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Maziar Bahari let's turn to subject of human rights which you mentioned at the start Iran has seen record numbers of executions in recent years even under the presidency of Hassan rouhani in fact in 2016 according to Human Rights Watch the Iranians carried out more than 400 executions second only to China in the world does rouhani in your view have the power to stop that stuff and if so why didn't he or is he actually fine with it actually he's not someone who's bothered by the level of executions I do not think that President rouhani is fine with it he has no control over the executions because the executions are carried out by the judiciary and the judiciary mostly does that and when you look at the number of public hangings in Iran when they publicly hanged people in front of men women and children in all the cities around Iran the judiciary is doing that simply because they want to undermine the rouhani administration they want to tarnish the reputation of rouhani administration and they want to weaken rouhani in the international arena so President rouhani as the president of Iran is responsible really warned you know there really a brand power by the Constitution let me talk let me hold on what is absurd is killing people publicly okay yelling people publicly come back in Mesilla you made that point well I don't know about the numbers of executions I always I'm cautious about anything that comes from human rights watch or amnesty or anything that comes from the West but the overwhelming number of executions in Iran are drug dealers and it is murder and rape and the narrative that your guests promotes is absolute nonsense I have I've lived in Tehran all my adult life I've never seen a public execution okay but not all of those 400 people are drug dealers as you well know almost all the overwhelming majority are as I said the rest are murder and rape no one has been execute in executing in right for their beliefs is it also a fact that Iranian Court sentence for journalists to prison terms ranging from five to ten years all of them were supporters of rouhani wrote four reformist papers but they were sentenced on national security charges that was not an attack on rouhani by the judiciary I do if the if in Iran they've arrested someone for security reasons for breaking the law in the West they automatically say they're innocent I have never I do not remember at any point whatsoever that anyone in Iran has been arrested of Western origin or anywhere that anyone in the West has ever admitted to be guilty my own money no one is questioning that there's a Western view of Iran or Western bias against Iran I've written about it myself what I'm asking you is are you denying that the Iranian judiciary has locked up Pro rouhani Iranian journalists yes or no it's a simple question I do not have any evidence whatsoever that people are just arrested for the sake of being arrested you

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  2. he is lying, there are people in Iran that are arrested for the sake of being arrested…I know one person…who was just standing on the side walk watching the protest…they took him…imprisoned for one day, a young smart man who one of his punishments was to never be accepted to any university in Iran…

  3. دم آقاى مرندى گرم اين عمله منافق صهـيونيست است درود بر امام

  4. This dangerous denial guy is the son of a thug in Iranian Thugocrauic government and he has to defend the brutal regime.Mazyar is right….

  5. simply don't kill or rape someone and you don't get the death penalty. ahhhhh its so hard in the mind set of some very educated people you should take someones life and spend a few years in jail come out and kill again or rape go to jail for a few years then come out and comitt rape and murder and get a bigger jail sentences.

  6. if Iran let drugs dealer from Afghanestan have easy way to go Europe they wont say things like that
    and just for your info some people may don't know this
    if you murder someone you be executed unless family the one be murder say don't execut him or her so Iran put murder in jail for life time or more then 40 year i think
    if you rape someone here samething but government have say too
    if you are drug dealer only government can judging you

    PS Noam Chomsky : ''comparison with Saudi Arabia Iran looks like a civil right paradise''

  7. the Iranians built Iran without the west it is non of the west's business, human rights in Israel & Saudi are US domestic issues because those 2 nations owe their existence to the west . Stopping arm sales ,military & , diplomatic support or purchasing oil would cripple & eventually end the Israel & Saudi regime. you can do the same to Iran but it already does not need US support.

  8. Iran is only fair for the religious zealots, the social code imposed in Iran is excluding all rights for individuality.

  9. Iran hang people using cranes in public, takes more time for the brain and heart to suffocate also neck could broke before reaching unconscious. That's the worst type of torture what a barbaric regime.

  10. absurd question atleast use some logic … iran is currently the the gate way for the drugs for the world .thanks to the Us and its poppy cultivation in afganistan which is on its peak under the supervision of the US and nato army.. Iran is fight to keep the world free of drugs .. trying their best to save you teen age children from drug addiction… but tge world with its nieve vision and ultimate hatred towords Islam and Iran tends to focus on how bad iran is …. common world wake up…

  11. Iran is peaceful right now. If you dont want the punishment, then dont do the crime. Simple as that.

  12. Folks, Islam is not compatible with the world. Iran is a prime example of how Islam is not incompatible with the world.

  13. yeah, apparently executing "drug dealers", "murderers" and "rapists" is OK. dehumanization at work. we'll execute the mullahs one day and twist their guts over their own necks. why? it's ok, they are "drug dealers" (religion is a drug), "murderers" (executioners) and "rapists" (they oppress Iranian women).

  14. We need a regime change in Iran.
    Let's be real, 80% of Iranians don't like their hawkish Islamic government.
    They want the good ol' secular Persia back in the Shah days.

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