10 Ways Politicians Use Psychology to Trick the Masses

Dictators sometimes have no choice in their
evil schemes but to get violent, start calling in the troops, and use methods that create
calls for condemnation all over the world. However, most leaders and their ministers
of propaganda would rather find a way to trick you into going along with their way of thinking
before going to such extreme lengths. It’s a lot less trouble, a lot less expensive,
and gives your enemies less propaganda against you, when you can convince your own people
to do your dirty work for you, or get them under your control without firing a shot. 10. Repeating Lies Over And Over Again The propagandist and second in command of
the Third Reich, Joseph Goebbels (pictured above), once said “repeat a lie often enough,
and it becomes the truth.” This was a cornerstone of his immoral philosophy
to tell whatever lies necessary in order to further Hitler’s globe-spanning agenda and
exterminate all Jewish people. He tried every propaganda trick in the book,
and came up with quite a few new tricks as well, but repeating basic, simple lies over
and over was one of his favorites. Now, researchers had always wondered just
how true Goebbels’ famous saying really was, so they sought to understand it better. After research tests, psychologists were a
little bit concerned. They found that people tended to rate a statement
as true, or more likely to be true, if they had heard the statement before, even if they
had originally known the statement to be false the first time they heard it. Now, psychologists caution that when confronted
with lies, people do still tend to be fairly discerning and aren’t necessarily tricked
that easily, or by that trick alone, but it shows it can certainly at least be a part
of an effective misinformation strategy. In a place like Nazi Germany, where information
was fully controlled, and it was hard to even get access to the viewpoint that spoke the
truth, we can see how some normal people had the wool totally pulled over their eyes. 9. Polarizing Everything Into Two Sides Of A
Debate This is a trick that many people know of,
and yet they still fall for it every single day. It is far harder for anyone to stay focused
on the issues when they are focused on hating the other popular political party just because. In countries like the United States, it is
easy for a Democrat or Republican to renege on their promises later, after all, they know
your only option to get back at them is to vote for the other party — and most party
faithful have been taught that the other party is evil. However, this trick has been used to truly
evil effect in other countries, where it was used for more than just trying to distract
the populace from your own broken political promises. In the country of Rwanda back in the early
2000s, political and news elite from the Hutu majority polarized the country into two groups,
the Hutu and the Tutsis, and dehumanized the Tutsis by saying they were cockroaches that
needed to be exterminated. This led to the eventual genocide in Rwanda,
where it is estimated that close to a million people were killed, all because they were
almost unrecognizably different. Whenever someone tells you to hate an entire
other group, for such a ridiculous reason, it would be best to not only not listen to
them, but perhaps to try to remove them from office — even if they do hail from your
party. 8. They Always Punch Down And Try To Blame Your
Problems On An “Other” One of the favorite things that tyrants or
wannabe dictators will pull is to blame any issues you have on a smaller group that cannot
properly defend itself. Of course, your problems are generally really
because the government needs to do something different, but it’s far easier for an evil
leader to just convince people that a bunch of others are to blame, and then persecute
them mercilessly. This was a favored strategy of Adolf Hitler,
who went after the Jewish people, stealing money from them, and rounding them up to put
them in death camps. Many Germans assisted, or went along with
it, as Hitler had spent years and untold amounts of money trying to convince people that the
Jewish minority was literally greedily holding on to all of Germany’s money, and was truly
to blame for everyone’s problems. Leaders today still try these tricks, whether
they are blaming undocumented hispanic and latino immigrants in the United States, or
Islamic immigrants in Europe. This does not necessarily mean, of course,
that every leader who blames your problem on an “other” wants to exterminate them,
but it is something that it is best to stay vigilant about. 7. Any News That Doesn’t Come Straight Out
Of The Dictator’s Mouth Is Considered Suspect One of the favorite tricks of any dictator
who wants to keep control of the masses is to control the flow of information. This means that if there are any news sources
not controlled by the evil person or people in charge, and they cannot immediately shut
them down without too much backlash, they will constantly do everything they can to
discredit that source and make it sound ridiculous or fake. In situations where the leader can shut down
other news sources, they will slowly but surely do so until only theirs remains. Some leaders who try this will try to be sneaky
about it, and make people think the (now only) major remaining news source isn’t truly,
entirely controlled by them. A good real world example of this is Russia
Today, the main source of news in Russia. While Putin claims they don’t take their
marching orders directly from him, they might as well. Russia Today is essentially controlled by
the Kremlin, and Putin has control over what the Kremlin does and what policies it puts
into place. If you have control over the flow of information,
it can be hard for anyone to form a negative opinion about you or your administration,
since you can ensure that only positive things are said about you and what you are planning
to do in the future. 6. They Oversimplify Things And Hammer Their
Point Homer Over And Over Again One of the things any dictator or minister
or propaganda has quickly learned is that the more complicated a message it is, the
harder it is to get that message across. Many have theorized that this is what made
it so difficult for Hillary Clinton to connect with people — she tends to be very intellectual
in her manner of speaking and is not very good at summing things up. She lacks charisma and isn’t particularly
relatable, in other words. On the other hand, Donald Trump was able to
simplify his message into simple soundbites that take hold in the memory quickly. Whatever your thoughts on the man, it’s
hard to deny he has charisma and knows how to appeal to his constituency. Now, this isn’t to pass judgment on either
one as evil, but only to show how the simplicity of a message can have such a great effect. The Nazis used this technique regularly themselves. Even if it meant losing the more intellectual
people, they felt that to take control they needed to connect with the masses. In order to do this, they needed very simple
messages that could be plastered over and over and reinforced in the mind again and
again. While it may not have had effect on the deeper
thinkers of society, when it came to the masses, it was a brutally effective strategy. 5. They Make Themselves Larger Than Life In Your
Mind — Becoming Above Criticism One of the favorite tricks of any dictator
or wannabe leader is to make themselves into something larger than life. The human mind already tends to gravitate
toward thinking of people with fame and success as somehow more than a regular human, and
so those with evil machinations for power have realized just how much advantage they
can take from this phenomenon. The most radical example of this is the Kim
family from North Korea, who have gone to the trouble to teach children that they are
actually gods and responsible for the creation of the world. The propaganda and brainwashing in North Korea
is so deeply ingrained that people cried as if the world had ended when Kim Jong Il died. This is, of course, the perfect way to keep
the masses under control. Despite starvation, mass cruelty and all kinds
of other awful conditions, it is hard for any real resistance to take hold when people
believe they would actually be rebelling against God himself. While this may not hold up forever if conditions
in North Korea get bad enough, right now there doesn’t seem to be any attempt at rebellion
despite most of the population being stuck in horrendous conditions. 4. They Subtly Trick You Into Becoming A Willing
Party To Your Own Delusions Joseph Goebbels believed that people were
actually mostly racist pigs on the inside, but that he just needed to bring that out
in them more fully. He believed that one of the best ways to get
people to think or do what you wanted was to subtly meld what he wanted you to think,
along with your own deeply held beliefs or prejudices. Many people assume that Nazi tactics were
always direct and in your face, but sometimes a less obvious approach was warranted. The Nazis would talk about people’s pride
of country, and their right to a land with safety, security, good job opportunities and
all of that — and how Germany needed to be brought back to the greatness it once had. Most people, of course, already believed this,
and so it wasn’t hard from there to take people’s resentment that they don’t have
what they should, and stir it into anger against almost anything that wasn’t the Nazis themselves. This is one of the ways the Nazis were able
to slowly get so many citizens to willingly learn such a terrible and unjustified hatred
of the Jews. They started off slowly appealing to people’s
sense of identity and fairness and then once they had them hooked, they made it more and
more clear that there was only one way to make things better — destroy the Jewish
problem entirely. Much of the time Goebbels didn’t believe
in being too direct about violent talk against the Jews; he believed in using the right wording
and emphasis, and letting people’s natural emotions and prejudices take hold and carry
them further forward — by this time, you had become a party to the delusion yourself. 3. They Always Make You Think You Are Being Besieged
By A Stronger Enemy One thing the most crazy leaders or tricksters
do is keep you distracted constantly. Perhaps the country is dealing with mass starvation,
or is on a media blackout, or many of them are in death camps, or perhaps much of the
army is infected with roundworms. Regardless of what the issue is, they would
rather have you believe that something very horrible on the outside could be coming…
any day now. You just don’t know when it will happen,
and it’s really, really scary. In the case of North Korea, they constantly
beat the drum that the evil United States is about to bang down their door, despite
the fact that nuclear weapons are about the only reason the USA would ever spend the money
in the first place to invade North Korea. However, it’s really not for the other countries,
or meant to truly intimidate them, but more to keep the people in line. If your country is not in good shape, or you
are oppressing people, you can make the excuse that you are being besieged by enemies, and
you are in a state of war or war readiness for very good reason. A restive population will stay calmer and
be much less likely to start a revolution, despite some starvation issues, if they truly
believe it’s all a sacrifice to make sure the country is prepared for an imminent invasion
from a horrific enemy. 2. They Do Everything They Can To Appeal To Emotion
Rather Than Logic One thing that Goebbels believed was that
logic was definitely not the way to go when you were trying to convince a massive amount
of people to think your own way. On the other hand, he believed that emotion
was always the best way to appeal to people, and so he designed his propaganda to target
people’s most base instincts. He once said that he believed that the best
way to utilize propaganda was when it spoke what people already felt in their hearts. In other words, it wasn’t important to give
people a message that made sense, but basically to tell them what they already wanted to hear. And this was used to great effect both throughout
the Third Reich, and in many modern political parties today. At rallies, your favorite policies are shouted
out in increasingly small soundbites, while the enemies are occasionally mentioned and
quickly jeered derisively, with increasingly small counter-soundbites against their policies. This tribalistic manipulation makes it easy
for a crowd of people at a political convention to briefly forget that the people in the other
party are complex, mostly well-intentioned human beings like them, and not a dangerous
enemy that needs to be squashed out no matter what. 1. They Constantly Reinforce The Greatness Of
Their Own Country And Its People Perhaps the final and most popular trick of
the most brutal and effective dictators in history is to focus on national identity. After all, if you are going to oppress an
entire populace and keep them largely under control without massive unrest, especially
if you don’t have enough resources or tend to have draconian rules, you really need to
keep them all in one group if possible. The less groups they are in, the easier it
will be to keep them properly influenced and not have any pesky rebellions cropping up
that get in the way of your rule. Some countries today use this method, where
the national identity is practically the religion, and you really cannot branch out that far
into any kind of belief system that isn’t part of the party structure. North Korea is entirely entrenched in this
philosophy, but China is not that far behind. The Party does allow you to have a freedom
of religion, but they still do everything they can to make you want to avoid religion,
and punish you if you practice in subtle ways. For example, the Communist Party, which basically
controls everything and is very strongly in place, will not allow you to hold office if
you are currently part of any religion. This ensures that any leaders, and the vast
majority of party faithful, will remain atheist, and thus their true loyalty will be to country
second, and party first, before all else. In North Korea, the level of patriotism indoctrination
would make the most hardened American Patriot blush.

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  1. Except the DPRK has every reason to fear the US and their allies, do you not know of the atrocities of the US puppet dictatorship to the south before and during the Korean war which never officially ended?

  2. Trump is an idot but Putin is dictator. So who is more dangerous ?
    Russian are very simple people. They are stupid and they love to be humiliate from people like Putin. But I was sure that americans are wiser than russian.
    I Was wrong.

  3. Number 4, They subtly trick you into becoming a willing party to your own delusions: is represented very strongly on both sides of the argument in the comment section. as well as the strong polarization of of the topic.

  4. Well to be truthful and honest and I will stick with the United States as that is what I am most familiar with. Both parties use these tactics and have employed them throughout and will continue to do so. Embarrassing enough is the media does so as well.

    I can’t even watch the news anymore and just get the unbiased news.

  5. The mud slinging between the polar opposite right leaning and left leaning people here in the US just makes me laugh. You are ALL foolish. Lean too far one way and hello, you fall over. Relax people. We are all Americans.

  6. This is interesting, but it's not really so much about how "politicians" trick people as how dictators trick people. Granted, the line is very blurry, but still, I was expecting things like campaign tactics and avoiding scandals and covering up financial ties.

  7. All trump had to do was play on their ignorance and fear. It was trump's easiest con. The average american is a moron.

  8. So if Simon constantly mentions negative things about America and then uses his networking to make "false" comments to validate this negative view then isn't that genuine trickery, like basically like all of youtube frontpage propaganda for ad monies?

  9. If I wasn't already a sub I would be one after watching this video. Kudos on having the balls to make this.

  10. _
    Politicians promote premises that are useful to their tribe;
    compared to this, truthiness doesn't matter.

  11. I think you should read about the lesser known article called "Cambodia anti-Vietnamese obseesion".

  12. A while back, I saw interviews with North Korean soldiers. Each one had had an aunt that had been raped by US soldiers. None of them had a mother that had been raped.

  13. Apparently GOP have learned from Goebbels and Adolf to perfection.
    Whom again has his legacy from the Church. Whom used all of the above to sell their disgusting product.

  14. Top video (pun intended). It's scary how many of these points I recognised in the composition of my nation's political parties. Not that I think they are bent upon invading some other nation but these tactics are used at self promotion and denigration of the opposition. My personal hate is the use of repetition. The implication being that you're not bright enough to had got it the first time it was said it so I'll keep repeating it till there is not other thought in your head.

  15. Number 10 is MSM.
    Number 9 is the sad Norm.
    Number 8 is the DNC. I notice the only examples you gave were about Trump policies.
    Number 7 is definitely a leftist tactic.
    Number 6 is a universal fault. Self included, but sometimes solutions are simple but difficult to apply.
    Number 5 is definitely a Trump weakness.
    Number 4 is one of the problems of making science into a religion.
    Number 3 is a trait of all governments.
    Number 2 is a common salesman technique. In fact there are several methods of hypnotic influence and you are using several of them in your videos.
    Number 1 is not limited to dictators. For crying out loud, that's a trait of any country that believes in itself and wants to motivate people to work hard to promote the country to be the best in reality. Anything else is globalism which is the goal of communism and world dictators throughout history. Nationalists prefer to have separate nations with different flavors to choose from that coexist peacefully and independently.

  16. Your left bias is really getting too obvious. Hillary's message "intellectual". Give me a break! It was emotional and void of rational thought.

  17. This was an interesting videos about an important topic that can change the future of the world. I hate to be trivial, therefore, but I wish you’d lose the lens flares.

  18. How sad that we can see this done with both political parties in the U.S. Both sides call each other names & revile each other while the politicians do what they want & play lip service to the people who continue to vote them into office over & over again. Neither side cares about their voters. They just point fingers at the other side & blame them for all their problems, while doing nothing to actually fix the problems. Then they just shrug & basically say "Well, we tried, but the other side just wouldn't let us". Such a load of crap, yet we swallow it every single day. We watch the news, & without even checking the story to try & get the full story we believe the evilness of the other side.Just look at the hate spewed in the comments here. If the people actually talked to the people from the "other side" & got to know them & found out why they believe like they do, it might bring people together & we can actually push to get people in office who are there to help the people instead of themselves.

  19. I'd say that all 10 are applicable to the current U.S. administration. In fact, anyone who won't accept that America is the 4th reich, is either delusional, or a coward.

  20. Russia Today is NOT the main source of news in Russia. While it does have a version in Russian, it's primary an export product made to broadcast its content to the West.
    There are many news sources in Russia, but most of them are indeed either controlled by the government or at least stay in line and conform to the state propaganda. There is a handful of opposition-aligned news sources, but they're rather niche, and some have faced economic or legal pressure.

  21. Brilliant! I want to give this toptenz 200 thumbs up! How about a toptenz on leaders who have been able to turn their country for the better in terms of peace and economic development?

  22. Polarizing debate into a false dichotomy of only 2 choices is common in political debates. But most issues actually have more than two sides.
    In global warming debates, for example, you either believe in anthropomorphic global warming or you're considered a GW denier, when in fact, there are several beliefs in between these two extremes.

  23. LOL ! Five of the ten tactics exposed by the guy are about "divide and conquer" and reinforcing polarization, and yet look at this comment section about Trump and Hillary.

  24. If this was what trump was doing why would trump want people to come here LEGALLY!!!!! Yes so racist of us to ask people who want to come, you are more than welcome just please respect our laws or at least pretend like you do.

  25. OH MY GOSH. If I could subscribe more times I would! It’s a danged freaking shame that you’re only human and can only put out so much content. For heaven’s flipping sake. The world needs more of the sanity you seem to be so keen to distribute. Each political party in America demonizes the other and they’ve both become increasingly radicalized. I think they both have too much power and it’s time for a third party preferably made up of whatever remainder of intelligent people capable of critical thinking we have left in this country… But will this ever happen?? I’m afraid not…

  26. "You can't make it the system is rigged the system is stacked against you so give me power to make more rules that can be selectively enforced" yep complicated Hillary Clinton has a complicated message.

  27. Anyone who ascribes to a political ideology and thought, "well at least my guy better than the other guy" entirely missed the point of the video.

    You are being manipulated. That is a fact. Stay woke and learn to think for yourself.

  28. U shud have wayyyyyyy more subs! After prision show though awesome has the same amount of subs…

  29. As a person who voted almost blindly since I was 18, I have to point out that I did not enjoy being defined to be what I wasn't by the mainstream media and emotional people that just stare at their phones all day, so I took the time to educate myself as a lot of others did. I voted for Obama, and at first I thought DJT was just a fake candidate until I took the time to listen. Our personalities would clash if I knew him, but I had to vote for him due to how "un-polished" he is if that makes sense. TBH, I was 80% sure he was a better choice and still had my doubts. Now he is delivering as HRC is going on some sort of tour blaming everybody else and shifting blame from one group to another. I try to be centered and listen to both sides, but she called young black males "Super Predators", was against gay marriage when it suited her, stole the nomination from Bernie (then he endorsed her- Wtf?), refused to concede on election night, and then did some fake photo op in the woods with one of her friends to seem like a normal person. What most average people don't understand is what happens when you hit a certain level like when Bill Hader's friends made fun of him for having a personal assistant. What would you do if you got to the next level? Live the best life the way you are, don't ever be afraid to think for yourself and I wish you all the best on this wild ride that is this big blue orb of creation and destruction. Respect

  30. It is incredible how many of these apply to very recent UK tactics. For example…
    10) repeating lies : Brexit. "We'll get all the money back for the NHS." Also, everything that comes out of Theresa May's mouth.
    9) Polarizing: Tbh I think that both Tories and Labour have done this, now we have Far left and alt right.
    8) Blaming an other : The amount of people who were actually attacked post Brexit is insane. I am part of 3 groups that have been demonised in the last decade, mixed race (so my skin colour confuses racists and I get mixed in with various ethnicities), I am on 'benefits' (should be called social security, the only people who benefit from the system are the politicians), the reason for my reliance on benefits is because I'm disabled (which is another demographic that has been demonised in recent years, which is ridiculous, people have died because the government would rather taxes pay for their heated stables, rather than go to the most vulnerable. (Rant over, I'll keep the rest short)
    7) Control of information: A lot of the news in the UK are owned, like a monopoly, by just a few who have buddies in the government.
    6) Hammering in simple messages: "Make Britain great again" Trump's buddy, Nigel Farrage. May kept saying "Strong and stable." Talk about sound bites.
    5) This one isn't really applicable. But this is very like Trump. Also, many cried when Kim Jong-il died because if they didn't they would have been punished by the dictator.
    4) Trick you into delusion: with the demonisation came the idea of blame and resentment on the minority and vulnerable demographic. Honestly, the whole Brexit campaign used this tactic, so that people didn't know what they were voting for save for the same rhetoric that they were tricked into believing.
    3) Trick you into believing a bigger enemy is coming : Brexit again, "We are going to get swarmed by the refugees/immigrants/Muslims" you pick one, it's been used.
    2) Emotion: Pride is what is used by the Right a lot and anger and outrage is used bu the left a lot.
    1) Patriotism: This is a big part of the Alt right, and was taken advantage of for campaigns like Brexit. In this country Patriotism very often slips into arrogance and then hate. That's why parties like the EDL still exist today.
    Yay finished ^_^

  31. With respect to Russia Today, when told it is Russian propaganda it is like "Duh, the clue is in the title". I read Russia Today but am aware that it is "the news" based on the Russian perspective. Far more insidious are that channels that claim impartiality. such as the BBC. Impartiality is not really possible thanks to human nature. Reading Russia Today and Aljazeera provides an interesting counterpoint to "Western" news channels.

  32. Shame that you don't mention Africa and in particular South Africa. That sort of indoctrination goes on here in just the way you spoke about. Eg the African National Congress still claims that the CIA wants to destabilise SA. Any contrary opinion is simply labeled as anti-African. And don't forget Zuma and Pottingeigher

  33. Glad I was raised to think for myself. I feel like a total outsider in political arguments because I simply don't fall for the tricks, and try to educate myself from researching all sides in as many aspects as possible.

  34. FOX News is said to have put "hate obama…..love republicans" in the elections, I haven't seen it myself because I don't have FOX. There is a YouTube snap of it.

  35. I realize Goebbels was an evil genius but were not the Soviets also using these techniques for 70 years? To put Trump in the same video with Kim and Hitler is a bit much, and I'm no fan of Trump. Also, we get no idea where these propaganda techniques originated, in religious indoctrination? in some ideas of Machiavelli? in politics that go back to Greece and Rome and Egypt? You never mention Mussolini, who was considered by Hitler to have been a model to follow.

  36. I have been reading some of the comments posted here and see the they are proving your points. It was not until 2/3rds through your video I saw Simon doing the same thing. Amazing!

  37. Point six says: “hammering their point homer over and over again”. I would have thought a simple spell check would not be too expensive.

  38. I strongly doubt Göbbels saw the German people as pigs. It's also funny how Simon (or the writer) takes all the blame on Nazis and commies while forgetting to mention one single tactic used on him that made him see things as black and white as he does. Way to go. Learn some humility.

  39. Republics are internally unstable forms of Government.
    This is why Rome transformed from a Republic to a Monarchy or Germany.
    Democracy is internally stable. Democracy has no government secrets for example,
    it is like Mathematics. This is why Democracy and Mathematics evolved together
    in Ancient Greece.

  40. False dichotomy is one of the dishonest manipulation methods: there is virtually ALWAYS a third choice, and usually several or even many possible choices – a Master Manipulater will try to frame or polarize a situation, to paint a stark black and white contrast: You're either with us or against us, for example. The Trumpster uses polarization, "us vs them" rabble-rousing mentalities, and false dichotomies extremely well: he has divided the nation even more than it was before, and since nothing seems to stick to him, he sews the wind, and many others are left high and dry, to reap the whirlwind.

  41. lolol notice how he transitions so smoothly from Trump to the Nazis….. not saying that it is warrented, but he doesn't hesitate at all to go there!!

  42. You forgot media attention. The majority of the anti Trump comments here are from uneducated ignorant individuals who Unfortunately only repeat the same rhetoric that they see on their news feed on Facebook. Liberals managed to use fear and sensationalism to scare people into believing far fetched and "assume the worst" scenarios for politicians they hate.

    In the end, the average Joe is a blind idiot that goes with the bandwagon and listens only to emotional sensationalism instead of logic and reason. Democrats are playing the masses like the children they are by painting their opponents to be the devils while the Democrats promote censorship, government control, surveillance, toeing the line of the status quo, installing confusion of human identity, and importing immigrants who vote like slaves to them. Textbook fascism.

  43. People didn't like Hillary Clinton because they couldn't trust her. It is kind of hard to trust someone when every badminton a Spartan around them mysteriously dies of a suicide from a gunshot to the back

  44. Whites have been tricked into handing their countries over to the third world. Ultimately a people that mentally weak and gullible dont deserve a future.

  45. So how can we deprogram people brainwashed by the propaganda machine? Did the German people ever wake up to what had really happened? What can we do for the United States?

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