Пума Месси и обзор нового дома!

Hello! There will be a large common gazebo Here is another gazebo by the water There will be benches and a table parking let’s see what has already been done here this is a workshop for Masha the floors are almost ready it remains quite a bit to finish here the builders are just doing the floors this is the Foundation for the fireplace and here floors, too, almost made it will be a bathroom no ceiling yet))) on the next week there will be beauty)) and the garage is already)) more precisely, the frame of the garage wait, Messi, I’ll let you out.) come out cat what did you do there again?)) and here is our gazebo near the water the water level is very low this year.. the sea is far away)) what beautiful trees! and what air here!!! it is a pity it is impossible to transfer in video its smell! here will be a monumental gazebo)) then go to the pond! we’ll swim here)) apparently someone already went for a swim)) Messi, don’t go there anymore. sweet roll)) go back.) do not afraid of water. he’s gonna shake his paws off.))) Yes! there will be spray)) or not? this is our lake! it has several artificial Islands come on, Messi! run to Masha run))) careful, don’t pull! I make videos)) go quietly. good later there will be footpaths while here everywhere in all stages of construction behind the pond is a large reservoir. We call it the sea Mary, give him some more water please hooked the leash up to Messi moved independently and we were so comfortable yes?)) Messi is waiting for Sasha) you missed me.)) I was gone for 4 minutes.)) and for some it’s an eternity)) little guests came) they came to meet Messi. but Messi is unwavering marking his territory)

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  1. Wonderful video! It is really cool to see the love and respect for this beautiful big cat that you show in all your videos. Blessings for your work from New Mexico, USA.

  2. Как же красиво….. Чудесное место. Только я не поняла пруды это прям на территории вашего дома?

  3. Вот это природа, вот это домик
    Слов нет !РАДА ЗА ВАС И ЗА МЕССИ!!!!!✌👍🦁🐕🐱

  4. Did your choice on where to live have to do with Messi? It seems like Messi will have a high fence and will be able to roam free! Good for you thinking of Messi!

  5. Вопрос возникает только один, и он не связан с каналом – откуда бабло на всё это? Хотя есть и ещё один – кто разрешил там строиться?

  6. Если бы я увидел, что у моих соседей пума, я бы уже через минуту дом выставлял бы на продажу. Т.к.первое ощущение пугающее

  7. Whāτ a wonderful place of nature🌳,future home sweet home for you both n adorable messii ..finally!🐾👣👣

  8. When I saw the water, I wondered how quickly Messi would choose to go in it. I had a pet cougar about 30 years ago and he absolutely loved swimming. When I took him to the river, he couldn't wait to go in. He and my golden retriever would chase after geese swimming in the river which of course they never caught, but he could easily swim twice as fast as my dog. Congrats on the new home ! Messi especially will love it….already marking the porch as "his" with claws,,lol

  9. Wow what a gorgeous area. Messi will be happy and free. I love your beautiful home. I can't wait to see more of it. Stay blessed and please give Messi a kiss for me.

  10. Is that cat altered or spayed? cause if not(and sometimes even if yes) it will seek a mate at all costs. Also, as it matures it will eventually demand equal status as any human; cats are unlike dogs who take orders from the pack leaders. Cats eventually take orders from NO ONE wait and see; they are NOT pack animals; they are entirely independent creatures; although African lions live in prides, pumas are solitary, and take orders from NO ONE; and really deeply resent being lead around on a leash and being told what to do and restricted at all.;maybe you want to rebel against that nature? Be careful trying that. That cat is large enough to live free in the wild although it would help if it was introduced gradually into it's natural normal habitat. You are emotionally attached to the wrong animal in my opinion.or otherwise just on some power trip; best regards How do i know this? i grew up with cats and know this for sure

  11. I am new here but so far I love Messi! You are all a nice family. I’m part Ukrainian but nobody taught me the language. I wish I understood more. Is this new home in Russia? Well I would love to visit and see Messi too! Lol

  12. Оооооууууу, крякунчик наш любимый, купаться сразу полез😍

  13. Красота неописуемая у вас там !!!! Месси раздолье !!!!

  14. So so so wonderful 😍😍😍😍🥰🤩🥰😍🥰😍😍😍🥰🤩🥰🤩😍🤩😍🥰😍🤩🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🤩🤩😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️😻❤️💘💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚♥️💚💚♥️💕💞💓💞💓💞💓💓💗💖💖💖💗💓💞💞💗💖💖💓💞

  15. Your sky is freaking gorgeous! I don’t see a single chemtrail! We don’t have those big fluffy cumulus clouds or blue sky in Southern California. Mostly whitish hazy skies and constant chemtrails. #EndGeoengineering

  16. Congratulations on your new home. Of course it’s really Messi’s new home and he’s letting you live there! It looks beautiful and wide open.

  17. Congratulations. I bet Messi is so excited to have so much room to play in. And all the land. So happy to see your happy new home. Messi and you two deserve it to share your family love in. Nostrovia

  18. ага красивое место.месси кадр воды не боится.ласкается.

  19. Ну всё есть. Молодцы. Ляльки👶 маленькой только не хватает.

  20. will you be living next to the water? good idea to teach him how to swim so he is not afraid and for his safety, but I am sure you have already thought of this. I enjoy watching Messi.

  21. How exciting for you, a new home in such a gorgeous place. Happiness abounds!! A great family with a stunning, kind & loving puma. Best wishes to all of you! ❤🤗

  22. WoW, what an amazing place your new home is located in🤩 I feel so happy for you all & I'm sure life will be even more incredible than ever ❣Absolute Heavenly Paradise 😍👌🙂 When is it scheduled to be finished so you can move in??? Love and hugs to Messi the chatterbox😘it's lovely to see how he misses you even when you are only gone for 4 minutes 😂😉🤣🤩

  23. Как же радостно за вас,ребята! Воплощенная мечта,теперь есть где разгуляться! А красота,просто необыкновенная вокруг,счастья вам на новом месте. Месси очень доволен,а это главное!👏👏👏😘😽🥰

  24. God bless you rescuing this beautiful creature! I’ve just discovered you yesterday and I’m completely obsessed and in love with Messi!

  25. Interesting your water levels are lower – ours here in Chicago are much higher…The house looks great, and such a wonderful setting!

  26. I can't believe that these people have a puma as a pet as the puma is known as the most efficient killer pound for pound.

  27. What a beautiful place to live. Im so excited for you. How wonderful. When will the house be ready. I bet you can't wait. Messi will be so happy there.

  28. OMG, where is this place….It's beautiful and spacious. Plenty of room for Messi to run around. Is this still in Moscow?

  29. Ребят привет! Недавно попала на ваш канал! Скажите, а какой это район место, где вы приобрели новый дом, можно область, просто интересно!

  30. すんげぇ~きゃわゆい!

  31. Казалось простор, совсем не так Месси всегда будет на привязе 👎 Обидно за него 😏

  32. Заведите себе лучше собаку
    А животное дикое не мучайте😠😠😠

  33. I’m so happy for you guys and of course Messi. Your home is going to be beautiful and not to mention the water.

  34. Very nice property! cat is going to love it. Or Puma should I say. I love that cat!! I'm now looking at getting one.

  35. 🤸🚣🌅🏠🐱👫👍❣️
    Поздравляю Вас ,ребята!
    Думаю , что это всеже Месси подтолкнул Вас к принятию такого "правильного решения",-жить в своем доме.‼️

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