Бесстрашный пёс знакомится с пумой Месси

Messi Be calm well.. dog) it’s kind of an unknown dog, first time I see it she came from a farm nearby. they’re fed here, so they come here. the tail pinched I guess he hasn’t seen it yet. she doesn’t care she lies there wagging her tail.) she’s just used to animals on a cow farm. Yes, it is not afraid of the size of a Puma)) Messi froze)) come on, kitty.) he saw)) get out of here, dog.)) doesn’t want to go, does he, Messi? cute dog please don’t come near me.) you don’t have vaccinations, and I’m going to the Playground to the little puppies met and separated it is interesting to you, dog? go to your seat, baby. and you want to come with us? we’ll take you to class.) Call the dog, let him come with us went to invite to take)))) okay, time to go.

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  1. I love all animals so I enjoyed watching this. I believe these two could become good friends if given half a chance. Bless both of these beautiful beings!

  2. Get a legit harness for your animal so you're not choking the living hell out of it while taking him for a walk

  3. Бездомным надо помогать ,возможно у них не долгая жизнь, но хотя бы поели

  4. Смотрит собакен на котэ-переростка и думает: "Ну и что? Видали мы лилипутов и покрупнее…" 😁😁😁

  5. I would hope as big as ur platform is and as much money as your able to pull in by posting ur pet you will do something for that animal instead of just profiting off its circumstance.

  6. I'm surprised Messi didn't loose his cool and attack. Cats of any size are usually very territorial. I had a 12 yr. old male Siamese/Korat cross that would take on any dog in the neighborhood if they dared to step in the yard! He was 21lbs. and very street smart, and moved almost exactly like Messi when he walked. I lost him to a coyote attack this past June, 2019. RIP Spooky!😢 Your cat's actions are so much like his, I had to subscribe to your channel so I don't miss anything! 😍👍 https://imgur.com/a/8ykKnpE

  7. Its so cool gow animals make friends you can tell theyre both nervous at first but ending up just being like "he seems chill"

  8. Не в обиду сказано, но это глупа держать дикую кошку на поводке, грустно как-то ей нужна природа и показывать природные инстинкты.

  9. I love that you're giving this mountain lion a life filled with love and affection. As someone from America who has seen these in the wild, I can see the handicaps it has, mainly stunted growth and I'm assuming some spinal issues due to the stunted growth? But I know you rescued it from a small zoo in a country far from where they live naturally. Thank you for being compassionate 🙂

  10. Messi needs a big chunk of meat to tear because this act will not only be good for the teeth I believe his teeth itches like crazy….. I think he’S sending you a message (the act of tearing helps with teeth growth and I don’t think he he’s trying to be cute…which explains why he can be destructive in the house because you don’t get him.

  11. Во двор без намордника? Вы издеваетесь, меня один раз пибуль укусил на поводке вырвался…. Это было в детстве

  12. Thanks so much for the English subtitles, much appreciated!. I hope that sweet dog finds a loving home as Messi has. Love seeing the life and times of this beautiful cat and his precious parents!. May God Bless you!

  13. Все так умиляются пумой,а подумать что это опасно для всех ,как для хозяина , так и для окружающих слабо? Да и хозяин явно завёл такое животное только для того что бы показать что он не такой как все . и на собаку пробурчал ,послушайте, вовсе не как человек который любит животных.

  14. So that dog is not afraid of your puma, behaves friendly ,and wants to play, and beacuse of that he has some sort of disease,not vaccinated???Says a guy with big wild cat as a pet.Idiot.

  15. Why all street dogs are so sweet and gentle ? My neighbours pitbull would have attacked puma by now till either ones comes alive..
    #Adopt street dog

  16. Как можно без намордника выводить дикую кошку на улицу? Ребёнок рядом пробежит, кошка за ним и хозяин не поможет. Она за пару сек горло перегрызёт ведь. Кто вообще позволил им держать в крохотный кв дикое животное? Это вообще легально?

  17. Вынесли бы ей покушать.. бедной собачке а то зазнались видать сильно

  18. Хозяева пумы подло поступают по отношению к собаке. Собака -социальное животное, оторванное от природы, то есть она хоть и не слабее пумы, но она не ожидает нападения потому что видит мир таким какой ему навязывает человек , в котором никто не вцепиться ей в горло. И в любой момент пума может вцепиться ей в горло как на видео https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd6AxXIw5-I&t=4s На этом видео леопарда или пуму держали в доме вместе с собакой и собака легла спать не ожидая нападения а леопард вцепился ей в горло и убил её

  19. Not sure about where you live, but where I am, farm dogs know what cougars are, and they're suspicious and afraid of them. This dog seems curious about why Messi is so friendly, and happily surprised that Messi is not ripping his face off 😀 Messi might enjoy a doggie companion if you can keep the 2 of them from fighting.

  20. Wow, he really wants to sniff Messi' bum! "TF kind of cat is this? Best follow him for a couple feet and find find out!"

    2:15 Thinks he's slick; "I know! I'll hang back a bit"

    2:47 "New Kitty friend go bye bye"

  21. Are there no vaccines that can be given to Messi so he will be protected from infections? That was a sweet encounter between Messi and the farm dog.

  22. some girl in Colorado scared a Puma off with a I phone and a recording of Metallica! Then I see a you tube of a Puma attacking a guy with a chainsaw running. Pumas are not afraid of chain saws running if they want to get you do not try scarring one with an I phone?

  23. They need a better collar on the puma and a muzzle. That way they protect the cat and others in case something unexpected happens.

  24. Szeretem pumát.💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤
    Egyszer voltam 5 éve amikor pici pumát megsimogattam.
    Legszebb puma🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  25. Dog is smart, he recognises a strong pack and wants to be part of it so plays super nice. Cat doesn’t really know what to make of it . . .

  26. Видео о том, как бесстрашные люди чуть пуме хвост не прижали дверью

  27. Это же собака Динго из Африки ! Они там и не таких котов видели

  28. What a sweet doggie. Are you going to adopt her? He seems like he could very easily love you and the big Kitty and would be a wonderful family dog!!

  29. That cat could shake that collar in a fraction of a second… do you not understand, that is a killing machine. I cannot condone this channel

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