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Good evening something broke and I couldn’t hear me so I’ll say it again election of the Polish Civic Coalition PSL civic coalition confederation and left this is a misunderstanding, it is a failure 55 percent probably around 50% of Poles they did not vote at all the question arises whether this type of people should keep their citizenship rights in democracy, they should retain their civil rights but in a healthy state they should lose all civil rights including the right to eat food 500 Plus Exactly how is it with you !? widespread indignation of the Centipede in 2015 famous nem post-election speech certainly in bad words, but not hit the jackpot. at 11 !! after 4 years abuse of human dignity Polish, human civil rights European Union legal institutions of the European Union once again … so-called “Polish nation” and voted for Law and Justice why the so-called Polish nation Well, because … moolah mooire (yyy) who were manipulated by these men in colorful cassocks with a cross in his paw Just to keep the influence and keep the manger “T. Rydzyk” he receives so much money from the government that his head is small About time that the Catholic church in Poland would start paying taxes that it would not be an institution detached from fiscal reality unless … it’s time for everyone in Poland to rebel and they considered themselves a church each of us a human body is a temple of God and since it’s a temple of God, then we don’t pay taxes Because we are just as human and divine stuck in this patient by mohair and “Pisowcy” in Poland Of course I would tell you something more explicit but I would do it soberly but I will not go to the next courts tomorrow for insulting the so-called “Polish Nation” because I’m lying …
In one of the cases I am accused to this day POLISH NATION
He insults himself Voting for these … who at 6:00 in the morning for any reason or excuse and take you and your loved ones out of the house the Polish nation is insulting itself promoting animal life of the Catholic Church animal life of representatives of the Catholic Church in public space if you think PiS doesn’t offend you speaking to 36 million Poles that Rydzyk gets two luxury cars worth millions of people from a homeless person I don’t know if you can offend anything at all I’ll tell you how I see it laugh at you !!!
laugh at you, national idiots … laugh doing your thing and fuck everything this is Zbigniew Stonoga’s prescription
for the next 4 years Today Poland has lost (…)
not some Pajacyk from the Centipede internet Poland lost today today he lost the development of Poland today came the image of Poland in the world and today Poland lost its position internationally and above all in an area that is important to us also economically, i.e. the European Union Well mohery now remains to pray to god !! God alone I wish you a good night
Come, can another night in Poland be good?
– none in Poland is good until this little shit this little (…) shit lives regards harm distributes steals and uses is considered unpunished Did you want PiS ???
– You have PiS !! Let Jarosław Kaczyński be praised and Zbigniew Ziobro !!!
fucking mother, always a virgin for now ♫♫♫ How the fuck I hate you ♫♫♫ I fucking hate you How the fuck do I disgust you? ♫♫♫ how fucking I disgust you? ♫♫♫ ♫♫♫ So sing this one. ♫♫♫ PiS supporters need to be fucked I am not afraid of the fuckers and pour down ref x100000

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