Presidential Election" 2011/11/04/
    Just one year before 2012 November 6th,201, Good Luck to you! Hope Americans
    be happy forever! We never forget to your support 3/11 after Fukushima shock all
    Japan people helped by American Friendship.

  29. First difference between Obama and the republicans ?
    You can post a comment and say your opinion here. Rick Perry (not to name him) disabled the comments. That's a huge sign…democracy is the right to speak your mind.
    If I were American, I would vote for him. He's kind of a legend here in France.

  30. @j2201987 Sheeple? The sheeple are the twits who keep voting for this do-nothing moron. It didn't take him long to fall in line, go silent, and give our money away to the banks.

    And no, I'm not a republican. I hate both parties, and what a mess this country has become.

  31. *Colossians 3:23-24 -"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

    … Keep it up, Mr. President!

  32. You wouldn't get the same crowd today sir because you haven't done what you said and CHANGE. Do you want to make real history Next four years actually follow up.

  33. What if a republican won 2008???
    1) still spend billions to catch laden
    2) do friendship with ppl like egypts mubarakk and libyas gadaffi
    3) help big coroprates and the super rich…
    4) GM (home made auto) is gone… GM is running under profit now though they yet hire new..
    America you also have to understand how much obama and bush spent and for waht???

  34. @ireneaura We are so lucky in this country still that we have the opportunity to vote for the person who we think is the best choice for our country, for all of us, not just some of us!

  35. Without the nation behind him the president is just one man. If we want change then we need cannot only elect one man but a government that will work with that man… or woman. I mean, if Hillary runs she has my vote too.

  36. Obama you have my vote, and from all the puertoricans around of our great nation, and we will show you puerto rico wants to become the 51st state of america, VOTE DEMOCRAT TO TAKE BACK THE CONGRESS THE 60 VOTES IN THE SENATE AND TAKE THE HOUSE BACK WITH AT LEAST 275 DEMOCRATS SEATS

  37. I'm in. This man has been honest from day 1. This is the person that deserves to lead our country. God Bless You President Obama.

  38. From TEXAS
    You will go down as one of the Greatest American Presidents of all time! The bucket of bull that you have been given by American "Elitists" in the Congress, they don't realize that most Americans can see how genuine you are and where you Heart is. The more they do this to you the more we see the greatness of your character! The calm and patience that you have is a gift from GOD and I pray that GOD will give us another opportunity. Latinos here in Texas need to go out and vote!

  39. from AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND: If I could vote from here for this President, I sure would! I think we'd love to trade our Prime Ministers for your President lol! he is the best President in the world!! I love your President and I wish him well for his 2nd term as POTUS.. I look forward to seeing him in Australia. No shoes will be tossed at this president, thats for sure hahaha!! oh, memories of the last administration.. classic!

  40. Stand tall and do not let the doubters and naysayers discourage you. Let this go viral and watch the likes and dislikes add up with the winning numbers, in the final tally, on the side of a true patriot who is doing his best to unite a government and the PEOPLE who run it…not just those with money, but ALL of us.

  41. Good god, I hope the Rs don't win. I think Obama has earned a second term but in the next one I hope he goes Bullworth.

  42. OBAMA 2012… america is a secular democracy!!! NOT a christian corporation… time for democrats to fix the country again 🙂

  43. Obama came when bush wasted all American money in war because of Osama and Obama killed him without wasting so much money it's not gonna take a day to create jobs it's gonna take almost a year or more it's not an easy task . From Austria

  44. Whao tHis isn't suppose to happen, did tears just come from my eyes? Oh well… Good speech Mr. President you are an inspiration to us all and I'm am not even from the United States nor do I live there…

  45. Awesome!! I was laid off in December 2008, but became self-employed in January 2012. I make the same pay in half the time, which is PERFECT because I'm a single mother of an 8-yr old. The great things that has happened to me because of this president. The extension of the unemployment has allowed me to maintain paying rent/bills. I was patient, and now I'm working as a self-employed mother AND I LOVE IT. Still not quite middle-class…but I'm working on it.

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