15 Controversial Deleted Scenes Disney Doesn't Want You To See

welcome back screen Ranchers as with all films some scenes end up on the cutting room floor never to be seen on the big screen that's show business this can be due to a variety of reasons and one of those reasons could be the result of some form of controversy today we're going to look at Disney Pixar's vast library and pick out some scenes that were scrubbed from the final film some of the scenes were animated some were removed before production began so which ones made the list in the video we won't keep you waiting on to the main event to start our list we have the most recent deleted scene to make the news in 1999 Toy Story 2 was released 20 years later a scene has now been cut from the film and Disney has taken action against the scene due to connection with the me2 movement the me2 movement for those that don't know was created for awareness of people to stand up to harassment and toxic environments where others were mistreated or taken advantage of the scene in question is part of Toy Story twos and credits specifically a bunch of outtakes to make the audience laugh one final time but one scene in particular didn't age very well at all this scene involves the prospector believing he's off-camera he goes to flirt with two Barbie dolls inside his box he expresses his happiness that the Barbies looked exactly the same he then tells them he can probably get them apart in Toy Story 3 with a not-so-subtle wink-wink nudge-nudge yet gross this scene will be removed from all future public showings of the film however the internet does exist so it'll always be around to haunt the house of mouse judy hopps became a feminist icon in the land of Disney as the main protagonist in Zootopia after years of hard work the optimistic bunny becomes the first ever rabbit officer to join the police force however she has to face many obstacles on her journey such as dealing with her much larger colleagues that have little to no respect for the bunny her refusal to give up and instead continue fighting the broken Zootopia system has inspired many audiences around the globe move over Peter Rabbit there's a new rabbit hero in town however this wasn't the original plan note instead con-artist Fox Nick Wilde was planned to be zootopia's main character with hops hopping into a supporting role that would eliminate all of the great themes of equality however wilds role was severely diminished due to a key plot point being cut from the film's story more on what that was later the creator's behind Zootopia felt that the film was in a sorry state with many scenes removed it didn't feel like a good film anymore until one of them had the bright idea to take the main spotlight away from Wilde and on to hops instead this huge change made all the difference hops jumped to the challenge and made Zootopia a modern-day classic Pixar's upsets its emotional potency within the first 10 minutes of the film's opening cinema audiences were quick to begin sobbing into their popcorn well that was the case in our personal experiences anyway as the story progressed the audience's emotions would be further manipulated by this Pixar delight especially when Carl and Al's childhood hero Charles Muntz makes his appearance due to his paranoia the heroic Muntz was corrupted into being a bad guy this was all thanks to his quest to capture a living undiscovered bird from Paradise Falls but when his plan failed to work the creators of up found themselves in a pickle how could they get rid of months there was one in particular option that was rather disturbing in this ending Carl wouldn't leave months into a labyrinth he would use once his desire to grab the bird Kevin against him Carl would then sneak back out but Muntz would continue searching within the rocky maze months would then be unable to find a way out instead walking through the maze all by himself lost confused and probably a little like jack in the shining that the creators came to the conclusion that yeah that may be a little too dark which is probably a smart idea Zootopia played around with a few ideas for their story and early on they definitely wanted to use anthropomorphic animals as the characters but beyond that the story was up in the air one of the ideas to be thrown around was one that conspiracy theorists may be intrigued by the idea was for Nick Wilde who at the time was still one of the main characters to team up with a paranoid badger this badger would be known as a prepper a prepper is someone who's readied themselves for the coming apocalypse this badger would believe that the Zootopia sheep are up to something that something would be a violent uprising yay kids film the creators thought that might be a wee bit heavy for what's essentially a family film so instead they decided to go back to the drawing board this led to the knight holler plot to fill the story boy which probably wasn't a bad idea ah right let's move on the Scandinavian based film frozen was a box-office smash hit from Disney for months afterwards for better or worse the song let it go was played over and over in the film Elsa is singing that song as she lets go of her fear from her icy powers fully embracing them in the musical moment Elsa showed us how to make great things from a tricky situation however that wasn't always the case in the early stages of the film Elsa was going to be a lot more maniacal when it came to her powers a storyboard showed that one scene would have two soldiers approached her ice castle Elsa would immediately capture them with her powers then she would use her freezing abilities to torture the helpless soldiers but that's not all folks the original story also had a different design for Elsa her skin was going to be cold blue complete with a mink fur coat Elsa would go full on Darkseid she would be the villain that Kristoff and Anna have to overcome the directors would change their minds on Elsa being a villain once they heard let it go that song is so catchy that a villain can literally become a hero besides from giving us the joy of a singing Dwayne the rock Johnson Moana was a beautiful tale both visually and through its story yet one of the most important characters in Mona's life almost didn't appear that character being the guiding hand of gramma Tala shocking right in the early drafts of the film gramma Tala didn't exist instead mallanna would have other family members to help shape her destiny those family members being a massive six older brothers the film would open with Mona's brothers racing canoes around some of the smaller islands as other Islanders watch and cheer Moana would then force herself into the race and attempt to beat her siblings her brothers would underestimate Moana due to her gender during this race Moana would be shown as a powerful sailor and would even win the race much to the delight of the women watching on the island instead the creator's decided to make Moana an only child and then have an elder family member help guide her that decision inspired gramma Tala to come into existence considering the amount of spiritual guidance Tala provides for Moana the film would definitely be missing something if they stuck to the original story finding dory finally gave the Finding Nemo standout character her own spotlight the story involves Dory losing her parents at a young age and she would spend a while looking for them until she forgets what she was looking for instead she goes back to her life until she remembers eventually she's captured by people at the marine life Institute which turns out to be pretty handy as she manages to find her parents during the final part of the film all the characters that were at the Institute managed to escape back into the seed-giving everyone in the audience a happy feeling however as you probably realized by now that was not the original plan in fact not all of the aquatic characters were going to escape Bayley the beluga whale and Hank the octopus were meant to be left at the Institute now they wanted to make sure all the characters were safe and free Pixar's The Incredibles gave us the Fantastic Four film that Fox could not provide it was a fun adventure looking into the life of a superhero family but the end result could have been vastly different to what we got the original plan was for the film to focus on the domestic life of a superhero family on our the robot battles the chase scenes and the villains diabolical plan instead we would have a family doing domestic chores but with superpowers one scene that captured this different approach came in the form of a neighborhood barbecue Bob is looking after the barbecue goes to chop up some steaks only for his fingers to get in the way Bob then has to hide his grisly injury from people at the barbecue while this scene would likely have been hilarious in some fashion thankfully the creators change the plot of the film entirely which we've had the pleasure of enjoying again and again and again in 2006 cars was released to the masses the film follows Lightning McQueen a hotshot race car as he gets lost and finds out what friendship is sounds really sweet doesn't it well some of that sweetness may have been soured a little if the creators kept in one particular scene this scene involves McQueen getting lost as he stumbles and slips he ends up in a car graveyard these broken-down cars have plants growing out of them if that doesn't sound so bad well McQueen is a car himself he's seeing his own kind in a grotesque situation it's a little terrifying for a family movie especially when McQueen gets a part of a decayed car stuck on him we've had a few sleepless nights since seeing the storyboard boo is the adorable little human child that influences Mike and Sulley to change their views on using human screams as a power source Monsters Inc showed us how even with language issues we can still make a strong connection to another person it's a nice message for Disney to promote yet the film could have taken a completely different path the original pitch for monsters Inc had a male adult human in the starring role instead of boo this human would hate his life until one day he finds his childhood book this book contains all the drawings he made of monsters years ago the next day he starts seeing these monsters everywhere but only he can see them yeah that's trippy understandably the human begins to think he's losing his mind eventually something clicks he realizes that these monsters represent the various fears he has he has to overcome each fear and befriends each monster as they disappear it's a completely different film to the monsters Inc that we got but this alternate pitch also sounds like a very interesting idea something that one day we hope Pixar will explore again but maybe make the movie for teens and adults instead Pixar brought their a-game when creating Coco the double oscar-winning film captured the hearts and minds of the audience with its delightful gander into Mexican culture being the main premise yet like many other entries on the list Coco was set to be a different film in pre-production one of the directors of Coco Lee Unkrich was responsible for divulging this hidden information he stated that the plan was for the whole film to be a musical hunk rich was so adamant with this idea that he hired the songwriters from frozen to help shape his vision for at least a year they planned Coco as a musical eventually they realized they had to change the story one issue they faced was Miguel's family a big plot point is that his family have banned all music making a musical with that important issue became too challenging for the creative team and with the critical and fan response to this Pixar treasure they made the right call 1995 changed the landscape of animated films forever Toy Story was made with at the time cutting-edge technology it would go on to influence all animated films in some capacity Woody and Buzz Lightyear's blossoming friendship was the key to the film story yet it could have been different what's known as the Black Friday reel could have changed the film's direction during a Friday meeting one of the creators went to show a test scene to one of Pixar's executives however the executive didn't like the scene at all but what is this real the scene happens just before the toys go to Pizza Planet with Andy only being allowed to take one toy Woody throws buzz out the window to increase his odds yeah woody was a sociopathic bully in this version he taunts the rest of the toys as they stand up to him and belittle slinky this Woody is not a nice cowboy not the heroic toy he is today but that wasn't the worst of that woody was originally planned to be woody the villain just saying that sentence seems unnatural but that was the first idea for Toy Story rather than just being a sociopathic bully like the previous entry woody would instead be the main antagonist for Andy's other toys have you ever wondered why a cowboy is called woody well it turns out that in the original concept are for woody instead of being a toy cowboy woody was going to be a wooden ventriloquist dummy suddenly the name makes a lot of sense the executives also disliked what his personality his sarcasm was dialed down and instead made him a little more likeable but due to these changes the whole film had to be planned again we do not envy the animators for having to do that with Pixar's ability to humanize everything it was only a matter of time until emotions became the next target which is exactly what we got in 2015's inside out we were treated to such emotions as joy and sadness fear anger and disgust as characters we watched as the emotion strove to make Riley's life as fulfilling as possible in their own way however originally there were other emotions planned to be characters as well such emotions planned were depression irritation pride and beat love greed despair and gloom among others yet the creator's would have second thoughts even though the average almost teenage mind is full of emotions they didn't want to go over the top as you may have realized the cut emotions mentioned were mostly negative the positive emotions would be heavily outweighed so they decided to cut the characters down to five key emotions which is probably for the best so here we are we are now at the entry that we briefly mentioned earlier on why was Nick wilds role severely changed in the first plan of Zootopia there was a concept for the predator animals specifically that concept being a shock collar they would all wear what a predator feels strong emotions if they don't listen to the warning they'll get an electric shock ouch one removed scene in particular cause Zootopia fans a great deal of anguish this scene showed what was called a teeming party a young polar bear cub was getting his first shock collar and he excitedly sees it as a sign of growing up only for the collar to shock him the crushing reality descends onto the young bear all of this caused the audience to feel immense sadness at this dice at opions Zootopia possibility that's a wrap thank you for making it to the end of the video you're a star what did you think of our list did we miss any Pixar or Disney scenes drop your thoughts in the comments section below remember to subscribe to Screen Rant to keep up to date with our videos and click the bell to be notified we'll see you next time screen Ranchers

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  1. The me too movement is disgusting and pathetic. It should be dissolved and the founders of it prosecuted for acts of irresponsibility and intent damage art and freedom of expression and opinion.

  2. The Moana cut scene with her brothers is pulled from the legends of Mowi and also a little heavy handed. Moana is one of my favorites replacing some classics.

  3. 1:33 Half those end-credit scenes are replaced by the split-screen credits format on virtually all TV stations, so it would hardly make a difference anyway.

  4. I would love to leave you with 169 comments, however, I think it's important to mention that the character Mama Coco is a real person who isn't getting as much recognition as she should. She is incredible. If you watch an interview with her, you'll get to see a woman who is over 100 roast everyone and make amazing jokes. Please make sure people know who the real Mama Coco is.

  5. Yep, conspiracy theories are too dark for family films, but drug addictions and racism aren’t. Makes sense.

  6. Only one of these was a deleted scene and most of them were Pixar, not Disney. Pixar is a Disney subsidiary, but is not Disney proper…

  7. Some film companies roll with the punches and update or stop releasing their films that are found to have morally questionable message/content. Others try to justify their past… I think Disney is doing pretty good.

  8. I still have the video cassette with the Stinky Pete scene in Toy Story 2. I laugh every time I see it

  9. People today don't have a backbone and no one can take anything. It all has to adhere to everyone's beliefs. No thanks.

  10. The Prospector scene isn't controversial if they are into it. It would be bad if he threatened to black list them though.

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