197th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – The Earth Council Constitution Nov 9, 2017

The Keshe Foundation, an independent, non-profit,
non-religious, space-based organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is introducing to humanity the Science of the Universe, Plasma Science Keshe Foundation develops universal knowledge
and space technologies that provide solutions
to major global problems, revolutionizing Agriculture, Health, Energy,
Transportation, Materials, and more. The application
of Plasma Science in the form of specially developed Plasma reactors
and other devices, will give humanity the real freedom
to travel in deep space. Plasma Science exists
throughout the whole Universe. It is here and it belongs to you. Our knowledge, research and development
regarding the Plasma structure has progressed to the point of enabling
everyone to participate in the process. Become a creator and understand
the work of the Universe for the good of humankind on this planet,
as well as in space! The use of MaGravs, Nanomaterials,
GANS, Liquid Plasma, Field Plasma and other Plasma technologies have come as a new dawn
for humanity to progress and work in harmony with the Universe. Conventional technology
applications are wasteful, damaging and cause pollution
to the planet and all living beings. Plasma Science provides solutions
and improves existing methods and use of resources in all aspects
that touch the lives of all beings. Plasma is defined by the foundation
as an entire content of Fields which accumulate
and create matter and it’s NOT defined
by its physical characteristics like ionization or temperature. Also, with Plasma science, we understand how we can convert
matter back to the Fields. Quoting from Mr Keshe, “MaGrav stands for Magnetic-Gravitational,
which means Plasma absorbs or gives. And every Plasma has the both,
it has give and it has take… And when they can’t find the balance
they distance themselves until they find the balance
they can give to the others that they can receive what
they want to receive and give further.” Certain atoms and molecules release and
absorb Magnetic or Gravitational Fields. Released Fields are available
to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way
to gather these free flowing Fields from the environment within
a resourceful and beneficial new state of transitional matter
which M.T. Keshe named ‘GANS’. The first step
of the process of the formation of various basic types of GANS,
is Nano-coating metals. This is carried out
either chemically by etching (steam coating with Sodium Hydroxide) or thermally by heating
(Fire Coating by gas burner). During either coating process, gaps between the outermost
layers of atoms are created. The residual coating is often
referred to as nano-coating, defined by the structured layers
of Nanomaterial, which build up during
the creation process of the coating. Nano-coated metal in interaction
with other various metal plates, in a salt water solution,
creates MaGrav Fields. These Fields then attract available
elements to form a specific GANS, which collects and settles
at the bottom of the container. This GANS is formed from independent
energized molecules (like little suns) that can be used
in various applications. (RC) Welcome everyone, to the
197th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for Thursday, November 9th, 2017. I’m your host Rick Crammond,
and once again we’ll hear from Mr Keshe of the
Keshe Foundation. Today as well, as
Caroline Keshe. And we… I understand we have
a special presentation today, from the Earth Council, regarding the
Earth Council Constitution. And we’re looking forward to that. And I think Mr Keshe is
ready to go for today’s workshop. Mr Keshe are you …
are you present ? (MK) Yes, good morning,
good day to you as usual, wherever
and whenever you listen to these
Knowledge Seekers Workshops. We have extended the
… knowledge to a point, that a lot of people are
expecting the next phase. And they are restless,
that if it is, what it is, How can we do it?
Why can’t we see it? And, it’s taken a Man, to see the Truth
about himself, Millions of years. And now that they see,
they have the intellect, they have the full understanding,
of the Essence of their own Creation, they want to see
the change rapidly. The change will not come so rapidly,
unless we teach more rapidly, that more people understand, that
is a collective work. This time, as a Human race,
irrespective of our color, race, and religion, and creed, and
what we used to call ‘Nationality’. As One Nation, as One Planet.
We have changed all the course. In the past two or three weeks,
if… I’m sure, many of you noticed,
I stop after the teaching. There are… main reason is,
I get exhausted. The… To teach
the depth of the knowledge, and be able to transfer,
and to teach not only in the verbal, but in the Soul level,
takes a lot of energy. Takes enormous amount of
concentration, and at the same time it
needs, not to be disturbed. It needs to be continuous,
it needs to be there, that we don’t go back, in discussion,
back to the terminology of the Physicality. It leaves the Knowledge Seekers
to contemplate, on what was taught,
or what was discussed, what was inspired, that they find
deeper inner being in themselves. A lot of Keshe Foundation followers
don’t like this, because it’s gotta be a Nanomaterial,
is gotta be a GANS, it’s gotta be showing
something with doing. But, in fact, is doing, is building you
to question yourself, is doing more,
than you can think. Is making you to evaluate your
own understanding, of your own knowledge, of your own trust in your
own capabilities and abilities. Which you are always… waived it,
as something, which has happened. You never saw yourself to be,
what we call in English, So ‘deserving’
to Wish and receive. And you always,
“I was lucky, I received.” Now you understand,
“Is my Wish.” “I am in control of my Soul, not in control,
but I can communicate.” “I can allow my soul,
to understand my desire.” Physical. In the future,
we’ll Wish for our Souls, this moment of transition,
we Wish and we like to see it in the physical life,
or seeing that, “My Wish because I’ve said, I did,
has done what I wanted.” In the teaching of Tuesday
I referred to the physical Soul. The Soul of the physical part of the
body of the Man, and the Soul of the Man. And, there are number of questions
people wanted to be explained more. Go back on the Universal,
One language, what… Universal, One Nation, One Planet,
the teachings on Tuesdays, which, the 16th part was
last Tuesday. And I explain some points in there,
because of the question, and discussion,
which was going in the background. We try to put some teachings
on Tuesdays, that it brings, it’s mainly for Universal Council
members to understand more and more about their
position and their work. But, part of it
becomes part of the teaching, so becomes part of
enlightening each others. Listen to it, and then you understand more
about the, what we gonna to discuss today. The beauty of it is, now we are aware,
of our own action in physical Life, in our, respect to our Soul,
to our creator of our Physicality. And, we go in more depth,
we try to understand more and more. But, I try to keep away,
more and more, from systems, manufacturing,
or somebody has done something, with the GANS or whatever,
because we have to evolve. Otherwise, we hang on to
the past. It’s… It’s in a way, deliberate way, trying to,
you to Trust more in yourself. As I always said,
“You’re the last Man standing, what you’re going to do,
what are your Wishes? Or do you decide, that’s it,
I’m alone. I can go?” “Or, you understand, I am who I am,
I am the Soul which I am, and through the development
of the technologies we have shown, In understanding them,
I can create, what I need.” Even, even, if you understood
he creation of Amino Acid. If you only understood
how Amino Acids work, If you understood the teaching
of Health Section, then you have… should have
realized by now, “I can create a partner.” “I can create a partner in
a physical condition or in the Soul, that I can communicate with,
that I’m not alone.” This is where we are evolved into. This is what we become. The story of Adam and Eve, is a story,
which is brought to Humanity, by those who have
traveled the Space. The last Man standing, Adam. Man has reached that point. Man, with this new Technology
is gradually maturing to reality. When your Soul leaves your body,
where is it gonna go ? It becomes the Creator
of new Life. Creating new life, means being able, to
create a Soul, which you can share, a twin. So, if we understood fully,
what the teachings are about, and I’ve gone many, many, times
over the teaching, the last Man standing. Who is the last Man standing? In the history of Man, we called him
‘Adam and Eve’. Adam is the last Man. You
are the last Man in your life. It’s you, who create a condition,
through the change of the Soul, you learn how to inspire your Souls,
how to interact with your Emotions. How to change your Emotion
with Zinc Oxide, or whatever. But now, we
have to step up! Because, this is the direction, which goes
back to the beginning teachings. The last Man standing. The Neutron, the center of
Universe, which on its own, by division of itself, led to
creation of all these Galaxies, and the Suns, and the
Solar Systems and the rest of it. So, this is what the purpose is,
to understand, we are the Creators, our Soul is the
Creator of our Physicality. And if we find, and understand,
to communicate, to find an access to convert
our desires, to become the reality of Physicality of
satisfaction of our physical part. Then we have become the other,
we have become the Creator. The creator of our own lives. We always saw,
to create we need a partner. The partner is our physical Soul,
in respect to our Soul, of all the
Fields of our Creation. I explain this in a very touchy
way, very softly on Tuesday. But we can go deep into it,
as you gain confidence, as you learn more,
as you understand more. At the same time, it has
becomes important for us, to extend the knowledge, of what
we have here, as a physical life. We have billions of us. We have collectively, or deliberately,
or individually have found a way to live. We have have moved
across this Planet. In our knowledge,
we have divided this Planet, to be made of 5 or 6 different parts,
and we have called them ‘Continents’. And each one of us
have moved across this Continent. In olden days, was very hard to go
from one to another. It takes centuries for Man to move from one hill
to another, to next hill and the rest. Now we travel on this Planet,
of this Planet in hours. We have developed
technologies to do. Then we understand
what we changed, we made Nations are worthless.
So we made One Nation. Back to the origin, back to the
Essence of the Creation of this Planet, which is One Nation,
One Planet, One Race. And this, has led us, very much
like what we said, “the Field create a Plasma. ” The Plasma in transition,
become the Source, and in the Source,
then it re-gives Fields, that they release in a strength,
to Creation of Matter. And then, up to now, we are happy
that we had the Matter. Now we have learned, that we
disassociate the Matter and go back, and make the Plasma and the Fields,
that we decide what everything to be. Now we understand,
we’re all the same. We’re all made of one thing,
and that’s, collection of Fields, which always can
accommodate, they do not need to enforce. In this process of development, Human race
has moved to these sections of the World, and we call them
‘Continents’. And to go back from the
Solid-State into the Plasma, that we start becoming Fields
and all become one again, we have developed, what we call,
the ‘Earth Council’, to make One Nation out of
the whole Planet. Means One Race, which means,
in a coming time, Mankind will speak as one,
in the Universal Community, Mankind will make decision
as one. We’ve seen today, a beautiful move,
very encouraging move. President Xi of China and
President Trump of United States. Both excellencies meeting in China
and talking about the Peace. Talking about how they have tied up the
World into economical position, and maybe the dialog for
Peace can strengthen. There is a lot of soul,
there is a lot of move in the background. It’s the Wish, we have, we have
in our power to Wish more, to in a way, to allow our Souls
to get in touch, to be. Touch with the Soul of these leaders, that
we steer the Mankind through the knowledge knowing that their Peace Loving
is more stronger than the war mongering and
destroying life. To push and through,
in a way, encourage the Soul of the World leaders
to go in that direction. Is beautiful what we’ve seen today,
compared to 9 months, 10 months ago, what was coming from
other direction. Now is the
talk of finding solution, not destroying, not fighting,
not…. no more wars, 24 hours meeting of two
leaders, will lead to more Peace talks. To release, to more confidence
in building bridges, because they realizing, more and more, commerce creates Trust, and
creates Peace, not war and not military. So, for this reason, maybe it’s coincidental,
that today, in the Earth Council, which is going to be taking over these
present World leaders in a coming time, in decision making, in supporting
the Human race on this Planet, are releasing their Constitution. This is important. This is a dynamic system,
where Mankind can add to, as it changes for the benefit
of Mankind. You might see some striking things in this,
but in 5, 10, 20 years time says, “It’s in the Constitution. They knew it’s gonna
happen, you have to Trust.” We know it’s happening,
and you are part of it. This Constitution is not for the
future, it’s for today. And, what we do, what we have,
what we Trust in, will become, and has become the beginning
of the Peace process, as One Nation. There’s a Peace Conference in China,
7th, 8th and 9th, 126 nations attending. And is not coincidental. We listen to what Earth Council
has brought out, as a Constitution for
Human Race on this Planet. And in the future, this becomes the
corner stones, of the modern civilization, a Peaceful Nation,
as a Human Race. Do we have any members
of the Earth Council, who would like to share a screen,
and let us see for the first time, the new Constitution
for Human Race, please? (RC) I’ve been given the
document, so I’ll open that. (MK) Do we have the member of the Council,
any of them who’d like to start, please? (LM) Hi Mr Keshe, it’s Lisa here. (MK) Please, would you like to introduce yourself
and give us some knowledge about you, and then, we carry on
with the others. (LM) … It’s Lisa, and I am the
Earth Council member for Australia. And I’d just like to say that, this Constitution
has been drafted by all of the members, and I don’t think, that we could have done this,
even 6 months ago, without Mr Keshe’s teachings, and that deeper understand of
ourselves, and where we’re going has allowed us
to create this document. And … it took a lot of thought,
and a lot of understanding to… to get where we are, and I’m sure
it’s going to change in the future, but … it’s… it’s something, that we are
now creating what we want to see in the World, and this is the first step. Because, if you… if you don’t see it,
you can’t create it, and this what we Wish. So, this is how we going to create,
what we need to create. I don’t see anything there, Rick. (RV) … I’m here… (RC) … You should be able… Should be able
to see it on the screen-share? (LM) Just see a bit…
(RV) I am here Lisa. (LM) Are you there Rodrigo ? (RV) Yes, I am. (RV) The moment I was open I
my Internet worked, turn on. Okay. Hello everyone.
I am Rodrigo Vildosola member of the Earth Council,
and we’ve been working, creating this Constitution, and if you allow me
I’m gonna read it to all of you. The Constitution,
the Earth Council has been created, to guarantee, that by give
equal rights to all beings, there shall never
be another conflict, or war on this Planet and beyond, by any
and amongst all created beings and citizens. The end of war and establishment of Peace
will be achieved through the understanding
of the potential of all created beings. The path forward of Peace,
must be to bring the understanding that solutions are achieved through dialogue and elevation of
the soul, or the opponent rather than through degradation, or demeaning
another Soul or physical existence. Peace has to be
the attempted goal of every move of existence of
every being on this Planet. The Council will be
the flag bearer of this motion to create an environment
where Peace can be achieved on Earth. Peace amongst those who are from this Planet
and/or choose to live on this Planet, as well as for those who are
from Earth and choose to live in Space. Earth has to become the Blue Planet of Peace
and Cradle of Peace for / and of the evolution of all races. Can you scroll up,
a little bit please … Rick? Thank you. We, the Earth Council, acknowledge
that Earth is part of the Solar System, Galaxy, Universe
and all the Unicos. As such, the Planet Earth needs
to become part of the cycle of Creation by supporting the Planet
and all the beings that live on her to elevate themselves
past the current cycle of evolution to a more fulfilling
and Peaceful existence. We acknowledge Mother Earth as itself
a living entity that has her own Soul.>From every atom, to plants, animals,
Humans, insects, microbes and more, and all those yet to
be discovered are Souls which share the Essence of Creation
as well as the Fields of Planet Earth. Together we combine to make
up the collective Soul of the Planet. Can you … move it?
Thank you Rick. We acknowledge all other beings
on this Planet need to be supported, nurtured and allowed to thrive in Peace,
including animals, plants, ecosystems and other unseen beings,
as well as Mother Earth herself. All will be supported to grow and thrive,
as this will in turn enhance the lives, not only on this Planet, but all of Totality,
as we acknowledge we are part of the whole. Mutual cooperation, collaboration, sharing
and contribution to the well-being of all should be the core
undertaking of the Earth Council. Our aim is to support the Planet as a whole
and every being that lives here. We will serve to create an environment
of nurturing and harmony in which all beings may grow
and thrive in their own unique way. Can you move it …
Rick please? Thank you. Six Members of the Earth Council Each Continent of Earth
is represented by one member, those being Africa, Asia, Australia,
Europe, North America and South America. Each member represents the needs and Wishes
of the peoples who live on their Continent, as well as the Totality
of beings that reside there. Selection process. Members, must have lived on at least two
Continents and speak at least two languages This allows for a wider
perspectives of understanding, when dealing with taking the needs
of all Humanity into account. Clarity of Souls. The six members of the
Earth Council are here to serve from the understanding of their Souls,
through the manifestation of Physicality. Earth Council Mandate. To support and serve,
provide and protect. Bring our Souls understanding
as beings on Earth The power is within to govern oneself,
with the interaction of oneself and other Souls, in the realm of coexisting throughout Creation
here on Earth and the entire Universe. Our Intentions. Bring out the best of the best in every
living Soul on this Blue Planet we call Earth. Give our Soul’s manifestation
in Physicality. The freedom to live in Peace, Love and Trust
on this Planet and in Space. Our Wishes. For all living beings in Creation to
dwell in Peace, Harmony and Tranquility. It is time to access and share resources in equality,
in a fair and just manner amongst all beings. The Earth Council will serve and support
to provide all being with the following: Freedom of association. Freedom of expression. Freedom of movement. Freedom from hunger. Freedom from lack of resources. Freedom to explore the path
to understanding our own Soul. Freedom to learn. Freedom to contribute to society according
to our talents and what we find fulfilling. Freedom to to choose
when to end our physical manifestation. Freedom from being the property of another. Freedom from all
suppression of new and innovative technology and
information for Peaceful applications. Freedom to share. Freedom of thinking. Can you move a little bit more?
Rick please. I can cover. Freedom to love and give. Freedom of choice. Freedom of language. Freedom from
a monetary system. Freedom from punishment.
No captivity and execution. Freedom from conflict and war. Freedom from fear of
others denying us these freedoms. There shall be no borders, no distinction
between colors, races, or paths of belief, no cultural bias or monetary barriers
which divide one from another or give unfair advantage
to one over the other. There shall be no hereditary titles
or inherited leadership roles which encompass kingship,
family dictatorship or royalty of any title. There will be no fear
of punishment from any crime. Abolish all forms of imprisonment
and capital punishment. Elevate the Souls of those who did wrong,
through education and sharing knowledge of the Soul level,
all Human beings will educate themselves. Punishment has no place
for the Soul level in the understanding
of it’s own Field-Strength There is no need for a monetary system which
exchanges goods and services for work. We will create an environment
where money has no place. When all our physical needs
are easily taken care of, work is done to bring
pleasure to others and ourselves. There shall be no poverty or scarcity
as all physical needs will be met. No monetary value
placed on anything. The end of the monetary system will
bring the era of healthy Human beings and True Love between
all on this Blue Planet Earth. Working should be for the pure joy of it, to serve others and elevate
the Soul of others as well as ourselves. All those who wish to serve
as decision makers and guides can offer to serve with their Soul’s
understanding and gain the consent of others, that they
may fulfill the required role. Elevation of understanding will allow us
to acknowledge the unique Field-Strengths of a Soul that will allow them to serve for
the benefit of others and elevate all Humanity. These people will serve to
enlighten and inspire elevation in others. Leadership comes from the Soul of Man
and with the agreement of others to serve. We respect all
shapes and forms of all entities on this
Blue Planet Earth and beyond. Can you move it up? Rick? Okay. Every being on the Planet
shall be afforded the same freedoms. Those being freedom to
live in Peace with all others in an environment
of mutual dignity and respect. All shall have the freedom of choice
to live in the manner they desire, as long as consideration
and respect is given to others. All beings on the Planet should be supported
to enable them to live without scarcity. Basic access to shelter,
water, food, safety, materials and freedom on energy Field use
(Earth or Universal resources) should be a priority, as well as Peace and
stability to allow for… for Emotional well-being and
the pursuit of enlightenment. All diversity is acknowledged as unique
and diverse expressions of the Creator and will be embraced and celebrated
as bringing richness to our lives. Every being should be supported
and encouraged to gain knowledge. Humanity in particular, needs Freedom
to explore and understand this knowledge, which can only be gained without
the need to constantly work to survive. Creating the tools to become independent,
self-responsible Humans must be a priority. The Soul of beings will dictate and and govern
in a responsible (Just, correct, fair) way of life, for the benefit of
all Creation in equal measures. For the first time in Man’s history,
with free will from the Soul level, learning will start out how to
know the Soul from infancy. When, natural disasters unfold, we must
come to the aid of all beings in the area, showing no favor, and supporting all. This includes understanding
the ecosystem of the Planet and what all beings
need in their cycle of Life. All beings will have access and share resources
in time of abundance and disaster. When, conflict arises, we must negotiate
a Peaceful outcome for all parties, all Humanity must
be given an enduring Peace. This is only achievable when all
parties needs are taken into consideration. All beings deserve protection
from harm to their Physicality and Emotion. Decision Making Process. No majority will impinge (infringe)
on the freedoms of any minority. Consensus will be achieved through dialogue
and the elevation of the Soul of the Man. Any decision
must be of benefit to all. Every being will be respected,
fair, and equal in all aspects. The Souls of beings will govern
every action in a Peaceful manner. Bringing Peace to the Planet and
all who live here must always be our goal. Serving the needs of all
is the only way to achieve this. Invitation. Come all beings from the smallest
to the largest of Creation to celebrate, to taste and to embrace the Peace,
Love, Trust and freedom. All beings are here to raise
the highest level of Human and all consciousness
(elevation of Souls). All Souls, put down all weapons of aggression,
hatreds and differences. Let us have Peace and tranquility
on this Blue Planet we call, ‘Earth’. All living beings will live
in harmony with all Creations on this Blue Planet we call ‘Earth
and throughout the entire Universe. Guiding principles
of physical conduct are appropriate, until the Souls of Men
understand their operation and position inside the boundary
of the Universal principles. The Soul deserves to know everything
on different levels of Creation. All living Souls have
the freedom of equality to live in Peace and thrive
here on Earth and beyond. The Soul of all beings
will bring out the best of talents, strengths and beauties to
share and flourish throughout Creation. Take back the power. The power of the Souls
to govern all living beings here on Earth. Power is not lying on
any leaders or entities for the purpose of controlling
or domination of others but comes from within us to Love and give
(Peace, Love, Bliss and Freedom) to others. This Earthly Constitution
has the best intention of / for Peace, Love, Trust and Freedom
of Souls of all livings beings, including other entities
throughout Creation. This Constitution is to empower
all beings to do the correct thing with the pleasure to
work and to serve alongside and with other Souls to
see the beauty in Creation. This Constitution is fluid and may be
adjusted at any time, as the need arises, for example, Man’s conduct of / for Peaceful coexisting,
Peace Treaties between Man and Man (no wars and / or any shape or form of
aggression on this Blue Planet we call ‘Earth’) and contact with other entities
from different areas of the Universes. Addendum. This section is intended to be blank
for additional amendments in the future as needed to maintain permanent Peace
on this Blue Planet Earth and beyond. Thank you all. Written by the Souls
of the people of the Blue Planet Earth. Represented by the members
of the Earth Council. Beautiful.
Thank you all. (MK) Thank you very much. Now, Humanity has
a new Constitution to work on. Any word from any
other member of the Council please? (WN) Hello Mr Keshe
and Hello everyone this is Wayne … North America Hello everyone.
Can you hear me? (MK) Yes, Good morning Wayne. (WN) Good morning … as…
as you heard … this Constitution … This is for everyone not just … for every Humanity,
Human beings on this… this Earth. So, right now’s…
is a the beautiful time to be … It take… it taked us about 3 months
already to come up with this, since August 2nd, 2017 and
now it is Novembers 9, 2017. So, is… is time to… to embrace with one another
and share the joys and happiness, that we are here to… to live, but
to… not to survive only but to… to thrive and to… to share som…
whatever we have … … in this physical environment
that we live in. But beyond that,
is the Soul level, is unlimited. And, my Wish is every breathing Entity
on the space of this Earth will look at this. This is in English but it will be translated at least,
at least the end of this week, probably at least 20 languages
and then end of the years probably into
the 100’s of languages. The language of this Constitution
is very simple, straight to the Heart and the Soul
of Man, Woman, Children, animal, even the… to the smallest
dust or particle. And this is so wonderful
to have and it’s… And here… here it is for the Humanity.
Thank you (MK) Thank you very much. Does any other member of the Universal Coun…
Earth Council would like to speak? We have, more or less, 5 members of
the Earth Council, except Dr Parvis who’s responsible for
North American Continent. Alexz would you like to say anything
if you have access to microphone? Can we connect with Alexz …? Hello…
(AE) … I’m… Hello Mr Keshe. (MK) Hello good morning, how are you?
(AE) Good morning. (MK) Would you like
to introduce yourself? (AE) … My name is Alexz Egbaran,
from … Nigeria, I am the representative of
the Earth Council in Africa. And then … I am very happy about
this Constitution which … we formed in the recent past and I hope …
the whole Humanity is going to follow up and then observe the Constitution as it’s been
… it’s been written and that’s all. (MK) Simple and short. (AE) Yes. (MK) Dr Parviz is not with us,
I don’t see him on the panel. He’s working very hard in his ways
to bring a lot of Peace in different part of the World
the way he sees. I represent the Earth Council for Europe,
as a replacement till a mem…. permanent manag… member
has been elected or selected. As a member of the Earth Council
it’s very easy. A lot of these, what we see, is a God
given right for every Human being. It needs a lot of understanding
of the Totality, especially when you read part of it,
where it says, for example, “No imprisonment,
no punishment and no execution.” As I’ve said many times, I don’t
understand why a Man sees end of physical life as a freedom
for them to do what they like after that. And, in so many ways,
Elevation of the Soul of the Man, should teach us a lot,
that we can elevate the Souls in a way that we reach to the point
that we’ll never have prisoners, and we will never have
the wrongdoers to become prisoners. We will never have, by teaching the Soul
from the beginning the correct way, the point that we see the Physicality as
a end for freedom of the Soul of the Man. This is against and opposite to whatever
we’ve been taught up to now. This is against all the ways
which we have been brought up, to destroy that it confirms,
we can exist. To silence that we can
do what we like. But, on the other hand,
in the recent past history of Mankind, we have seen the examples of it,
27 years of imprisonment of Mandela, did not turn the fire of freedom
for South Africans. Putting him in prison did not …
[microphone open ~ sound inaudible] but it allowed a lot of people around
the World to come together to understand and collectively it worked to get
the freedom for Blacks in South Africa, in their own homeland. We seen this
in many ways across the World. Imprisoning is not a solution.
Elevation of the Soul is. Not having fear of punishment, brings
a lot of pleasure because then, it means, “I have evolved, I have educated myself
enough and I don’t do anything wrong to have fear to be punished.” In all the teachings of the past
in the Prophet of the past, we see nothing but
fear of punishment. “Do wrong, we cut your hand.”
“Do wrong you pay to the box.” “You do wrong, you do this.”
“You do wrong that’s the punishment”>From now on we elevate the Soul of the Man
to the level that he’ll never do wrong. It looks like unbelievable,
but you have to understand, as you raise the Soul of the Man,
as you raise the Emotion of the Man, Man will achieve and
it’ll come to that point. Punishment has never worked.
Elevation of the Soul has always brought prosperity for the others
to live a comfortable Life. We don’t need to worry about resources,
which is written in the Constitution. Man should be free. Man should be able to teach, to learn,
to work, out of the pleasure to serve. “I go to the factory to build the light bulb
that the others enjoy, that they can read in pleasure, they can
have a light that they can see.” These things at the moment, the way
we have been minded over centuries, looks to be unbelievable but,
in the coming time, when you have own system at home
to create your energy, your food, your heat and everything else,
one thing will happen, you get bored of sitting home
and doing nothing. And when you come out, everybody’s
there to help and support and serve you. Then, you realize,
what can I do to serve them? This is the beauty of the development of
the Soul of the Man, with this Constitution. It set the mind, it set the Soul and shows
the feeling of the Soul of the Planet, and the Physicality of the Man
will follow. We don’t wait for disasters to come that
we can help, we help from the beginning and then disasters comes,
“it was just another ‘event’, which we just passed
without harm.” Will be a process that
we’ll all be educated to the knowledge of the Soul of the Man
and does not need University, does not need the classes at schools,
does not need any physical interaction to teach the physical Life. We will learn everything
to do with the Physicality, but we learn through
the language of the Soul. We have, we will have the fear
of not being to serve good, we haven’t done
to the best of our ability. we won’t have the fear of,
“I’ll be punished.” or “I lose.” We choose our own level of understanding,
we choose our own level of living. We would like to live the way we like to live,
and who will help us to live. Collective correctness through the Soul
will be the pattern of life. With this new Constitution, in a way,
this is the wishes of the Prophet of the present. Which means if you read, it’s a law book,
is the new blueprint. As bible has been a blueprint for the
Christians and Qur’an for the Muslim. This is a blueprint for Human Race. Freedom from everything
which Man likes to be free from. But at the same time no understanding,
there shall be no infringement, but to be able
to be there to serve. If you’re called upon. When you can have whatever you like,
and you’re correct in doing what is need to be done,
this ends the kingship. No one to be head of the other,
no one collect taxes by the fear of the others, that I’m better. Ends up with a fair, just
and collective work. At the beginning, gradually as people,
more and more people have the freedom to do what they like,
in a way to serve, then we’ll see new social structure,
new social understanding, new ways of living, but…
promotion of the Soul of the Man, will be the key to the change of the
work of this Planet. “I refuse to work where they can make
something that somebody can be harmed.” There’ll be no arm deals,
there’ll be a lot of ‘good things deals’. We have set the procedure for World Peace,
and we have the technology, the understanding, and now
the mass movement to achieve it. In a coming time we’ll
announce, how gradually we put everything in order,
that it can be done. We will not ask for International banking,
we set up our own Banking System, that everybody can call upon
what they need. In a short time, we will deliver systems
through the Keshe Foundation, the financial arm of the Universal Council
and the Earth Council, that every Man can have access to
as much as they need. To be able to live a Life,
but understanding, if they take so much and they don’t put in,
there is not much for them they can take out. Collective awareness,
that it leads to the Peace, is the cornerstone of this development,
and with it, now that the Constitution is completed,
and we worth for the Ethos, of the Universal Council, to be submitted
in next few days or few weeks. Again, on the Thursday morning hopefully,
then the two will work together, and the process of World Peace starts. I thank all the members of the Earth Council,
a lot of time has been put on it. But in fact, you member of the Earth Council,
your job has just started. You have written your laws,
now you have to implement it. You have written the way
you see the Mankind has to go, you have to encourage,
teach and enhance, the understanding of this teaching,
and the Constitution. Those who are the followers of
the Keshe Foundation, it’s for you to make sure
every Man understands their right. A video was made,
to be presented today, in one of the largest
International Peace conferences. And, is in the background,
and it takes about 15-20 minutes- Those of you who want to understand
from the beginning, what it means to be part,
or understand the work of the Foundation, refer to that video,
the links will be put on. And in so many ways,
it tells you from our physical life, to the aim of the Keshe Foundation. That video will be attached
to this Constitution, It’s essential for us to understand,
to see the cycle, to understand the process. Any comments by anybody else
regarding this, before we go to the next step? (GM) Hello Mr Keshe,
this is Gatua from Kenya. I’d like to say that … we welcome this
new Constitution for the… for our Planet. For many, for many years there has been
wars, that have always been unnecessary. There has been hidden knowledge,
to Mankind and a lot of confusion. I hope, and I’m sure that
this new Constitution brings to this Planet
a new beginning for all. And in saying “all”,
I do not mean only Humans. As the Constitution so clearly says,
it includes all beings of this Universe. I thank all those who took part, …
who wrote this, put their minds into this very creative
and very Peaceful … item, Constitution. And I very much welcome it
with my Soul. Thank you very much indeed,
Mr Keshe, for teaching us. And Caroline for her… ever support,
forever, always supportive, of our work. And for all those who seek knowledge,
under the Keshe Foundation, and the Keshe Foundation
Spaceship Institute. Thank you very much indeed. That’s all I have to share. (RC) Okay, looks like
Boniface had his hand up and, has a question or something to say,
I’ll allow him to talk. Hello Boniface, can you,
can you hear us? Can you speak there now? You have to …
unmute your microphone. Hello? (BB) Hello can you hear me?
(RC) Hello Bon… Yes, go ahead. (BB) Can you hear me? (RC) Yes go ahead.
(BB) Thank you Rick. …Ce from California, and … I bring Peace and Love and …
honor to all the Souls in the Core. I just want to thank the, the Earth Council
for … putting this document together, you know, it says
the second of August when the One Nation,
One Planet, One race was ushered in. … I’ve been looking forward to …
something like this, you know, our blueprint for governance,
or if you have a, you know One… [inaudible] One World government
… it needs some template, by which you gonna government so
I’m glad to see that … this has materialized. And … I look forward to the
implementation. My question … is, … if we have any thoughts, any ideas,
any suggestions regarding this document, what is the … the mechanism for …
submitting that, because … I saw somewhere in there that …
whatever changes are necessary will be made as … as required and …
who to whom and where do we send these suggestions as,
as we’re aware of it now or in the future? (RC) Well that’s a good question,
also people are wondering if the document is available to …
download or access at this time as well? Is it complete and will it be available
to the public … at some location? (MK) It’ll be available most probably
as of today on the Keshe Foundation website. The Earth Council has it’s own email address,
own communication line. … Do we have the webmasters in the
background, they can tell us where to go? (SC) [email protected]
This is the email address which can receive. (MK) [email protected]?
(SC) theearthcouncil.org, I also put it out in chat for [Inaudible].
(MK) Can you put it on the screen please? (SC) Yes.
I will prepare. (MK) Would you like to share the screen
or put it on the screen? (SC) I will immediately
as I have it written. (BB) Okay, thank you very much and again,
Mr Cash, I mean Mr Keshe, thank you for bringing us to this point,
… bringing us this far. And … but … I think that our work
has, has just begun, in a sense. (MK) … could you share that link
with us please … Klaus … Vince? (RC) Stanley I think.
(MK) Stanley … (SC) Here it is.
(MK) [email protected] The Earth Council is
registered as a organization. And it’ll follow the work,
in the same pattern. There is those who are to do the work of
what you see, goes to the Earth Council. And those to do with the Soul of the Man
goes to theuniversalcouncil.org. Any other comments, or any other notes? (AG) May I speak Mr Keshe? (MK) Pardon? (AG) May I speak? (MK) Can you speak louder? (AG) I said, “May I speak?” (MK) Yes who’s that? (AG) Armen? (MK) Yes Mr Armen Guloyan
would you like to introduce yourself? (AG) My name is Armen Guloyan,
and I’m one of the Core Team. (MK) Yes, a Core Team,
a member of the directors of the Keshe Foundation International,
Global System. And one of the hard working members
of the Keshe Foundation. Carry on Armen.
(AG) Thank you. I wanna add one sentence,
in whole, that paragraph. That each Soul
should be Truthful to his own Soul. (MK) Souls are always Truthful,
they don’t need to be Truthful to their own Soul. Is the Physicality which lies. (AG) That’s my wish.
(MK) In the Soul, and the Soul has
to carry the shame of it. (AG) When I say … Soul,
that mean Physicality, it comes with it. So, that’s what I meant. (MK) I know what you mean. (AG) That’s very easy. Then all the problems will go away. That’s what I wanna add. (MK) You’re like me,
write to [email protected] (AG) (chuckles) Okay. (MK) No preferences anywhere,
even I have to write to them. (AG) I will. (MK) Thank you very much. (AG) Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) Thank you Armenjan.
Any other comment? I think this line of contact has to be
put on that, at the bottom of that page, where it says any amendments, for any
please contact [email protected] It should be in that … PDF file.
If the members of the Council can add to it and make it available
to the webmasters to be placed on the website of
the Keshe Foundation. Any other comments?
Or any other wishes? What I think we have to do, is to bring
this Constitution into all our teaching, and go through it line by line,
and see how we can implement it. In most of the teachings
especially the workshops, the video which has been developed by
the Keshe Foundation by the head of the Keshe Foundation Ella,
… for this purpose which supports Peace, will be added as a link to this paper.
And it explains a lot, why we are learning, why we have gone
through the process of this method of learning. That through it we enlighten our Soul,
and we understand our position. In a way, maybe in the future,
we teach our children, our offsprings, about the existence of the Soul
and the responsibility of the Soul, that they’d make a decision
in how they want to serve their Physicality, that their Soul sees best
for that life. Than us putting them
like a herd of cattles in a room, and forcing them
to learn about the history of Man, how he killed the others and what they can,
and how they were successful in killing. Strange is, I wonder in a coming time,
how many Nations will elaborate on their history of the past,
and how the education history books will change in the schools? Does not matter
which part of the World you are in, the history’s taught to the children
that we were the best, we are the conquerors,
we did this and we did that. None will say,
“We are the one who brought Peace, created the condition of Peace,
and these are the things we achieved through Peaceful movement.” And then we’ll see where we go. In so many ways, we have been forced
to accept war as a common thing because somebody thought, “We better do
that I can show I’m more powerful.” Let’s see, now
that this Constitution is released, how we as Keshe Foundation supporters,
we elevate the Soul of those who we consider need supporting,
that it can bring change in our lives. We see the father, the husband, the wife,
their friends, the work condition, the boss, the priest, the Imam,
the head of the Nation, needs elevation that we elevate them,
that through it, our Soul finds his Peace. This is the way to go,
this is how it should be. And, collectively we’ll go into that moment,
collectively now that the whole motion of the Peace has been set,
now we can do. Don’t forget, there is an old say,
“I know, how and I can, and I will achieve.” We have the knowledge and the know how,
we have the will to see the Peace through, and we will achieve Peace. Anything else Rick before
we go into the teaching part? (RC) Well I believe that Caroline
would like to have the … … information from Ta,
Tom Salas, would that be appropriate now,
or would you like to… ? (MK) Go ahead, yes
please and then we go in that way. (RC) Okay is Caroline available?
Or I can show the … pictures. (CdR) Yes, yes I’m here Rick. (RC) Can you read the …
the part from Tom and then I’ll show the pictures
or how do you want to do that? (CdR) Yeah, I can move
towards the text and… but then I cannot
follow the pictures. So if … (MK) You, do you want
to use my laptop, Caroline? (CdR) Yep, I’m gonna come up.
Just one second, Rick. (RC) Okay. (MK) You got, you got to
realise what these pictures are. Tom Salas has moved into Dominica
regarding the … hurricane they had. He was there two years ago when another
happened and it destroyed most of the … (transmission loss) (RC) Ups, I think we lost Mr Keshe,
right when I shared the screen strangely enough. (MK) Every time you share
a video I get kicked out, it’s okay. (RC) Yeah and vice versa too.
(MK) (laughing) Okay. So what we see
it is what’s coming Dominican today, a month, more or less, after the…
the hurricane hitting the island. It’s nothing but scene of devastation. … he just landed there on
Sunday, Monday and these are the first
pictures we are receiving from him. … how we going to support, how we going to
develop conditions, we’ll structure it
in the coming time. We have allocated 40,000 Euro in support of
the Keshe Foundation movement in, in the islands,
that we can do something. We can not change
physical damages like this. But beyond this,
a lot of Souls have been hurt, a lot of people need a lot
of elevation of Soul, that they can bypass
these conditions. And we’ll see, there are
some good news at the bottom. Just wait.
I’ll give the phone to Caroline. (CdR) You…
You can hear me Rick? (RC) Yes, kind of we hear
a bunch of rustling, but … we hear you’re there,
yes indeed it’s clear now. (CdR) It’s the change of microphones,
(laughing) Sorry. (RC) Yeah. It’s always the transitions
that are difficult in life, eh? (CdR) Okay. These are the very, very
devastating pictures and they’re only a few. And in his text he says, “I have not even been able to
go to the worst part of the island. So this, if this is looking bad you can
imagine what the other side will show.” But he has managed to
make his way up to there. And he says,
“it’s very badly affected.” So he says, ” You can only know
what those people have experienced. It is so sad and only here and there,
some green is starting to come back.” “On the lower lever,”
where he’s showing now. And then he…
if you go up Rick. “Beyond these bad pictures
I send you another picture.” Go up. These are all what is on his path,
people are cleaning, trying to fix. Yes, this is, “Here is a little example”
he says “of our garden in the mountains. “The Plasma really seems to have created
a protective shield over the garden, because we had over
200 miles of, per hour winds, and there are still flowers in the garden,
and this is truly amazing.” And if you go down
I send quiet a few. And this is around
the house of his mom where he was working
so intensively. Tom, after the last storm
where he really became a Knowledge Seeker, and putting whatever
he learned into action. And even the birds are coming
around to have some food. And he says,
“You can see the contrast,” “between our garden and
some other parts of the island.” And I don’t, I put the message
through to Rick and I said “This is absolutely amazing.” (RC) Yes, I think he mentioned
that there is actually, I think you can see here
there’s actually grapefruits left in the tree, which would … if you
see most of the pictures of Dominica the trees are just flattened,
the actual leaves are ripped off of virtually every tree,
and the limbs and so on but the,
the leaves are just ripped. I don’t know how a grapefruit
would survive in such a circumstance but it’s sure makes
the birds happy, apparently. (CdR) This is exactly
what was in his last message that he says, “If you see my first message
and you look at the damage, and then you scroll down
to the difference between. The Plasma has been sprayed,
so much Love and protection. And it has passed the same
devastating storm below as above and it is,
not been touched.” I will receive pictures later on.
I know Tom is on the other side. He says he can not come into Zoom
because the uploading or downloading is way to high
for him to be present, but maybe Vince can pick him up in…
or through Facebook, I don’t know. But I know he is present, Tom. And he usually can
pop up through messenger, and he leaves me
all this beautiful information, and this is amazing. When I saw the pictures
it is absolutely unbelievable. He has worked an create and passed
all the Fields throughout the gardens because I have the previous footage
from him when he was planting and showing and watering
and how he was healing plants. I’ll pass you back to Mr Keshe. If you can get Tom online
it would be very great but I think Mr Keshe
has more to explain. Thank you very much Rick. (MK) As we see this is part of
an amazing picture and … even that red plant is standing
in 200 miles an hour wind, has a history for itself, but this is what
most probably we learn, more and more. We allow the coexistence of the wind,
the cycles of the Planet, and the plants and animal Life
to live a normal Life. This is the beauty of the
change, which you look to come. We can not
blow away hurricanes. We can not
blow away typhoons. These are the part of
the cycle of the existence. It’s like interfering
with the neighbors garden. With creating these Fields
the way it’s been done. It’s a clear proof,
clear, clear indication, that each Planet, each plant
on his own has his own Life, even though the wind,
the storm had passed. Life can not be all the time so rosy, but we can create conditions
that clearly shows everything else needs
to be done, can be done. The way we have changed the environment
of these plants and the flowers, you can change the
environment of the Human Race. Does not matter what
the storm passes, they still survive, They still be there with a different kind of
emotion than the suffering. And this is a very
clear, clear indication. I watched these, a couple of years ago,
as he was sending pictures through, that he was encouraging people to set up,
and farms like this and now we see it. And this is an amazing picture
in the devastation which is there. And let’s see what comes
up, see more what we can do, and he’s moved in there
to deliver the technology. Not to deliver patches,
to do anything else. That the people can take over
and live a normal Life, and the next Life
to be much comfortable than this. If we can prove, we can do it to ourself,
then we can do it for the others too. And this is how the change will come. We’ve done same in Togo with a Peace
within the Nation, and as we said, we have offered Peace, technology in
exchange for Peace, to the Nation and we will, as we are committed, we will
deliver to see the change. That we elevate the whole Nation,
education wise and others. And this is important
for us to see. Is … Paul in the background,
if he can… will fill us with the information,
what’s happening with Togo? These are part of the works which we have
taken up and it is the job we have done. It’s job we, our Souls has done,
as the Keshe Foundation. And, we see the changes,
small changes but in a very big move. In the coming time
you will see changes huge, drastic changes in different ways
as we expand the knowledge, the Peace
and other works. Is Paul there,
or can he speak? (RC) … He’s on the list… Paul can you
unmute yourself and see if you can talk? (MK) Your decision.
(RC) I’ll try to.. get him, I’m not sure if he has been. He has troubles with that,
but it’s always unsure what happens then… Okay. I’m not able to unmute him actually (MK) He’s hung onto his headphone.
He doesn’t want, let go . (SC) In new version of the Zoom,
he needs to confirm. Like he’s unmuted,
he needs to confirm. So, that he’s not behind computer,
then he doesn’t see. (RC) Hello Paul can you..?
(PY ) Hello,? (RC) Hi, Hi Paul, Have you got a good connection?
(PY) How are you? (RC) Yes, we hear you. (PY) Ah, okay. So I am on the, on the town
to check what’s is went on, because today is the last, 3rd day for …
manifestation, so there is not of noise and … everything is okay here, … that
their no … there is no… … there is no blockage here,
… Life is there, Peace is there. Everything is going to normal. And … there is no difference between this
day and the, the normal days. And … what we had also
observe yesterday, was also amazing. Where we see people manifested with
army hand in hands, and … they were… they are dancing, they are
playing the party on the road. This is a (inaudible) maturity
that population have reached now and I want to thank everyone for
supporting Peace, supporting by his Soul. We really see the manifestation of
this Peace here. Thank you. (MK) Thank you very much.
Any other question or any other comments? (JG) Yes Mr Keshe, can I come in, Please? (MK) Yes, please. (JG) Hello, my name Jalal, I am Knowledge
Seekers and I will say, I am very proud and I am very happy to hear, I am
the first who hear this magic words for the new Constitution of Peace and I
will like to say, that it’s not new work, but it is a New Party.
Party with Love. And, I am really joyful to be part of it.
Thank you Mr Keshe. (MT) Thank you very much. Any other comment or question? The process of understanding the new
knowledge, which gains the more we understand,
the more confidence we have, the more we can work with it, that we see
that we are the tool of the Peace. We are part of it and if it’s our
intention, it has to be as part of the change which we wish for the
whole Humanity. As part of our knowledge we learn and we
gain, Is any time we wish, to… for … elevation of the Soul, but we think
in the background to our own benefit “What’ll bring us?
What it is?” “I like to have the Peace, because
with it then I can do this and that.” You’ll find out that.
this Wish will never happen. “I want Peace, my Wish is Peace, because
with Peace, I can have a beautiful life.” that Wish would never come. The Wish has to come what it gives to the
other, otherwise you become it selfs… self centered, self Wishing,
self-processing entity. A lot of people say,
“We made a lot of Wishes.” I make a lot of Wishes,
but “doesn’t happen.” The Wish will happen when it is of the
Strength of the reality of what it needs to be
to happen. What this mean is that,
I can Wish whatever I like, but in my giving from my Soul, are
other Souls happy to be in that position? That accommodates everyone
to be elevated. In some many ways, a Wish has to be, part of the structure of
the Soul of the Man. As I explained on Tuesday
and some people wanted more clarity. “What does it mean,
what is the Wish?” “Why do you say? But you
explain about the Wish.” A Wish, comes from the Soul of the
physical part of the body of the Man. Is to do with the Physicality
part of the Man A Soul has not and does not have a Wish
in a physical direction. He has, enforces its demand,
but it can not Wish. It can give unconditionally to elevate the
others and never looks to a have feedback. Once we learn this, once we understand
this, then we move on. A lot of people say, “I made a Wish but
it didn’t happen. “I made a Wish for Peace,
but is not coming.” “What does it mean,
Wishing for Peace?” You can throw a bucket of water, but would
it land on the plant you want to feed or would it land on the tarmac? You throw in the bucket of water,
that the plant survives the dry condition or, for you to be able to have the fruit
at the end of it, or the flowers of it to enjoy. Or you watered the plant uncondition of
what might the weather be, or what might the plant do with it. My Wish is Peace. But unconditional.
My Wish for Peace is to bring comfort to so many mothers who loose
their children with war? To so many children who never see the
father coming through the front door. To stop the mayhem that allows the damage
to Human Race for generations, because is not that child who lost the
Father, he doesn’t learn to how to Love and how to give to learn from his Father
to his children. So the children will suffer, not
understanding how to Love and then, because they
haven’t learned, they can not take, might take, steps
to Love their children. So, the damage
is a long term. I remember, when I was very young,
my last visit to Tehran in 1970’s. My parents took me to see
a close friend of ours, somebody who was a childhood
friend with my mother’s family He was a special protection officer
of the ex Shah of Iran. We were sitting in his garden with
a river going through the house. And he beat his son up, his son used to be
in the same school, in the class as me. And I was offended, coming back from
Europe, seeing a child getting beaten up for me was, a bit dramatic and
I put a question to him. I said, “You’re a high ranking man,
you’re a military man, you, the Shah of Iran trusts you so closely,
how can you beat your child?” “How would you behave, is it the same
behaviour outside the house?” He said to me, “Mehranjan,
I was brought up in a orphanage,” “I don’t know what Love is.” “I was never loved, to know its worth.” “I was beaten up and I forced and lined up,
and I ended up in the army to do the same.” And that age it clicked on me, “Even loving needs education.” When we create wars, we lose
that education from Father to Son. The best educator,
Mother to a Child. Child to love their Father back
when he’s not there. I asked him, “So, how
you come to this point?” He said to me something very funny,
He said, “Mehranjan, the only man who loved me and he showed
me care for me, was the Shah.” “It’s the first time I’ve seen somebody
care and I’ve given my Life to him.” This is the process which
with Love, we can change. Loving is giving, loving is what
we said in all the teaching. Being able to process the Man’s Emotion in
the Elevation of the Soul of the others. Not for oneself. We can Love through our Emotion,
we can Love through our Wish, silently, but we can change the position. But, one of the things, as I discussed on
Tuesday, has not been understood. What is a Wish? How come that we Wish for
something sincerely and it happens? How many times when you were a child,
you Wished something, and you never told
anyone, but the Father or the Mother
came home with your Wish? Did we ever stood still to think,
“I do not need a verbal language to tell Mum I want such a thing.” “My desire to have,
to be pleasured by it, was so high that my mother, through
my Soul, received the message, understood and, knowingly or
unknowingly, brought what I wanted, that it gave me pleasure to be alive,
and with it, I give unconditionally back the Love to the Mother.” Because, it’s not that the gift the Mother
gave you, you were wishing for, Is the cuddle, is the kiss, is the Emotion
which you give back to the mother counts. Not the gift you received,
to satisfy your Emotion. We always look at what we receive out of
the Wish but if we look a step further, in so many ways, the one who brought
our Wish to reality, receives more back. Because, it satisfies what was pleasure
to me, that I could give more. in giving her a gift, the kiss, the cuddle, the hug,
the thank you and change of the Emotion towards the
mother, is more powerful, than the gift. Because, next time,
when you Wish the mother receives, because you stepped
the Emotion one level higher, and she walks at a higher strength,
as you do. This is what we have to realize, we are
not educated and we have to be educated. Our Wish is always, majority of the time,
is connected with our physical life. And strange enough, now that we understand
through the Soul of the Man, we can communicate without calling
the Man on a mobile phone then we have “Missed the key”
as I said on Tuesday. The Wish of the Man is the
Soul strength of his Physicality, which has direct access
to the Soul of the Man. As we always teach,
every Entity has a Soul and, every cell of the Man has a Soul,
that’s how it functions. And, so when collectively,
we would like to see a warm shirt or a warm clothing in the winter
and our Wish is that, “My mother will buy me that
shirt, jumper that I have, stay warm” and the mother walks in,
“See what I found in the market for you”, which means,
you wished and it was delivered. It should have taught you,
“I am in touch with my Soul.” Because it’s my Soul, which has
the contact with my mother’s Soul. And my mother’s Soul transfers
the knowledge into the Physical action. The mother never thinks, “I’m going
to get a kiss and a cuddle”. The mother thinks,
“This gives him warmth and pleasure.” In so many ways,
for Human race to understand the True understanding of a Wish,
we all have to become Mothers. Because we establish the link
with the Soul of a child, with the Soul of Life,
which we gave Life to. But we realize, we are part of the
Totality of the Life of this Universe. We have given Life to
and we give Life to. So, in so many ways, once
the Man matures to this point, then you understand, that our Wish,
what we called ‘Wish’, now has a strength, as a pain had strength, as the joy
we understood has a strength, as everything else has a strength, now
we understand our Wish, has Soul strength. Our Wish has access to our Soul so, we need to understand
more about our own Wish. We’ve seen in all the works
of the Foundation, in the background, since the establishment of
Universal Council and Earth Council, many times, they say,
“My Wish is this.” And the others say, “I’m present”,
which means, “I give from my Soul,
you’re Wish is mine”, which means, “I access to my Soul
through my physical ear which I hear, and this is what will elevate another Soul
to give from my Soul to you.” We’ve seen many Peace movement.
Green Peace, many marchers, many people, many times moving, shouting, doing,
but they could not achieve much. Because, those who could physically suppress
used the guns, used the police, used the.. whatever you think, diplomacy, putting
most of the Green Peace movement in the background, in all sorts of problems,
doesn’t matter whatever you call them. But, for the first time, Man has
a new weapon with this technology. They can touch us with a gun, they can
imprison us with their keys and their words, but, now we have access
to their Soul. Now, we have access to
change them from inside, that their Physicality changes through
our gimmick, in what we give. I’ve been told
not to speak, about one of the biggest Peace movement
Keshe Foundation is involved in. But, I’ve been asked, “do not disclose”,
but very soon you will understand. One name we will disclose, and we’ll explain
how it has led to a lot of changes. Because, you listen when I Wish,
and your Wish is my Wish, which means we give
from the strength of our physical Soul, to the strength of our Soul of the…
our entity, our entire living, that, we have reached the Man,
we have reached the Society. We have reached to the point
that a lot of people, unknowingly are doing things
which they could never think to do. Stand back and look,
how in the past months, our Wishes of Peace are moving
in a very, very, funny direction, which a few months ago, a few years ago,
was impossible to imagine. What we see, even today,
economical strength bringing a stability, is creating, more and more,
Peace condition. The next step for
the Keshe Foundation supporters, and for those who understand,
the work of the Soul of the Man has to be to bring wealth of knowledge,
to every Man on this Planet. Trying to teach through our Soul,
the teaching the elevation of the Soul, we received through the teachings,
to the others. It is very hard, but it’ll start working,
we’ll start seeing the change. We have to understand, when we speak about,
what does it mean, a physical Emotion? Physical Emotions, physical Wish
to become part of the Soul, to be in contact and to be at
the same strength of the Soul of the Man. I wish to have a jumper,
and the mother not knowingly, buys the jumper which I need,
because I feel cold, I didn’t even wished through because
“I don’t like to suffer in the cold,” and my Wish came True. So, it means I have found a new language,
I have found a new line of communication, that, “Why don’t I strengthen it,
why don’t I sit and Wish that I achieve Peace
through my work and reach many more.” If you stand still,
you’ll understand one point. As Mehran Tavakoli Keshe,
my Wish has come True. Because, you are there and doesn’t matter
what name you give to your physical body, your Soul doesn’t have a name
but has a strength, which fuels the Essence of the Emotion which,
“I can, and I felt what Peace can bring.” So, I have touched you and
if I manage to touch you through my Soul, so can you, to touch the others
to reach the elevation of the Soul, of the others to the level of the Peace
which you received. That collectively, we create
a new dimension of Soul for Humanity, that we bring
the change about. But, some people say,
“How do we, what do you understand, in respect to the Emotion
and the Physicality?” It’s the connection
which we have to understand, Is, how we decide to be connected
to our Soul through our Emotion. Many of us, once we are educated in this,
a new cycle of understanding and education, will find, we only utter words of Peace,
Love, changing everything towards it, and we don’t think about
what might happen, time becomes irrelevant, because there is plenty of time,
because my wish is there to be. As I’ve said many time in recent past,
“People at my age, reaching sixty, usually plan retirement, and setting aside,
enjoying Life, whatever is left of it.” At sixty, at fifty odd, I’ve started
to give the pleasure of life to the others, I don’t count when the last day will be,
but I count I’m short of time, I need more time to be able to give more
pleasure of freedom to the others, that it creates
Peace on this Planet. As I said many times,
“I work much more than I used to do when I was younger,
and I was very successful, in my life.” Which means,
when you have to work harder it means you haven’t achieved
what you’re looking for and what you’re trying to achieve,
and that is Peace. Because it’s worth it,
another thirty years, another hundred years. If we can put the basis,
a solid concrete basis, that the Man
understands the work of his Soul, and then understanding that,
without the fear of punishment, allows itself to elevate to a new dimension,
then it’s worth living. You worth being here
to be able to give more strength, to become the supporting point
for the others. But what is the Emotion? How do we create Wish
and what the Wish is? Where is the position of the wish? As we said,
“We have to understand,” “in a physical dimension
the reality about Life, Creation.” We’re all connected in one way or another,
but how we position ourselves, is a mighty job,
because we have never been taught. Can I share
the screen please? (RC) You should be able to
go ahead there Mr Keshe. (MK) What is interesting,
I’ll go back into physics, because I’m a nuclear physicist,
physics to me is, is my, maybe the first nature,
I understand physics totally, and I can explain everything
in the World of physics, in what it goes
even world of reality of Life. As I said on Tuesday,
we have to understand positioning, we have to understand
collective and singular cell, Soul cell, and then collectively
what it means, in where we are. When I was a student in University,
I raised a very big question to the professors, and this question
has never been asked, and it was, in a way, showed
the limitation of the knowledge. But, you can translate the same knowledge,
into the Soul of the Man, which you will understand,
more and more. In the world of physics
we have a lot of ambiguities, and these ambiguities
then is used in chemistry and in biology, and then when the multiple cells
come together in life of a Man, in the intelligence
and then the Soul of the Man. There is something
which is important for us to understand. Going back to the beginning of the teaching,
we all said, “Unified Field Theory.” Everything comes from Fields
and when the two fields interact, they create a Plasma. When this Plasma, two of them come together,
they create Physics. This is a Field, this is the Plasma, this is
now tangibility two Plasmas have to interact. We call this an ‘Atom’.
When an Atom comes together, two of them,
then we achieve what we call ‘Chemistry’. This is Physics, and then
we have a number of Atoms, that the Field interaction has to
create a new dimension of positioning, we call it, ‘Biology’. And then, in the further steps,
as we go further, to add more interaction of more Fields,
that they create a Field of non tangibles,
direction, non dimension, we create what we call the ‘Soul of the Man’,
or the ‘Soul of the Entity’. But, in all conditions, was this created,
they all individually have their own Field-Strength
of their Souls. Even though they still collectively
give to be of their own Entity, but collectively give to have a central
operation, that they can all operate. In the World of physics,
we usually end up at this point, and, this become a dead end. Up to now, because now is an Atom,
it’s a Matter Entity. All we done, in all our teaching,
we have gone back from this, to this. So we have completed the cycle of life. Where we can take molecules,
separate them and put them back at Plasma, and in Plasma we create Fields, which now
we decide what this Field is going to be in any point,
to show its manifestation. We have become a master
of the game. Now we understand
every cell has a Soul. And collective the cell create
their own condition to be interactive, and when you achieve that, then comes
the second group which has its own Soul again, and then we understand, now this Soul
has to communicate with this Soul. Because, they have to position collectively
in respect to each other. Totality. I asked a single question from one of
the leading Nuclear physicist in the World, at my childhood, at the University,
and that was very simple, very logical to me. But apparently,
through the whole physics World of him, into nightmare,
and I was told later on, “You ask questions which has never
been asked and cannot be answered.” The question was very simple. In the Nuclear industry
we talk about this. Division of a Neutron
into a Proton and a Electron. So, we make what is known
as Hydrogen Atom. This guy sits there, and it’s twin brother,
or half brother sits here. But, one thing is for fact, through that both brothers have
the central Field center of themselves, and they have their own Soul. Because, they have their own center
which dictates their existence. But, this theory
stands correct, up to here. My question has been,
which I know the answer, but they could not answer me. When we pass this point,
now we have many, many, Souls, and we have many,
many, little Souls.” These are the Protons,
and these are the Electrons. We know each Proton and Electron
has its own Soul, but the intriguing question is; “Which Proton belongs to this Electron?” “Which one of the five came from here,
and it’s part of this structure?” “Is this Proton
the matching Electron of this, or is this Proton
the matching Electron of this?” Because, this has a direct link with this,
the same as if it’s this. But, at the same time we have to remember,
each one of these has its own Soul. “The Protons collectively
accommodate each other, but which one of the Electrons
is a twin sister of the Proton? Which Proton?” Then I was told, “This a random matter,
they all become something.” And I said to my professors,
“The World of Nuclear physics stops here, because you can not answer me.” “You cannot force your lack of knowledge,
for me to accept to be the truth.” Now, this raises a
very, very, special question. If you go back to the World of physics,
there is a intriguing question. Very, very intriguing question. We call this, let’s add one more,
then we know what we’re talking about. We make it six Protons, six Electrons,
this is a Carbon. With it there are some six,
another creature we call, I call them, ‘backups’,
we call them ‘Neutrons’, to space gap balance. But the intriguing question is,
“Which one of these, which four of these Protons
has sacrificed its strength for the Life of
the others to survive?” What does this mean?
If you done Nuclear physics, or you done any physics,
you know we have bands, what we call ‘bands’, where you have
the center, the Nucleus which is collective number
of Electrons and Protons, and then we have Electrons,
which are on the peripheries. And they travel, they rotate,
around themselves, and around the Nucleus. Two stay in the first ring,
the other four in the outer ring. But, in the center
we still have those six Protons. The intriguing question is one thing. This structure has a Soul of itself,
because all the Fields collaborate with the Field force in the center,
that they can find their position. So, in an Atom, in the center of the Carbon,
we have a Principle Field source, that monitors, controls
and shares everything. And then the point of interest
in the world of science is, we say, this Proton –
we call him number 1 If number 1 is here, and let’s say this is
the Electron of number 1. But what about … number 4? This is number 4 Electron. This is number 4 Proton. Let’s say we found
the matching partners. But, this brings the world of science
into another dilemma. And that is, this guy with this Guy, number 1’s, they need
to give up less energy, but need the bigger Magnetical Field force
to keep the distance from the center, not to be swallowed in by the bigger. But, this one with this one
needs lesser energy. But, bigger Magnetical Field
to keep the separation to be outer. So, if we look, the center Nucleus, though his Soul,
has come to an agreement, an arrangement that
all these Electrons keep in position. But, there is a bigger ‘but’ in the whole thing,
is that now this guy in the outside ring, needs to share energy with
this guy and energy with this guy. Energy with this guy, energy with this guy,
that they can all find their position and, all be able to work towards keeping
the whole structure of the Atom together. Where, when it was individual
here as a single Hydrogen, it didn’t need that much,
it was a direct connection. Now, there are many more directions,
many more connections, but at the same time, don’t forget,
this electron had a Soul, so did this. So, did the Proton which
shares with them, so the collective energy Fields
of all the Protons with Electrons. In this state of single it manifested
itself as one entity. Now is not one entity, but is
a collective Field of the entities. Which, in fact, the central Soul
or the central Field has a say in respect to all its movement. Here, as a Atom,
single Hydrogen Atom it was easy, it manifested itself
as a Hydrogen. But, here as a collective structure
with different Field structure, he has manifested itself
as part of the Carbon. I hope you see the point. Is the Wish, the strength
of the Soul of the center, which has allowed this Electron
to manifest itself at this point. Where at this point it’s still a Electron,
but in a different strength dimension. This is the Soul of the Man
and in different point it delivers itself as a physical manifestation
of Hydrogen or a Carbon. Now you understand. If you could deeper understand
the whole knowledge, it’s the Soul of the Man who decides where
and how to manifest itself and position itself. Because, this Electron on the first ring,
has totally different capacity and the strength, than the one
on the second ring, and then go further. But the interesting thing is, is the Field-Strength
of the Soul of the two, which dictates the position of the small one
to show what it’s going to manifest itself as. The Soul of the Physicality, which the
Electron gives to the whole body of the Atom, is connected to the Soul
of the center itself, which is the Proton which is the controller
of the positioning. So, the Physicality has it’s own Soul,
but is connected through the strength, to the Soul of the Totality,
to the center. So, this is our Physicality,
this is our Wish. This is where we would like to be,
to be shown as a Hydrogen or a Atom, that it
manifests as a Carbon. To have a jumper or not to have,
or what it gives to be collectively the others to become,
that we are as one. So, if you understood the whole understanding
in the whole teaching. Then you understand, your Wish
which has given you the Physicality, has a access and is part
of connection to your Soul. Because, if this changes
this has to move in a condition, that it becomes part of another, Because, it wants to give
the other 5 a condition to live. and it manifests itself as a Carbon. Has two directions, you manifest
yourself as what you want to be, where you want to be,
even though you are the same. But the same time you’re always connected
to the Essence of the Creation of yourself. If you extend this knowledge
to a further point, to understand Proton, needs an Electron not only
to confirm its existence but to confirm becomes very,
very simple. it has a connection and he can decide
through the length of the Fields. There is no handshake,
there is no Physicality. So, it’s the Sun and the Earth. Because, through the confirmation of
the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, we confirm the
existence of the Sun. But, it’s still the Soul of the Planet has
a connection with the Soul of the Sun. So is the physicality of the Man, with the
Soul of the Man and cannot be any different. Even though, every part of the Soul of
the Man, in physical part has its own Soul. This is why in all the teachings
I explained, every cell has a Soul. Every cell has a Emotion. Now we understand, my Wish of the physical appearance,
is my command. Because with the Wish,
I’m in excess, I have access, I can change the position of myself to
become as part of the linking of a Carbon , to manifest myself as a Carbon. That allows another entities of Souls
to have Life, or I can be on my own. But in that Field, I still
interact with the other Souls, which they exist
in the Atom structure. Now you understand.
very simply, we can explain everything, in the
world of science to the work of the Man Then the Soul of this Atom gives
pleasure to the Soul of the others, to create the molecule
of whatever you want. Change the name to the Sun,
to the Man, to the Soul of the Man, to the Field-Strength of the center
in connection to manifest itself in another, that it creates a Physicality. So, that physical
part has a Soul connection with the Soul of it’s
own bigger entity, bigger Field. So is the physical Soul of the Man in every cell,
that collectively in a need, in comfort of the existence,
transfers its knowledge to the Soul of the Man. That the Soul of the Man collectively in,
touches with a mother Soul. That the mother Soul receives,
confirms, transfer it into the Physicality
and you get the children. We all know this,
but we’ve never been educated. I solved this problem
when I was twelve, thirteen… And, at the age of twenty a professor in University,
in nuclear could not answer me. I thought, “I know much more
than you do, I’m wasting my time” These, is what the reality of the Creation is. This is how for those who are physical
and want to have a confirmation, that there is a connection
between my wish and my Soul. It’s on the board. Now you understand. Now, you understand how much you
already know about the work of your Soul. But, you’ve never been educated. It’s very much like, “I eat pancake every day
but I never knew how to make it.” Now I know. I needed … flour, I need egg and
some milk and a lot of loving, to mix it. I taste it, I add a bit of salt, I add a bit of this
to get it exactly to fit my Emotion, which is the pleasure of eating it. Now, you can eat, communicate and joy,
and be able to give that pleasure to the others. Because, you have found the path
to communicate with your Soul. “My Wish is my command.” Now you understand. Because I know access,
through my Emotion, which is the elevation of the Soul
of the others and my Soul is the beacon. But, a lot of people say,
“Why doesn’t it happen today. I wish for Peace, but” …. you have to
understand the principle of accommodation. In principle to be ready to change
and being able to elevate the Soul. As I’ve said, “Many Peace movement
came in, a lot of shouting.” But they missed the
main ingredient of the pancake. It’s Loving. It means giving to the pancake,
to the rice, to the flour, to the milk, exactly what it needs
to satisfy my Soul. That it gives me a physical pleasure,
that I seen joy in what I have created. I enjoy creating Peace and it’s my Wish
and my pancake is ready to be eaten. This is what we have to understand
and there is no need for trusting yourself, now you need
to understand yourself. You need to understand the work
of the Soul of the Man, which we always have a access to,
but we never knew, this is the door to
the supermarket of Peace. On every shelf there is one product,
enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Made exactly to taste for you
the same as the others. Which gives you all the pleasures
to be part of the Peace. Because, there on this shelf
we only serve one thing. Same as the other shelf in the
rest of the supermarket of a Human Life. Peace, which means, “I receive
what I need.” Peace which means, “I give, I don’t care
what I receive, because I know I will have the pleasure of
seeing somebody else elevating.” This is why in the Constitution,
it says, “there shall be no imprisonment
and no execution.” To the Man who wears the uniform of the Police,
this is unbelievable, it’s a sweet dream. But the policeman forgot,
we have reached his Soul. Is him who’s got to look for a job,
and his job is to elevate the Soul of the people he calls, ‘criminals’.
Educate them, they will not become. Teach, not out of fear,
teach out of pleasure. The time of punishment
and fear is over. Because, the Soul of the Man
knows the reality. Because now
we have found a way to it. And, it takes time to
change millions of years of habit. Unless, we decide
now today and then, you still have to be in control of it
and in charge of it. What we are doing
and the way we are doing it. And the reason
we are doing it now. We will manufacture, we’ll build,
we carry on living because, just because we have Peace, doesn’t mean
we can sit down and can create … Magnetic Field nor GANS
of the food we need. “I don’t need to do anything,
I sit down here and I get fat on it.” But the strange thing is,
most of the people who use the GANS materials as a food,
they loose weight. Because they find out,
the body finds it own balance and they are very Peaceful and they are happy people. So, then comes,
“what am I gonna do? I’m gonna be on this Planet for a hundred years,
two hundred years. I can’t just sit and watch.” Man is interactive, sociable and sociably
strong character for being with the others. But the problem is, when we send you to Space
do we have to build a factory inside, that you have something to do? Do we open a bakery, that you need to be a
baker on board that you have something to do? Or what will be our job in these massive spaces we
call the Spaceships, that we are hoping to create? Where, in fact the reactor of the Spaceship
is within us, within the Soul of us. Because, we decided on what, which ring of
this reactor we wanted to sit and be visible. Very close, it’s a Hydrogen or
part of the ring as a Helium. A little bit further with more Fields going
and coming and we show ourselves as Carbon. I let whatever you want. It’s distancing which accommodates
more Fields of the others, that allows us to
manifest ourselves. The more Fields of the others,
become the cells of our lives our Physicality in
the dimension of Space. You need two more reactors
to become Helium, we need four more
to get Carbon. The other one, it does the job of the kidney,
the other one does the job of the liver and the other one does job of something else and
then there we go, you become a body, the way you wanted to manifest yourself
at the point of manifestation. Now we understand. At my young age I tried to understand how much
the Man understands himself of the world of Creation. And I understood one thing,
we don’t understand much. Because we never understood,
how things are created and where created. Now we do. Now we know how we can create,
and we know, by creating,
we can have whatever we like. Then… you understand even… part of the… new constitution becomes meaningless,
because I don’t rule no one, and because I have everything,
nobody can rule me. Then there is no place
for kingship. The more we understand, the more we can solve
the problem, the riddles of life. And they tell me, “Why do you
keep on teaching about the Soul?” There are enough Iron numbers
to still carry on with the metal world. There are enough
Nano-technologies nowadays, and now we have many
Keshe Foundation Plasma physicists, they understand more than the others,
but at the end… the circle goes back to the Fields, which goes back to the
Essence of the Plasma’s condition which creates and absorbs
those Fields at the same time, which leads to the Creation which
you and I, and all the created things in Universe,
are part of those Field’s interactions. Now you understand… that your wish… is part of the Soul
of your physical part, and you have
always had access… to the Soul of the Man, which is the Soul
of Totality of your own creation. Then the problem is solved. Let us Wish, let us… go to the point… that we all give, Wish… a gift to our Soul
from our physical Souls, which is Totality of the Essence of…
they are, in a very much in… If I can explain for you to understand,
is like the gravity and the inertia. Gravity comes
from the center of the Earth, and the inertia comes from the essence
of the Gravitational-Magnetic Fields, of the Matter’s of the Earth. But the two interact and existence of one
which has come… transferred into physicality, confirms
the boundary and existence of the Planet. So is the body of the Man,
and the gravity of the Man. You call the Soul
of the Man the, ‘gravity’, you call the Soul of the physical part
of the Man the, ‘inertia’. The Planet has both, and the Totality
interaction between them both, gives the physical dimension
of this Planet. So is the Man. And in Totality,
the Wish of the inertia, confirms the existence and the position
of Planet in the Solar System. Now you understand. You are all Plasma physicist, and you
all become Master of the Soul. And now you understand
the connection and communication. Next time,
you Wish and it comes True, you don’t say,
“What the coincidence!” You say, “I know the path to my Soul,
to get what is just and correct for me, that the others
allow me to receive.” My Soul has a faster language connection
than me with the others. Any questions? (JW) Sir, Good morning.
This is John here. … Is this why then in the physics,
we need a lot of energy, to change
… one element into another? Be it an atomic bomb
or whatever. And … if we use Plasma, in a Plasma-State
we need very little energy, just of the wish of our Souls,
to do this work. (MK) In so many ways, yes. But we…
we have to understand. Working with plasma, you decide
which strength of the Plasma, at what point, you want to change
to the energy you want. With the Matter-State,
you have to put so much and measure it, that you get possibly
what you want. You work with the Matter Fields,
which are already reduced, or you can work
with the energy itself, that it gives you at the point, what you
want to have, and there is no wastage. It’s a very simple process. As I said,
“The transmutation of the Fields,” if you understood
the last few teachings, “is the key to manifestation of anything,
in the Universe, that you might need.” Remember, I used to say to you that,
“You put your hand in front of you, and you wish to have gold,
you will create gold.” Because you create
that Field-Strength. You don’t need to create
… huge burning furnaces, to produce, to dig so much holes,
to grab what the Earth has changed now you can do it yourself,
but you have to understand your energy. You remember they say, “When the Messiah
comes it’ll be the land of honey.” Now it is the time of honey. You have to decide which honey you want,
and what color you like the honey to be, and which plants you want
the honey to taste of. You are the creator of it. And with it comes Peace,
because when you receive what you need, you have no aggression
to look somewhere else, to get, to create wars to get it,
because you can now have whatever you need. As I’ve said before,
in a very, very near future, go to the Keshe Foundation websites,
and we teach you as visual, and order yourself
a machine which makes water. You order a machine which makes gold,
you order a machine which makes aluminum, and then you make yourself machine
which make whatever you need. Then… the machine understands your Emotion,
and if you really need gold, you receive. But, if you really want to force to have a Gold,
that you have a golden house, I think you’ll have more than
the central banks ever reserve so much. We think the machines
should be of the… around about a, thousand
to thousand dollars. You tell me,
“I want a machine for Gold” and we can go to the factory
and build it. So, there is no desire
for Matter-State. Is desire to pleasure
to see what it gives you if you do, and what Fields
you can gain from it. It brings detachment
for Physicality, because you can make whatever you need,
whatever you like. Very soon we’ll invite you
to the factories of Keshe Foundation, to buy these machines or to take these
machines, and make whatever you like, When you’ve finished with it,
bring it back. And make another one for somebody else,
who’ll come up with the more genius ways, to make things you think is correct,
for you and the others to use. (BB) Hello, Mr. Keshe.
(MK) Yes? Yes?
(BB) Thanks for… (MK) We can’t hear you,
you’re cutting off. (RC) You need to get your
connection better Bonafice. (BB) Is it better now? (MK) Yes. (BB) Okay. Just want
to thank you for elaborating, on the Soul of the Physicality,
… versus the Soul of Man. And after your last teaching,
and this I snooping around, and… you know, I was informed
that the average Man, has about thirty trillion cells
in… in the body, and depend on how you calculate is even
a lot more than that. So, that’s a lot of little Souls,
bodies decides the main principle, which we know to be located between…
inside the brain. … And… they also report
that over two hundred billion cells, … produce that… Though my sense is that … those… basically
are transferring from the dying cells, to the new cells that have been produced.
Am I still coming through okay? (RC) … It’s barely tolerable, it’s hard
to make up what you’re saying actually. But I… we kinda got
the gist there at the end. … Something about…
(BB) Okay. Well… (RC) … and better being transferred over
or something. … you were still not clear. I couldn’t
hear part of what you were saying. Can you repeat it or fix your connection,
whatever, the other? Hello, are you still there? I’m not sure what happened.
(BB) Hello? (RC) Hello? Hello? (BB) Hello? (RC) Yes, hello? (BB) Can you hear me Rick?
Can you hear me? (RC) I can hear you now, yes.
Do you have a better… (BB) Okay! I’ve got…
Yeah, I, I’m so…. Internet connection, but you know,
the point I was trying to make was … … given the… the volume of cells in our…
in our bodies, we have a lot of little Souls, besides the main principle Soul.
And also the fact that … cells are dying, every day and being produced
every day in the billions, the billions … but we… we… I assume that we don’t…
What is happening is that these Souls, are transferring into the new cells
that are being produced? ….very, very… is silly because I,
I’m not, I guess I’d like to know, you know, what your opinion of it is? If…
part of the body gets amputated let’s say. You know, if somebody’s in an accident
and loses a limb, or something that nature … What happens? (MK) I’m gonna take it a step further,
and then you answer me. Or somebody else try, because from now
on, we gonna share knowledge. Yeah? (BB) Okay.
(MK) You ever thought, whats gonna happen to you,
when we physically say, you’re “dead”, and we put you in a box or we, whatever
we do with you, and you decompose. What happened to the Soul
of the all those little bits? The Soul of the Man
has left a body. Now you have these physical
little Souls there. And let’s say a worm eats you.
Or as in tradition some leaves, they leave you
for other animals to eat you. Does the Soul of cells
which you have left behind, stay still, stand in line of communication,
and in touch with the what I call, the ‘Mother Soul’
which created them? And now, that you are consumed
as a ‘bit Soul’ as I call it. Now you become part
of the energy of the Soul, because now you’ve been matched
with the one who was… ate you, Soul level. Now you have
connection between two. The one which originally
created you, and now the one
which is… partially controls you. So, what happens to them?
Is the… animal which has eaten
big portion of the Physicality, now has a connection with the Soul,
of Totality which has left the body. So, will it be able,
the Soul of the… your Soul, to change
the Soul of the animal, that it will not eat anymore,
because now he has you, and you’re part of it,
and you’re a very Peaceful Man, and you’re a vegetarian, you never ate,
according to you, a living thing, even though
vegetables are Life and living. Now, take it a step further.
You, you ask about the amputated, you go a step further,
we are consume it ate it, which means you’ve been
consumed by something else. What happens to our Soul? Or do we stay in the future, as a field eater, as the vegetarian say,
“I don’t want to eat an animal.” When we become Man of the Space,
we will not touch another Soul, because we don’t want
to be Soul eaters. Then, as I said, and as is
in the writing of the Prophet of the past, “Even a stone has a Soul.”
So, in Space you don’t eat anything, you just take what is available,
that you don’t commit no crime, you don’t end another life.
This is what I said. If you don’t get to that stage, it’s a very
dangerous place to leave Man in Space. You look at something and say,
“I wonder how delicious that is?” How many aliens can you eat,
before they eat you up? What happens to your Soul,
when you are consumed by another Soul? You want to stay pure, “I don’t eat
something else and I don’t get eaten.” Or do we have a new life style? We shoot the new bodies into Space,
that nobody can consume them? What do you think? (RC) Well, … I’d like to say something
about that condition, first of all. Which is, there is an interesting fact,
that I’ve run into, last months or so, about the numbers
of cells in the body, which you mentioned
there’s trillions and trillions of cells. But it turns out that
when they count up these cells, that ninety five percent of those cells,
do not have our own DNA in them. They are of different bacteria
and viruses and other… parasites, and it’s… just things
that make up our body, that aren’t even our own DNA,
only five percent of the numbers of cells, are our own DNA. It’s actually five percent of the body
weight is unknown DNA other than our. Like ninety five percent
of our body weight is their own DNA. But the number of cells, when you count up
all those trillions that make up our body, then ninety five percent
aren’t even our own DNA, yet we call them
our cells and our body. When we don’t really have…
you now where we’re calling … all of the bacteria, and all of the,
you know, different enzymes, processes in parts of the body,
is it all our? When … what are we saying, when we mean,
I of myself. Are we… meaning the Soul? Or are we meaning,
all these little, tiny wee body parts, that you know, fall apart, and eventually
become food for the worms, and so on? (MK) But don’t forget,
from the beginning we are borrowed parts, from the father
and the mother. Huh? (RC) uh-huh (MK) We never had a beginning,
if you look at it that way. (RC) Well, was…
(MK) You are a collection of the fields of the others. And that’s how we build
our structure. (RC) Was there no beginning before those…
two come together at the… (MK) Oh yeah. It go back to the Creator.
Go back to what we call God. And then go back to the Adam and Eve,
and the start of the creation. The field making two for it,
that it gives an… If you go back to the origin
of the creation of the Creator, this is very, very … fine definition, if you want
to translate it in the word of the Man, in the language of the Man. How did the Creator
made for it to be created? But at the same time, once it create self
how did it end up to be… the Creator of others? How did the origin
of existence in its Totality, from the essence
of zero started? Was there a zero point? Or, how did things happen that the
interaction of the fields themselves, has led to the existence
of what we see, in a very small speck of dust we call ‘Earth’,
in the Totality of the Universe. Where did the origin come from? What is and what are
the part of origin? One of the theoretical physics
in the Universal Community teaching, which Man will come to understand,
is very much like, as I said, “when you have everything”, the scientist
of the Universe are elaborating on. Which is good for Man to know
as you enter the Universal Community. One of the points of discussion,
in the world of Universal Community, is… that, are we within the fields of the
Creator, that he’s not even been created? I try to teach this as part of
Universal Knowledge in book number two. If you look at the fields as a Ray,
as singularity, what we see as the Universe,
is still within the realm of the fields of singularity
of the Creator. He has not created yet. The friction within the fields
of itself, internally, has led to creation
of the Unicos. You got to understand in the world of the
Universal Communities and the Unicos, there is a lot of communication, there is a
lot of understanding, there’s a lot of work. What does this mean? If I can explain to you,
because as we go into dimension, is good to understand
part of what’s happening beyond, as we say,
“Curtain of Life on this Planet.” What I said is this. This is the ray which creates,
or is the Totality of the Creator. Has the Creator divided
and has built another part, we call it ‘offspring’ of itself,
that the interaction between the two, has created the ‘Gravity’
and ‘Magnetical’, as you like to call it? And the interaction of the field
of the two of the creation, creates it. friction, which has that
has led to the creation of Unicos? Or, what is more logical, is we are still
in the Rays of Totality of the Creator, and the interaction of the Fields
of the Creator, internally, has led to the creation of, what
we call ‘Universes’, as a Unicos? Then it brings you back
to one point of understanding. And that is;
Is the Creator chasing his own tail? (RC) Yes.
(MK) And the interaction.. (RC) That’s a really big question.
Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) Oh we have been helped.
(RC) The biggest question of the Universe. (MK) But we have answered this
in the Universe, Man cannot understand. The point is, in another philosophy
of the knowledge of Universe, we say something very simple. Is the Creator straight
or is he circular? The first theory, that the life
has started internally, unless we are part
of this internal structure, does not conform with this. It more confirms with this. The Universal thought
in the elevation of the Soul, to understand the Essence of Creation,
they talk, they elaborate on that, creation of the friction… if you go
to book number two or three, I have explained this in a very,
very touchy way, because I… that time
I could not explain this to Man. That interaction of the fields…
if you go like… What do you see? And then you see the offsprings,
circles coming out, Is the interaction of these
interactions, lead to the creation of the… Galaxies and the rest,
and is this what I’ve drawn, exactly the structure
of the Creator? “I’ve made the Man
in the image of myself.” And the message of the Universal
is very simple. You’ve been taught in a very fine way,
the knowledge of Universe. That now, you have it in the book, you
can go back to it, “Oh it was there!” But the knowledge is hidden,
Man will unravel it slowly. But what is, what we call,
you know they say, in the time when we see a lot of intellect
and elevation of the knowledge, like in Egyptian time,
when everything was… there is no difference
between the workers, and there was plenty of time
to elaborate and understand, and be able to philosophize? This is what is going on in the
Universal Community line of thought. Because, they have everything they want.
Some may want to understand, “Where is the Creator,
which part of the Creator we are?” And this’s been going on
for billions of years. And sometimes, we hear
the voice of the Creator. You don’t hear the voice,
we feel the Essence of its Creation. But, there is a very big question, in the
theology of the Universal Communities is, Who is there,
to see what God is doing? Is he this,
or is he this? Or, what we see through him,
is what we see as the Unicos? Or is this the Unicos? The Universal Communities
line of thoughts, are very simple. The… you know, you send excursions
to go to the edge of the Earth, they play game, they send
excursions to the edge of Universe, to find the boundary
of the Creator. And, nobody has reached it yet. But, which part of are? Is it still singular,
or has it become circular? Is it the shape of a Ray,
or has it become a plasma, that it creates
the Life inside itself? I have built a system,
to replicate the structure of the Creator. And it’s amazing, it works. So we have a good idea
how the Creator, is leading its Fields,
leading to the creation of the Unicos. The system now
is used in Italy. I took it from the understanding
of the work of the Unicos, and I built it, and
it’s getting used in Italy, and I would love to see
what it comes out of it. Because they are looking
for something else, but I built it to confirm
something else with it. I repeated very much
this structure. I repeated this structure,
that the Totality of the structure, becomes the Totality
of the Creator. That with its movement, can change
the totality of its environment. That, it means I can become in touch
with the Creator. As I am part of it. But, the Essence of Life,
the Essence of Creation, is very simple. Man is in dilemma
of finding his Soul, Universal Community is trying to find
the Soul of the Creator. And, we have loss of physio…
like we have on this planet. Elaborating how the Creator be.
And as I said, one of the questions, which is, always sits on the table,
of discussion, is that, “Is the Creator within us, sitting
with us, watching what we are elevating, because we, we are just about to crack,
what he is, who it is, what it is, and he is diverting our attention,
not for us to discover him? But as I said, who is there to observe
the existence of the Creator? Then there is something else
to confirm its existence. Then is he the Creator? Or from inside we want to see
whether it’s outside? In a very hidden way, in many of my teachings
I refer to a very simple word. And this actually comes
from the Universal knowledge. Because I know, I’ve seen, I understand,
but it’s hard to explain to the Man. They say the Universe expands
at one million sq.. kilometers per hour. But, the Universe cannot expand,
if the room for its expansion, wasn’t there to expand into.
But what is it expanding into? It’s expanding into another Universe,
or is expanding in the dimension of the Field of the Creator? It becomes another thirty three billion
cell, of the structure of the Creator? And then, is the Soul of the Creator,
which has created the physicality of the, what you call, ‘itself’?
Has made itself in the image of itself? But we still say
cow has a Soul. So, how come the God has created himself
in the image of a cow, or a fish? Doesn’t mean Man
because he cannot speak. Or the, the philosophy, the intellect in the
Universal Community is, “Let’s find him.” “Let’s understand him, and let’s thank him
for what has created for us to have time.” And the philosopher’s of Universe are
hundreds of thousands of years old. They haven’t managed to answer this,
because nobody has managed, to get to the boundary
of the Creator yet, to see if he is an arrow or is he
very much the structure of the… a Plasma? And we think, we think,
it’s a combination of both. While it’s moving, is evolving,
but what is he moving within? But where is its origin? Where is the origin,
and what is the origin of the Creator, which we are part of? I would love to take you in one of these
what I call, ‘discussions of the Creator’. You’ll be baffled,
because there is so much knowledge, that in a way knowledge
trying to rob another knowledge, that’ll be no more, but
if we give you this can you add to it? Not that we know we are intellect,
we are much cleverer. It’s very much the way
we try to teach here. But the question is,
which part of these thirty three billion, in the structure of the Creator we are? You thought you solved the problem?
Now, you have another one on your plate. Then you’ll find out,
finding your Soul now becomes very easy, because now you got
a bigger problem to solve, now find the Soul
of the Creator. He cannot find his physicality. (AG) That’s a good challenge. (MK) Oh my God! I’ve been busy
for billions of years with it. I’ll give you the answer one day. But, when you make the,
we are, when you move the goalposts, to a higher level
of understanding, then it makes easier
to understand the one lower, because you now have to reach
the new understanding, you… the solving the problem
at the bottom is easier. Now, the reason I brought this up, is now
as I’ve said, “will take Man into Space, to be equal to the others,
that you don’t become subordinate.” So, now that you understand little bit of
what is going on beyond the screen of the Man’s Life, in the Universal Community
and the rest of it, then finding the Man’s Souls
and the operation becomes easy. Because, the goalpost from today
is raised a little bit higher. If you are busy with Nano-coating machine,
you’re quite welcome, because you still
have to progress. But if you have reached
to understand the operation of the Soul, now understand what is the operation
of the Soul of the Creator. Which part of it are we? And, are we that important? Even though we are
a speck of dust in the Solar System, in the Galaxy and in the Unicos,
that even we think we are so mighty, we are actually,
mousey, tiny little thing. But. is our Soul big enough to be able
to reach and touch the Soul of the Creator? Because, with our existence we confirm
the Physicality exists, of the Creator. Go back to that Atom,
Electron and Proton. That little Electron confirms
the existence and connection, of confirmation
of the Soul of the Proton, that it can keep
everything together. So, does the Creator needs us as our Soul
to confirm the physical dimension of his existence,
and we are part of it? We are, that little muscle
on a tissue of tissue of a cell, of the kidney let’s say.
And we are not aware, if we now move
if something goes wrong with us, the whole body goes through the pain,
and the body is crippled. So, it goes back the poet of Sa’adi,
at the United Nation. بنی آدم اعضای یک پیکرند which means, we are all made,
through one cell, through one body. And this body is part of the body
of the Creator. We are not just a dust in the speck
of this space of the Universe. Our Soul carries his Soul. Bless his name. (KB) Hello Mr Keshe.
This is Klaus 2 from Austria. Hello to all, can you hear me? (MK) Yes. (KB) … we discussed yesterday
in the medical teaching, and some times before with Jimmy and Lisa
to start a little education program, to come closer in touch with our Soul,
and I called them, ‘Universal Connection’. And, Monday afternoon
we will start this, and bring in some knowledge
to the whole community. (MK) Thank you very much. (KB) Okay. (MK) Education of the Soul of the Man, it’ll
be the cornerstone of the entry of the Man to the Universal Community,
and understanding of his own existence. (KB) Yes. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) And this is also what’s been
coming up in the Keshe Plasma Reactor Group, which was … last night, or yesterday where,
whichever you look at it. … we even had a diagram that was quite
similar to the diagram that you just showed, with the interaction between the … the
core of one entity and the core of another, as opposed to the interaction between
the surface layers as I see of, say of the Physicality interactions. It’ll… I was comparing it to, … sometimes when people meet,
they might look at the clothes of a person, or their shape of their body or
just some of the superficial things, of that person, and maybe
judge them according to that. Whereas, another person might
just look them directly in the eye and have a being
to be in contact with them and may not even really notice
their clothes or the shape of their body. Because they’re interacting
on a different level. So we’re just talking about
different levels that we as Humans, tend to … to fall into,
and you mentioned before Mr. Keshe, of the… the Matter level, the Nano level,
the GANS level, and the Plasma level, and then becoming eventually
a ‘Plasma Manipulator’, was the term that come out
at that time. Where one has more control of these
Plasmatic Fields and you interact, on a Field basis
rather than Physicality basis. So, we seem to have
these different levels, and would it be True, that people
tend to fall into these different levels? and where is, where is the …
the absolute in those levels? In terms of can we make
a direct connection at any, from any one of those levels,
can we still make a direct connection to the Source inside of us and
to the Source in the environment without having the pass through each
level to get to a higher one as such? Is it possible to take
a direct method and essentially become the…
the absolute, become God… ? (MK) There is a school of
thoughts, there is a line of … what we call, ‘discussion’. There is a line
of understanding, that in the structure of the Unicos,
being part of the Ray or the Plasma, either you look at it. We sense vibrations,
we sense Fields that, the believe is… is
the vibration of the Creator, it’s the Fields of the Creator. in… in a way coming from
interaction of the Fields within it. We don’t talk about like,
what you make sensors to listen, we try to sense it
through our Soul. Which means, you have to go deeper and
deeper inside the Strength of the Plasma. You’ll find out … in the world of
the Universal Community or we, we have managed, and still it’s part of
progress of the Universal Community, in breaking more and more into
understanding of the creation of ourselves. The way I can explain it,
which is the easier way to do. If you look at this – at the moment
Man with the knowledge understanding the strength of his Soul is there. In the Universal Community
in the strength of understanding we might be somewhere here. And that’s billions of works,
billions of years according to Man. Because we can unravel stronger
Fields to understand more, and this is how it’s happened. But, in that process we feel, we…
we… it’s the vibration of the Soul if you like to call it. A noise, a Field, it’s a feeling what we call the ‘feeling of
the Creator’, that can penetrate. It doesn’t mean that
the Man can not hear it but we don’t have,
we never understood. It’s very much like
a wind as you voice. (RC) It’s almost exactly the diagram
that, that we made last night which is, we had the… the spiral
was drawn by someone and we worked with the outer
spiral parts which we’ve discussed before, you’ve discussed before the …
you know, there’s the different Rays and so on, in the
outer parts of the spiral. But then, the idea came up
about… what about the connection that’s basically to the Principle
Source, that Source connection that we know that we feel
and feel between two Beings or between what people call
‘God’ and themselves and so on … It’s a more direct thing. Are we feeling
just the outer parts in that spiral or, or are we
getting closer to the Core? (MK) We, we have not…
we lost. We have not become more…
sensitive is the wrong way, wrong word. We have not become more
aware of the higher Strength in us. We, we need to become
more aware of higher Strength. We… If you go back in the teachings and
go back in the pictures you’ve shown today. We don’t create a condition
to be different but, we create a condition, that
who’s happy to win this condition will take place else
and live with it. Is not domination but it’s more
living within that, “I feel good with.” So, the Soul does not matter how far
we can go deep, to understand more of it. We’ll, we’ll, we’ll come to understand
the Soul of the Creator how close is our Soul to it? Or the way we said
through the Physicality, we had a Emotion we can
get in touch with the Soul, because is of the same Strength on
the Physical Soul of the Physicality. Do we have that in our Soul that
with it we can, we come in touch to see the beauty of the Creator? The Man now has we teach more
and raise the level of the understanding. Very soon many, many of you will come
to understand and see your own Soul because now is
not that far to reach. I know many people are trying
different ways and they see and they can’t believe
the confirmation but now they are at it
they go the wrong way trying to see the Physical
manifestation of what they seen, they can repeat, and it doesn’t
work or it just happen last time. Never look for confirmation. Be there to confirm the
existence of the others. “I wish the jumper
but the jumper came but I did not wanted it, to give so
much Love for getting the jumper. I want a jumper to be warm that I can
show off in front of my friends, “I have a new Jumper.” Which one is the
one we are looking for? Now we have raised the bar. Many, many of you will start
understanding the Power of your Soul. And those who do will start
influencing the World Leaders and will take
the path of the Peace. A few have started but
I see them getting sidetracked because they can’t believe what they
have done and what they have seen. But as I said, “the minute you start for a
Physical conformation you lost the game.” Go back to zero. And this is how it is. This is how you peel the banana, actually you don’t eat it
understand it what it gives you. You can’t peel any further, more of it,
because then you have to give more. Is just as I said many times, “I have
to play many tunes to fit many ears that they all can have the
sweet dreams of their Life.” We produce, setup factories to make
things that the Physicality can receive. We teach because some people like
to receive it and they do it themselves. We do all sorts of things to get as
much information to the Soul of the Man because Man has lost
to Trust, even his own ear. What do we say, “I can’t
even believe my eyes.” “It happened, I wished for it
and it’s there.” Stop, stand still and look
so it means it’s not a Wish It shows me I have access to my
Soul but you can not harm with it. Because then you
take from yourself. Try it, try to harm with
somebody with your Wish and them you see how
badly you get beaten by it. In your… whatever another, when not
receiving what you wanted, another punishment and then you’ll find out it’s no use ,
“I like to see what you like.” Is very much like
the mother comes say, “What would you like to make you, what
would you Love to have today for your lunch?” Then she goes in shops and brings
for you to have what you wanted. As I said, “We have to
become mothers to serve.” If Man knew how beautiful the Woman is,
Man will never do what is done to Woman. Now you understand why I love Woman. Woman are there,
they’re Essence of Creation. In every shape of form
they carries Soul with them because they are the Creator. One day one point
in their Life they create and then that Creation
becomes the Essence of Life. It’s the beauty of the Creation. Is not the Man who created,
it’s the Woman and sometimes I say, “I’m scared of what
we call the next Prophet, will be a women.” But, goes to a very deep Essence
of the Creation in Universal Community. Is the Creator a woman, a female, a maker? There is making the Universe. And in so many indications
it looks like yes. That’s for us to understand
when we mature enough. (RC) Well, as I mentioned
last night in the Plasma Group that the, the mayor of Montreal has … just been
elected and it’s the first woman in 380 years, and there’s actually several mayors
of towns in Quebec, in Canada, that just had these elections
that they voted for women, for the mayors of the Towns and it’s just
revolutionized the whole political scene, they say it’s the biggest
political upset in fifty years. (MK) They say the second
most powerful woman in Austria, the most second most
powerful person in Austria. after the president, will be a woman, is more powerful than the,
what you call, the ‘Prime Minister’ or what you call, the ‘Chancellor’. It’s not a woman,
it’s a sense of creation, It’s the Soul of the creation to give
unconditionally and men or what we call, the part of the structure of us,
maybe brings needs that for them to be able to show that they can be
generous and they can be the Creators. So, in a way, to show they’re kind
and they are the givers and Creators, they need us to … for them
to confirm their existence. One can not live
without the other one, if there was nothing, how can a woman
show she Loves and she can Create? But … it’s a very,
very beautiful game of Life. (RC) Also Canada’s just given
millions of dollars toward Peacekeeping, specifically to put more women into the
Peacekeeping role and to prevent the … some of the brutalities and abuses of … you know, various things such as rape
or abuse and harassment and so on, of those who are the caregivers and the
people that are protecting the caregivers, out in the… in the Field
so to speak, in the military zones. So, this is a whole new philosophy
as well and at the same time, Canada’s bringing back the normal
Peacekeepers who have been doing this, and some of them
are actually been charged and so on, because there have been
transgressions out in the field, and they’ve realized this over the years
and there’s big changes now to try to stop, that from happening, it’s no longer
tolerable by all the parties concerned, and this is …
(MK) I think your new prime minister is changing a lot of grounds. (RC) He is, but he’s also in
some deep trouble right now because of these 13 million
documents that have come out, that are implicating all of the …
a lot of the rich people of the World in how they have stashed
their money and avoided taxes and that
includes the … the very person who’s financed
our prime minister’s political party and their… their whole ability
to win the last election. He just happens to one of
the richest people in Canada and he’s been implicated
in all this mess. (MK) Yes, but you got to realize,
if you go back to 1980’s, 90’s even now, the government encourages
people to hide money … (RC) Well that’s right
(MK) If you look this is what we say in the… (MK) …in the… in the new,
in the new … mandate, that there
is no monetary position, The government structure is, you work and
I take 70% of what you earn away from you for to one president with 2000 bodyguards.
This is discussion in Italy at the moment. Here in Italy, is a very big discussion,
why we created the position of the president, that he needs 2000 staff.
So, these 2000 staff need to be payed and they are paid all in,
5 digits, 6 digits salaries, where is it going to come from? You work,
you have to pay for me to keep 2,000. (MK) This is…
(RC) I just made a rough calculation, of the amount of money that these
people have stashed away over the last few decades, and it’s roughly
equivalent to the average debt that the average Canadian has, … I think
it is between 30 – 40 thousand dollars just in their personal debt,
let alone another, you know,
… just their personal debt. So it’s… we wouldn’t have a personal
debt that we’re paying interest on, and so on, as an average Canadian in this
Country that’s where a lot of the money goes, is to pay the interests
on the debts that you have, especially if you’re a student, student debts,
and that could have been eliminated if the funds were properly
put into the tax system, to help pay for all of that stuff.
So it’s funny how that goes and now that’s unraveling so perhaps, we were
talking, discussing last night perhaps, that top of the pyramid is kind of falling
apart now and all the bits and pieces are (MK) Even I tell you raise, praise
from your Soul to all these people, they are opening it,
left right and center. These tax, one of the biggest
Tax Haven Countries, which is gonna come gradually under pressure,
is Middle East, it’s in Emirates. (RC) Uh-hm
(MK) And, as I’ve said before, anybody steals money ends up in Dubai
… is become tax haven. and … I don’t think sooner or later the world
governments will allow this to happen, because it’s a lot of things going on,
the Switzerland they closed, but they still find a way, but,
I always say, if you go to a government and you run a business and you say
to the government, “I’m a successful man,
I don’t want to pay 50 %, I’m prepared to pay 20 %
that I can expand it next year, my 20 % it’ll be twice or 30%
more than this year 20 % and then I can give to my workers that
they spend, they create job”. This is the discussion we had with
the crash of the banking system three-four years, four-five years ago,
I explained this to the bankers, I had a meeting with
the World Bank people, I said, “The stupidity is you are paying
the banks, for what reason?” “You give the money to the people
who have a mortgage to pay the bank, now they hand… you paid the money
to the bank, bank has received the case is collateral. Bank is free, it’s got the money
to do whatever it likes, or it pays its debts, whatever they
lost, a figure on a computer. But, now the man who’s paid
his mortgage, you paid them to pay, that 200 – 300 – 500 dollar a month that
he was paying the mortgage now he’s still earning,
it can go to create, to shop, to buy, and then, that creates
new jobs and new economy. And this was not acceptable to
the people who planned it, they … the problem is
what these figures means, I’m looking at setting up the, in
the banking for the Keshe Foundation. We have to go totally different, we do not
need to rely on the present banking system to be able to change control, because if
you don’t have a card, you can not receive. But, we have a Technology,
we have a understanding, that we make everything available,
in a different way, that even our, what we set up, as our ID-cards,
bank cards will not be needed, we don’t need,
if we can guarantee, anybody come says, “I have a million, whatever,
Universal Council points or money, can you pay me?” I produce him a
thousand tons of Gold, he’s paid, We are looking at International
communication banking which needs no financing, that’s one
of the easiest way to do, You want to pay, I guarantee,
I become the Visa card, I become the Universal card. Anybody can spend and anybody comes to
me and says, “I’m manufacturer, I’ve sold so much, I need the money for it,
I say, “Okay how much Gold do you want, what material you want as a payment,
that you can sell in the market?” We can produce it, And this is the way,
there, this, when you read the Constitution of the Universal Council
has a lot of hidden information in it. So, would it change our position,
it will do, it is a huge move and this way I don’t
need the World Bank to confirm, I don’t need to register a bank because
we are a happy provider, we provide, anybody come to us,
“We say what you like to have? in shape of money, currency,
whatever you’re happy with.” It’s what I said, a few,
couple of hours ago, the new Keshe Foundation factories
coming up, they’ll all be selling material
production; gold, silver. and we give you the full recipe everything,
you buy a machine which produces Gold, Then you say to me, “I want
to produce a kilo, two kilo machine fifty gram machine a day
this is what I need.” But the problem is everybody else
will be producing Gold. The way we have set up the knowledge and
the way the knowledge is coming through makes present monetary system obsolete,
that nobody needs to do a crime, to hide the money from taxes. The government’s policies
pushes people to hide money, 28%, 30% of the National Income
in most of European Countries, EU is in black, otherwise they can’t
survive, 60%, 70% goes to taxes. By the time you weigh your VAT, you
pay taxes on fuel and everything else, you’re actually, you think you’re spending
but all your Life, it’s all you do, about 20% is reality, we are getting a
benefit from, the other 80% is all taxes. You work here in Italy at 2000 Euros
a month, they pay you. You pay 800, 900 taxes
so you end up with 1,200. You pay 200 a month for fuel,
which 160, 140 Euros or 50 Euros of it, is again taxes.
So you paid now, 940. You go to buy clothes, you pay
20% taxes. So, in average you pay another
20% taxes of the other thousand. So, in fact, out of 2,000 you’re supposed
to be paid 1,000, 2-300 is all taxes. Is it worth for me working for 700?
But if I don’t do, I don’t have to live. But, I give you now 700 you spend,
then you don’t need to waste your time, you don’t need to work in a factory to
make guns and bullets to kill the others. A guy said, “I prefer to work with the
Keshe Foundation factory, where is it?” “I wanna job now.” You have to understand, this is the way,
… the beauty of it is, as I say, “We have the technology,
we have a know how and we have the Will
and the Soul to do it.” And it’s not one of us anymore. This is the problem which
I’ve created for governments. It’s not cutting a head of a snake,
somewhere it’ll die. This snake has got millions of heads now
and the problem, the biggest problem is, the partners, the wives, the husbands,
the sons and the brothers and the close people to these people,
have been touched by the Foundation and are structuring it. One of the World Leader’s wife
is… literally, biggest supporters
of the Keshe Foundation. Because they’ve seen it,
they’ve used it, the pain they had, they couldn’t do anything.
It’s done. It needs to come. They influence the husband’s decision.
“I want to see this is supported.” And you know, wives have a lot of power
when it comes to husband. It’s the same operation. We have to show,
we can deliver an alternative, unconditional,
availability of everything. So, if I can work 2 hours, 3 hours,
10 hours a day, a week but I do a good job,
I clean the street. As, when just before we start, … Caroline
says, calls and says “Thank you Mehran.” Because I do everything at home.
I enjoy doing because it gives pleasure to my partner, it gives pleasure to
my children, it gives pleasure to me that I can see their pleasure. I cook, I wash, I do gardening,
I do everything. And they tell me,
“You shouldn’t do these things.” Why not?
Otherwise their Life is wasted. This is what we do
out of the pleasure. I spend 20 hours a day, supporting the work
of the Foundation and more people get educated, elevated through their Souls
to understand too, by new knowledge, they don’t need to
spend ten thousand, five thousand hundred thousand on operations which
can be done with a pen, with a patch. Doesn’t matter
what they sentence me to, those people are doing it
and that’s what it matters. I’ll never become the Christ on the Cross,
there shall be no king to put me on a cross. This is the beauty of it, you’re all
doing it, now step up. Go to, you understand you got a
trust in the work of yourself. Go up to understanding
the Soul and then, when you understand that,
you can change everything. Then, when you read the
New Constitution for Human Race
, … it’s all achievable.
I live it, it can be done. Go back to some of my teachings, 10
5, 8 years ago. I said, and somebody called me from the World authorities, says
“Do not do this, you cannot say this.” Now, we are coming to the point
that we don’t need shelter, we can move further out,
with the new Space Technology, we’re going to release
the way it’s developing. You don’t need to live
in the center of New York for 3,000 dollars a year, a month, that
you pay 2,000 of it for rent and taxes and everything, you end up with 500,
10, 15 pounds, dollars a day to live. You move into the woods, you create your
own place, and if the boss needs you, I can do it on the line,
I can be there in the morning, go back at night and I enjoy the 3,000,
all of it, in the wild in Africa. I register myself in a tax haven of an
African Nation which charges me 20%. but I do the work in New York. This is all becoming part
of the reality the way it is. You don’t… How many people
this year will not pay for heating or pay very little,
30, 40%? Millions of you have made the MaGrav
system and the new power system’s coming in. Very recently, governmental offices have
called the Keshe Foundation, “We need the Power Units which you
have produced for the government offices, because the ones we have tested
has shown 50, 60, 80% reduction.” Now we are working,
hand in hand, with governments. It’s you who have
brought this up. Is you, your knowledge, your work,
which is changing the balance. When I received a text that the
government has called for us to go in, they want more systems. Now, I said to a lot of Keshe Foundation
people who’re around us, “We’re gonna be nationalized.” We don’t tell people
where we are setting, whatever, but most probably, most probably,
some of the Keshe Foundation factories, in the coming time will be Nationals,
because it’s a National asset. But, because we teach, you can
nationalize because we belong to you. Then your Soul is free, you don’t need
to hide money that they can find you and then you can pay it,
whatever, things on it. We got to change, this is the Essence.
When your Soul is clear, when your Soul
understands its work, you will… you evolve, you elevate
to understanding more and then you can
share with the others. When you’re a doctor,
you’re there to support, to help, to change
the pain of the Man. When you understand the work of the Soul
and you can see, you can change so much and you teach the others,
they can do. You become the Soul. You become the…
the doctor. You become the educator,
and this is all the purpose. Government encourage stealing. They encourage stealing,
by laws which have no meaning. if the governments say,
“Max… the maximum taxation…” If you even go in the Foundation Mandate,
original Keshe Foundation, in the Ethos of
the Keshe Foundation, Stichting the Keshe Foundation,
it says, “19% for everything.” Because, 20% I’m prepared to keep
because it gives something else, but 80%, 60%, I’m not
prepared to give free. Because, what am I working for? Life become a slavery
of banks. Now with the new system, we teach you,
we give you, we developed it for you. You don’t need to pay for heating, you don’t need to pay for electricity, you don’t need to pay for the water, you don’t need to pay for the food, you don’t need to pay
for a lot of things. Fuel become totally free because you
can travel with the new MaGrav Systems which are getting developed. Voila! Who’s gonna tax you?
Now they tax you on your breathing. The air you breathe’s
gonna be taxed. But, on the other hand, as I always said,
then we go back, “I’m prepared to work 10 hours as a teacher, that’s my specialty,
for the school to be educating children.” “The other 30 hours, I do what I like, but
I know I’ll benefit somebody, somewhere.” You do both. You go to a shop, you want to get paid,
use the new KF currency on your account. We pay, we are
knowledge rich, cash rich, we’ll be delivering Gold,
as much as you like. And the beauty of it is, many of you know
what to do and how to do it, so… There is no more one man
to get his millions to get! And the problem is, the biggest problem
is, all these World Leaders get sick. All these World Leader’s family
have a problem. Half of the governmental officials,
are sick. They’ve been to the best doctors. Don’t forget three years ago,
we had a push from the Vatican for the Pope. They tried everything. Till they’d set the Keshe Foundation System
and we saw the Pope walking in the market. It took me, Armen and Marco,
a weekend to make a system for his Eminence the Pope,
and we delivered it. Armen are you there?
Or is he asleep? (AG) Yes Mr Keshe I’m here.
(MK) Do you remember building the system? (AG) Yes we built four system actually. (MK) Even the most power…
(AG) Four of them. (MK) Yeah. Over the weekend,
I was back in Rome, Monday morning. Correct? (AG) Correct Mr Keshe. (MK) The most powerful…
(AG) Without him. (MK) Pardon?
(AG) He died with Marko. (MK) With Marco? Three of us.
Actually Armen and Marko did most of the job I just said what I need is this. Saturday, Sunday in Barletta, late night,
system was ready 5 o’clock to go to Rome. Even the most powerful Men in the World
need the help of the Keshe Foundation medicine. Medical application, health application,
better improvement. This is what we are, we support,
irrespective of position, and condition. And I can give you
number of World leaders, top Men in the World
who have used the Foundation. We keep silence, but at the same time,
we are there, those are the people who support us
underneath to develop and get further. Understand the work of your Soul,
you have moved away from Physicality, then we are into the next step. Shall we call it a day?
It’s nearly one o’clock, we’ve gone for nearly four hours. Thank you very much. (RC) Sure Mr Keshe. (MK) I hope we come to trust
our own Strength in our Wishes, which is the Wish is a key, or a channel,
or a way to our Soul, that the same as I’ve said,
“When you arrive in a new destination, you see it’s good, you wish to be there,
your body takes the form of the … million years to get the evolution,
from that, at the point of the wish because now you have access to it,
you replicate it. Now you understand more
how it’s done. Thank you very much for today. And I hope we learn more
from each other in a coming time, but we still build the factories,
we still do the battles with whatever, till we educate the whole of the Humanity
and the ones who live on this Planet. Thank you very much. (AG) Thank you Mr…
(RC) Okay. (MK) Thank you indeed.
Beautiful flowers to go out with. And they all with a MaGrav System. (RC) I think Flint’s gonna play some music
as well, this is the end of the 197th Knowledge Seekers Workshop
for Thursday, November 9th, 2017. And as always,
thank you everybody for attending. And … take it away Flint. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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